Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Taking A Risk
By Louise
For Velvet Crypt

Spike sat in the stillness of the night. He brought the cigarette up to his lips and drew deep on it. The past few days had been intense and confusing. Why did he feel this way? He hadn't even got a soul.

He thought of Xander. Xander was just some stupid kid. Spike scolded himself, he knew that that wasn't true.

He had dreamed of what it would be like to bite him, to taste the hot blood in his mouth, to savour his true essence. He also dreamed of what it would be like to be close to him, to make him feel like he had never felt before.

Then he did. It was a spectacular night. Full of passion and new experiences. Xander had never been with a man before, let alone a vampire.

Spike smiled as he remembered their first kiss. It took the boy by surprise. He resisted at first, but soon melted in the strong, cool embrace. Spike remembered how he tasted. How he smelled. How every single inch of his skin glowed upon contact.

The innocence in Xander's face made Spike want to gather him up in his arms and hold him forever. This scared Spike. It was a new feeling that overwhelmed the vampire and brought a tear to his eye. The emotion this thought carried affected Spike in a way he thought was not possible. It touched his heart.

The heat had begun to rise with first contact. Each caress warming the air around them by degrees at a time. Spike questioned if it was magic, it had seemed to be at the time. He had been in a trance. Mesmerised by Xander's every movement. Sinking deeper and deeper with every breath.

Had Xander shared this unique experience? Spike was sure he had. This was confirmed when the image of Xander flooded his head. His features had told of how both contented and turned on he was.

Even without Spike's vampiric senses he would have been able to smell the arousal steaming from the young man. It had driven Spike crazy. He needed more contact.

His experienced hands had moved from where they rested at either side of Xander's head during the kiss down his neck to his toned chest. Spike felt like he couldn't control his actions, that some higher being was playing them like puppets. But he didn't care.

After smoothing over the skin, the vampire had teasingly brushed over each nipple very lightly with the tips of his fingers. Xander's eyes had slid closed as the tingles shot out within his body.

Spike was surprised at how sensual it all had been. Each kiss was individual, not to be left behind half-heartedly.

Spike had then dipped his head to trace down the slope of Xander's neck with his tongue. He had slipped into his demonic face without even noticing and let the tips of his sharp teeth graze along the exposed skin. Xander hadn't tried to stop him. Spike's frightening appearance then faded away.

They had stood there in the middle of Spike's crypt for a long time worshiping and exploring the top half of the other's body. Oblivious to the word around them. Not thinking of what was to come next, the only thing in their minds was each other.

The gap between them had totally gone by then. Physically and emotionally. Spike had felt so close to Xander, he almost felt part of him. Their bodies were tightly pressed together and Spike had heard him moan softly.

The vampire had returned to look into Xander's deep brown eyes, then leaned in for a passionate kiss.

The rest of the night had been enchanting and precious, both vampire and human lost in each other. Bodies moving together in a rhythmic blur. Moans and screams of sheer blissful pleasure had echoed into the night.


"We need to talk." Spike broke the silence. His words startled the older vampire; he jumped up and turned to face him. Spike took a deep breath.

"William. Nice of you to drop by." Spike could sense the bitterness in his voice; he took a few steps closer to him. Spike looked down to the floor, trying to choose his words carefully. He had thought of what to say on the walk over, but the words didn't make sense anymore.

Angel walked over to Spike, his heavy brow furrowed. When the blond looked up, he could tell Angel knew something was wrong. He swallowed hard.

"Angel," Spike started formerly, paused then quickly blurted out, "We're finished." He tensed his muscles awaiting his sire's reaction. To say that he wasn't scared would be a lie.

Spike could see Angel processing this. He could see the anger flashing across his face. He reached out and took hold of Spike's shoulders roughly, "What?"

Spike felt the dark eyes bore into him as he looked down again, refusing to make eye contact with his former lover, "We're finished," He repeated.

Angel pushed Spike back hard, sending him crashing into the wall. The younger vampire looked up, frightened. He knew his sire was stronger than him, now more than ever. What had he done? Wasn't his place with Angel? No, he reassured himself, his place was with Xander.

"So, Spike," Angel spat out his name, "Who is it? Who are you willing to risk your 'life' to be with?" There it was. The threat that Spike knew was coming.

"There's no one." He lied. He heard the fault in his own voice. A deep growl came from the dark vampire and his face shifted. Spike drew in his breath as Angel lunged forward, stopping inches away from his face.

Angel sniffed. Another growl, louder this time, emitted from his throat, "Xander?" He shouted, his eyes growing wide with rage, "Xander?" He reached for Spike again and shook him.

"No!" Spike shouted back, which got him a punch to his jaw. He felt beads of invisible sweat on his forehead. He was taking a huge risk. But he couldn't stop now, and he didn't want to. He was taking a risk for Xander.

The dark vampire was furious now; "I can smell him all over you!" He lifted up Spike by his arm and dragged him to the door; "I never want to see you again!" He shoved Spike out into the late evening air. When the blond looked over his shoulder, he saw Angel stare him and turn to go back inside, slamming the door after him.

Spike let out the breath that he had been holding, and it burned in his chest. He had gotten away lightly.


"Spike?" Xander tugged the vampire into his basement and closed the door. It was late and there was a trickle of blood running from the corner of Spike's lip, "How did you get in?"

"Uh, your mom let me in. Xander, I came to tell you something important." He paused as Xander reached up and touched his fingertips to the small cut. He looked up to his pale blue eyes for an explanation.

"Angel. I went to see him to tell him that it's over. Then he...He found out about us." Xander started to say something, but Spike silenced him by pressing his index finder to his lips, "I'm all yours." A grin spread across Xander's face, sending shivers over the vampire's skin.

Slowly, Spike leaned forward and brushed his lips over Xanders'. He felt Xander's hands around his back and he wrapped up the young man in his own arms. He never wanted to let go.