Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Candy Cane Fetish
By Mary Ellis
For Sham

"Angel?" Wesley spoke from behind the partially closed door, his head still blocked by the wood. His lover had been quite tempermental and secretive the past few weeks, really since the first of December.

At first the former Watcher had wondered if it was something he had done, but Cordelia had assured him that Angel did this every year around the holidays, and not to worry. But it wasn't in his nature NOT to worry, and so he was bearding the lion in his den, so to speak.

The only answer to his inquiry was a harsh rustling and frantic movement, and then a muffled crunching sound before words reached his ears. "Come in," Angel said, and Wes slid through the door, shut it behind himself, and scanned the room with a practiced eye.

Angel. Sitting in one of his favorite leather chairs, book in hand. Dickens. Not unusual, Angel rather liked the author, whatever the season. What caught Wes' eye, however, was the slight protrusion of something from Angel's left cheek.

Slowly, with a predatory grace, Wesley stalked his partner, reversing the traditional roles of vampire/human predator/prey.

"Wes? What exactly are you doing?" Angel said around his mouthful, which came out sounding like, "Wes? Wha' e'saccly arre you doung?"

Wes laughed out loud. "What do you have in your mouth?"

With a loud, audible crunch, whatever had been there a moment previously was gone and Angel swallowed, shooting his lover a cheeky grin. "Nothing."

That was it. Wesley pounced into the chair, but shot right back up again when something blunt stabbed him in the side. "Alright, what's the big secret? And what in the name of God was THAT?"

Angel chuckled. "Not what you're thinking." The vampire reached down into the chair beside him and pulled out a bag of candy canes. "You've found me out."

Wes climbed back on top of Angel. "That's your big secret? You like candy canes? It's not the end of the world, you know."

Angel set the candy on the floor and laid his head onto Wes' shoulder. "If Cordy found out, it would be, trust me. She'd put peppermint in my blood. You remember the cinnamon incident?" Angel groaned and the vibration made Wes grin.

"I remember. I won't tell her. I think it's pretty adorable. The vampire I love has a candy cane fetish. I'm never going to let you live this down."

If anyone had walked by the library at the moment, they would have heard a long, low, groan of complete agony....complemented by hysterical laughter.

Which would only have confused them more.