Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Let It Snow
By Maggie
For Raaven

Wesley traced his fingertips up and down Xander's spine, quirking a small, crooked smile at the near-purr he received in response, "Better than camping out in your back yard, I presume?"

Chuckling, Xander nodded against the pillow, casting a look sideways and up at the watcher, "Much better," he replied, a slight flush in his cheeks. He hadn't expected the Christmas invitation into Wesley's home, let alone into his bed. This had to be one of those Christmas miracles people always talked about.

"Mmm... good," Wesley leaned to trail kisses along the boy's shoulder and up to his cheek. The hand on Xander's back slid further down and under where the covers pooled at the small of his back. Xander arched as long fingers slipped between his cheeks and teased over his already slick hole.

"Feel up to another round, love?" Wesley murmured huskily against his ear, nuzzling into Xander's hair as he slowly pushed one slim finger back into Xander.

Half-blanketed by Wesley and squirming as the older man began to slowly fuck him, Xander moaned and breathed out, "Yeah, okay..."

"Wonderful," It was Wesley's turn for a purr, pleased with the mewl Xander gave as he pushed a second finger into him too soon. Wesley kissed and nuzzled Xander's ear again, urging him on as he began to move on the fingers in him, "That it, lovely. Such a beautiful boy."

Crooking his fingers, Wesley took joy in the little sobbed out moans Xander gave, twisting against the bed while Wesley mercilessly rubbed deep inside him.

"Please, oh please, please, too much..." Xander managed to whine out a beg and sobbed in relief when the relentless assault stopped, only to cry out again as Wesley wormed two more fingers into him, rather than just one.

Petting the boy's hair with his other hand, Wesley went back to kissing along his shoulders again, "Easy, Xander, give it a moment and I promise you'll like it," he soothed as he continued to twist those fingers in as far as he could get them.

Xander writhed on the bed and panted out soft moans. They had already had sex twice since he'd arrived tonight, and while he was still a bit slick from the last time, Wesley wasn't adding any lube to this new onslaught, "Please... ah... i-it hurts..."

Wesley chose that moment to bite Xander at the curve of his neck and shoulder, hard, jabbing his fingers deep and hard once as he did. The boy yelled and arched his back, shivering hard when Wesley began lapping over the bite mark on his neck, "But it feels good, too, doesn't it, lovely?"

Xander moaned in answer and squeezed his eyes shut tight, not sure he could, or wanted to, stop Wesley at this point.

The watcher continued to fuck Xander with his fingers, hard and slow, until he had worked the boy into a frenzy of whimpers and begs. Only then did Wesley withdraw his fingers and reach to pick up the lubricant.

Xander lay quietly panting and twitching as he paid attention only to the sounds around him. The slick squelch of lube, Wesley's groan as he undoubtedly readied himself now. And then Xander was being moved. His hips taken a hold of by surprisingly strong hands and lifted until he was on his knees with his legs spread slightly. Xander clutched the pillow that was under his head as he felt Wesley cup and spread his cheeks, pushing his thumbs back into the boy and stretching him again.

Wesley seemed unaffected by Xander's whimpers as he calmly, if huskily, asked, "Are you ready, love?"

Upon Xander's rambling assurances that he was, indeed, very very ready, Wesley quickly removed his thumbs and pushed his cock in with one long, hard thrust.

Xander yelled and twisted against the bed when Wesley didn't pause, just continued to fuck him, fast and deep. Wesley was gripping the boy's hips hard enough to leave bruises and he knew, but he didn't care. After all, he planned to see these hips again soon and often.

This time the sex lasted longer than it had the other times tonight, but Wesley never let up on the pace of his thrusts -- driving Xander mad as his hands roamed; scratching along the boy's back, sliding under to pinch and twist his nipples, and finally wrapping around his cock to stroke him.

Xander screamed as he came, twisting his fingers into the sheets and shuddering when Wesley's hands moved back to his hips and began to fuck him back onto his cock, making it even harder if possible.

It took Wesley a little while longer to come, and Xander could do nothing but lie there and let him, whimpering when Wesley stopped thrusting and squeezed his hips, coming in Xander.

After a moment, Wesley slowly, carefully slipped out of Xander, rubbing the boy's back when he let out a small cry and collapsed, "Shh... Lay still," He leaned to kiss the nape of Xander's neck, "I'll bring something to clean you up with."

Wesley crawled off the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean himself up before returning with a warm, damp washcloth to do the same to Xander. It was a sleepy, fumbling affair as the boy continually attempted to steal kisses and hugs until Wesley had tucked him back in under the blankets -- then he fell fast asleep.

Chuckling, Wesley stroked his hair and gazed out the window, watching the snowfall for a moment before returning to watching Xander. He knew the boy would want to see the snow, but as he slid under the covers to spoon up around the warm body next to him, he knew it could wait until the morning.