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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Cherry Red
By Robin tCJ
For r8thr

Willow couldn't sleep. She carefully slid out of bed, slipping back into her pajamas, and left Kennedy asleep in the bed while she headed downstairs to the kitchen for a snack. She quietly stepped around Xander and Anya, thanking any gods and deities that had seen fit to remind one or both of them to throw a blanket over their more naked bits, and opened the fridge.

She pulled out a Tupperware container full of cherries, and as she was closing the door and turning around, she saw a shadow in the doorway. It startled her for a moment, until she realized it was just Faith.

"Hey," Faith said, nodding at her and heading toward the cupboard. Willow held a finger to her lips and pointed at the couple on the floor. Faith smirked and pulled a glass from the cupboard, filling it with juice from the fridge. Willow popped a cherry into her mouth, then gestured with her head to the basement door.

Faith followed her down to the only empty place in the Summers house.

"Couldn't sleep?" Faith asked her.

"Yeah. Kind of a dramatic night."

"Nights in Sunnydale tend to be. Forgot how much I didn't miss that."

Willow smiled, but it was troubled. "I keep thinking about the look on her face."


"So...tough. Like it almost didn't matter."

"It mattered," Faith said softly, sitting down on Spike's cot. Willow sat beside her, offering her the cherries. Faith took one and put it in her mouth. "She cried. On the porch, when I followed her out."

"I didn't... she always sounds like she's crying, these days. Like, hoarse?"

"I'd kinda noticed."

"Do you think...did we do the right thing?"

Faith shrugged. "Don't know. Could be. Could be we fucked up royal. Guess we won't know till it blows up in our faces."

"I just... I can't believe we did that. She's our friend. She's my best friend," Willow said miserably.

"The reality check won't hurt her."

"We just kicked her out. Her own house, and we kicked her out."

"She can take care of herself."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know."

"I just...and then Spike. What he said..."

"He doesn't know what he's talking about," Faith interrupted.

"He said we're not Buffy's friends. That we couldn't...I think he's right. I think he's..." Willow sniffled wetly, and Faith looked over to realize that she had tears streaming down her face. "We just kicked her out. We're supposed to be her friends and we just..."

"Hey," Faith said, leaning forward and taking Willow's face in one hand. She wiped away a stray tear with her thumb. "Hey. We did what we had to do. We did what we thought was right at the time. You saying we should have let her keep going the way she was?"

"It's Buffy," Willow said, her voice breaking. She looked up into Faith's eyes, and the tears started falling harder.

"Yeah. It's Buffy. I get that. But it's also a pretty important fight."

Willow just cried harder, so Faith pulled her close, pressing Willow's cheek above the curve of her breast.

After a few minutes, Willow's sobs began to quiet. Faith pulled her back up, face-to-face. "Willow, it's..." Faith stopped. The green in Willow's eyes was so...deep. She'd never really noticed before, just how pretty Willow was. She'd noticed, sure, observed it, but never realized just how pretty she was.

It took only a second's hesitation, and then Faith decided to throw caution to the wind. She leaned forward, slowly enough to give Willow a chance to resist, and pressed her lips against the redhead's.

Willow blinked. Faith was kissing her. Faith was kissing her with soft, gentle lips, and Willow was...kissing her back.

As soon as Willow responded, Faith intensified the kiss, pressing her tongue against Willow's lips for entry, catlike licks, and nibbling with her teeth. Willow gasped, her fingers clutching Faith's shoulder.

"Faith," she whispered, pulling away. "Faith, we..."

"You worried about the wannabe upstairs?" Faith murmured, hands running up and down Willow's throat. It made the hairs on the back of Willow's neck stand up, electrified.


"Not here. Willow..." Faith skipped the rest of the sentence in favor of another kiss, this one more charged than the last. It brought a whimper from Willow's mouth, and no resistance as Faith's hands gently pushed her back on the cot, one hand slowly moving down to cover one full breast.

