Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By RabidX
For Wyrdchaos

The knife was sharp, just like his father taught him. You kept your blades honed or you didn't deserve to have them. He rarely used the knife anymore but he always kept it sharp. You never knew when you'd need one.

It was sharp enough to slide easily through skin, and if he flicked his wrist fast enough you couldn't even tell until the blood welled up. Like now, one flick and a line of blood trickled down the chest under his hands. He bent forward and licked it, the coppery taste exploding on his tongue.

When Angel moaned, Xander sat up and stared at his face. Angel wasn't waking up just yet. He never woke up all the way, only occasionally saying something so soft and slurred Xander could pretend it was his name instead of someone else's.

He couldn't even remember why he'd started playing this dangerous game. Only that it felt good, having power over someone as strong as Angel. As beautiful as Angel.

And he never let his mind dwell on the word 'rape'.

It wasn't anyway he always rationalized. It was justice. He'd read all the stories and Watcher reports that Giles thought were so carefully hidden. Angelus had done this and worse to so many people. Hell, even Angel had done some. There were a few reports from after the vampire claimed to have gotten his soul. He'd probably say he was confused and trying to act like Angelus was supposed to act.

Xander knew better. Angel still liked this sort of stuff. Souled or not, he was a damn vampire. He'd seen the flare of excitement in Angel's eyes plenty of times just before the lumpy gameface took over. The vampire loved to fight, loved to hurt things.

So Xander was just giving in to Angel's true nature right? Angel would probably thank him for giving him this release. Not that Xander was going to give him a chance to wake up. As long as he went slow, everything went fine and no one would ever know. Even the minor cuts on Angel's skin would heal before the vampire rose the next sundown.

He cut again along side one rosy pale nipple and licked the blood away. Some game books and folktales said a mortal could get addicted to vampire blood. Maybe that's why he kept coming back. Or maybe it was the cock that was pressing hard against his ass. Angel always got hard and Xander always took care of his sleeping quarry, just another thrill to fuck the softly moaning vampire.

Carefully, Xander lowered himself on Angel's cock, biting his wrist to keep from making too much noise. The knife caught the dim light and he focused on the glitter instead of the burn of entry. It never lasted long anyway, not as soon as the cool cock was buried in him.

Angel shifted, head tossing on his pillow and Xander held still. It felt good, shifted Angel's cock inside. As soon as Angel quieted, Xander began to move. Up and down, his body shaking as he tried not too move to fast, too hard. He couldn't imagine what Angel would do if he actually woke up.

His thighs began to burn and shake from moving so slowly. He longed to go faster, to hammer that cock deeper, faster into his ass but that would definitely wake Angel up. He wouldn't even stroke his own cock, preferring to wait until he couldn't stand it any longer before wrapping his hand around it.

It was so perfect.

And then Angel opened his eyes.

Xander couldn't scream, couldn't even move, he froze, staring into Angel's eyes as they shifted to yellow. The next thing he knew, he was flying backwards, wrenched off Angel's body and landing hard on the floor. The knife clattered away and Xander waited for his neck to snap.

Angel's cock plunging into him shocked him out of silence. He screamed, hands pounding the floor. Angel grabbed them and held his wrists to the floor.

"Did you think I didn't know it was you?" Angel snarled in his ear, "I could smell you, Xander. Smell you all over me."

"No, Angel, stop..."

"No. No more free rides, Xander. Now you deal with me."

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" Xander pleaded, "Oh God..."

Angel kept fucking him, cock pounding relentlessly and fangs grazing his neck. Xander arched up. It felt so good.

"No... don't..." His protests were by rote now. He didn't want Angel to stop even if he was torn in half.

"Don't you see, Xander?" Angel grunted in his ear, "There's no more stopping. Not for you. Not ever."

Xander came as the fangs sank into his neck.