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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

What Can I Give Him?
By Dariclone
For Moosesal

Xander watched his gorgeous boyfriend from a table at the Bronze. It was almost impossible for Xander to take his eyes off him. As Dingos' finished their last song for the night, Xander felt a rush of excitement at just seeing Oz.

It had taken Oz awhile to forgive him for "the fluke." After all, being uncertain about the nature of your feelings for best friend and kissing her in order to figure them out were two entirely different things. But Xander had apologized, saying he knew he loved Oz. This had been enough for the musician, who had desperately missed him.

Even so, Xander wanted to show Oz how incredibly important he was to him. He wanted to give Oz the perfect Christmas present.

"Hey." Oz said, breaking Xander's reverie.

Xander brightened. "Hey yourself." he said, looking up.

Oz gave him a small smile. "Want to hang tonight?"

"Sure." Xander agreed.

The search for the perfect present could wait until tomorrow.


Xander set out on his quest early the next morning

When Oz had asked him where he was going he had said it was a "top secret mission" and not even he could come.

Oz had shrugged and told him to have fun.

Xander wished he really was having fun.

He'd been looking for rare records in the mall for over an hour now and he simply hadn't found anything. Xander sighed. He'd taken the bus out to L.A. in hopes of finding some great stuff to choose from.

Then an idea struck him. There was more than one place to find cool music, right? He'd go and look for a music store outside of the mall.


An hour later, Xander was feeling even worse. He'd tried to find the perfect present for Oz but he was defeated. He kicked a pebble along the street as he started to walk back to the bus station.

He idly looked up into a store window. That's when he saw it. An original copy of The White Album , just like the one Oz was always drooling over at Giles' apartment. He had to get it! He hurried into the shop.

He gently picked up the precious record as if cradling a baby.

He made his way to the counter and put the record down in front of the tough looking, muscle-bound clerk.

"You want this?" asked the clerk.


"It'll cost ya." the clerk warned.

"I think I can manage." Xander retorted. "How much?"

"Two hundred." He smirked.

Xander gulped. "Two hundred dollars?" he squeaked out.

"Think you can manage it?" the clerk asked, sarcastically.

""Yes." Xander snapped and reached into his pocket for a credit card.


Xander sighed again. He had paid a small mint for the gift but it would be worth to see the look on Oz's face when he opened it.

Wearily, Xander climbed onto the bus

He set the record down beside him and started to doze off. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard a loud crunch. "What was?.." he asked. But it was too late. His precious gift had been broken. No matter where he looked he'd never find a better present Sadness mixed with anger as he looked at the guy who had sat on the record. His desire to scream at him left quickly, as he realized the man could easily squash him too. Sighing, he said nothing.


When Xander got off the bus later that night, he collected the pieces of broken record and started to walk slowly home.

When he finally reached his house he found Oz waiting for him.

"Xander! There you are!" He sounded anxious, an odd thing for Oz. "I know you said you had something to do but I couldn't wait to give you this." he held out a brightly coloured package.

When Xander saw that Oz was holding his Christmas present he wanted to cry. "But Oz... I..."

Oz looked at Xander with concern.

"I wanted to give you the best present ever 'cause I love you...and I tried... but..." he blurt and looked at the debris in his hand.

"Huh? Xander, slow down." Oz said gently.

Xander explained it all again, much slower this time. When he finished he was so ashamed, that he hung his head.

"Wow.." Oz said slowly, "The White Album! That's expensive, Xander!"

Xander quickly interjected. "I know, but..."

Oz continued, "That's sweet of you to think so much of me but you must know you don't need to buy me a present."

Xander squeaked out, "I don't?"

Oz smiled and amusement filled his voice. "No Xander, you mean everything to me. I don't need any present as long as I have you. Without you, there wouldn't even be a Christmas."

"Oh, Oz..." Xander said, hi voice filling up with emotion.

"Shhh." Oz said, sweetly. "Don't talk."

With that, he pulled Xander to him in a long and passionate kiss. When he finally ended the kiss he said, "Come on, let's get you out of this.. sweltering heat.