Willow's back arched as Faith's fingers closed gently around her nipple. Faith rubbed the pad of her thumb back and forth over it until Faith could tell it was hard and aching at the touch. Willow moaned and brought her leg up to rest over the top of Faith's calf. Faith's other hand traveled to Willow's hip, sliding just underneath the waistband of her pants. Willow gasped and pulled her lips away, arching her back again as she tried to press into the touch. Faith trailed kisses down her throat to her collarbone.

"You feel good, Rosenberg," Faith whispered against her skin, moving lower, her mouth trailing hot breath to Willow's less-attended nipple, laving it with her tongue through the fabric of her camisole.

Willow's own hands got busy at the hem of Faith's shirt, pulling at the cotton until she could get it up over Faith's head. One hand went to a breast while the other went down, wasting no time, down into Faith's waistband. She felt a thin strip of groomed, coarse hair, and went further until her fingers splayed over the folds of Faith's crotch.

"Jesus," Faith bit out, surging forward to capture Willow's mouth in a fierce kiss. As Willow's fingers explored her slick folds, Faith's hands busied themselves at pushing Willow's pants down, past her hips.

Faith kissed her way down Willow's body again, giving a quiet sound of loss when Willow's fingers couldn't reach her pussy anymore, kissing her way down Willow's belly. When she reached Willow's mound, she glanced up, met the other woman's eyes, and grinned. Willow stared back, lust in her eyes, as Faith lowered her head, her tongue delving into the folds of her labia.

Willow stifled a small cry as Faith's tongue traveled over her, from bottom to top, wriggling against her swollen clit. Faith suckled the tiny nub into her mouth, two fingers pressing up and into Willow's wetness. Willow bit her lip as Faith added a third finger, stretching her slightly more than she was used to. Faith's fingers began to thrust, her tongue began to swirl around Willow's clit, and Willow could feel herself headed for orgasm. She whimpered again, and Faith's hand sped up, thrusting her fingers in and out, sliding in wetly, deeply. Faith pulled her mouth away, her thumb taking over, swirling around and around the bundle of nerves.

"Come on, Rosenberg. Let it go; wanna feel you come around me," Faith whispered against the inside of Willow's thigh. It was enough, between her fingers and her voice, and Willow sobbed in a few breaths of air as her walls clenched around Faith's hand.

Faith sat up, pushing her pants off, and straddled Willow's belly. She took one of Willow's hands and pressed it against her mound, panting. "Come on, Will; got me all hot, now."

Willow was still breathing heavily. She pressed two fingers into Faith's pussy, her other hand moving forward as well, her fingers teasing and pinching gently at Faith's clit.

Faith's hands moved up to her own breasts, cupping the round globes and lifting them. Her fingers rolled and pinched at her erect nipples as she rode against Willow's hand. She rode faster as her climax approached, bouncing against Willow's hand as low moans escaped from her throat. Willow sat up so that her breasts were rubbing against Faith's thighs every time Faith surged up, and latched her mouth around one of Faith's round, pink nipples. She sucked it into her mouth, nibbling and then soothing with her tongue, as Faith rode her hand even harder.

"I'm gonna..." Faith gasped out before surging down, grinding against Willow's furiously-working fingers. She grunted with each wave of her orgasm, pressing down harder, until finally she slumped over, her hands grasping Willow's shoulders for purchase.

After a moment to catch her breath, Faith started laughing.

"What?" Willow asked.

"You...look behind you."

Willow twisted her torso around, looking behind her. She glanced down. There, against the dingy white sheet, was the single cherry that had been left in the small plastic container. It had been squashed under her back, leaving a deep pink stain.

Willow let out a giggle.

"Gosh, Will, if I'd known it was your first time, I'd have been gentler with you."

"I would hope not," Willow grinned predatorily, rolling them over so that she was lying on top of Faith. She leaned down and captured Faith's lips with her own. Kennedy was going to spend the rest of the night alone, it seemed.