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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Wild Things
By Sham
For Wendy

Dawn writhed against the nameless girl, the music beating fast and thrumming through her. She smiled at the beautiful female opposite her, draping her arms around her waist. The other girl gave her a sexy, saucy smile, and ran her hands up Dawn's arms to the tie of her halter top. Dawn leaned forward to give her dancing partner a slow, sensual kiss, tongue sweeping across raspberry lip gloss flavoured lips. Dawn pulled back. "Gotta go, baby, it was nice meeting you." She winked, then disappeared into the mass of people in the crowded club.

Two strong arms wrapped around Dawn's waist as she got closer to the bathroom, pulling the 22-year-old flush against another woman's full, lithe body. Dawn smirked, and rested her head along the anonymous woman's shoulder. She ran her perfectly manicured hands along the arms wrapped around her waist, and rested long, red nails next to chipped, black ones. A deep chuckle sounded in Dawn's ear. "Fuck, Dawnie, when did you turn into such a goddamn slut?"

Dawn leaned her head back even further, and whispered directly into the other's ear. "That would be around the time you taught me how to be one, and then took off, Faith."

Faith laughed again, spinning the younger woman around. "Took to it like a natural, you did." She gave an appreciative smile, dark eyes running up and down Dawn's body. Faith took in the red fuck-me heels, black fishnet stockings, the pleated micro-mini skirt, the lacy black halter top. She looked at the flawlessly applied make-up, the dark colours bringing out the green in Dawn's eyes. The blonde highlights in her long hair looked great.

In return, Dawns dragged her eyes up and down Faith. She wore her trademark leather pants, and a tight red chesty. As always, Faith wore heavy eyeliner, and dark red lipstick. "Nice."

"Yeah, you too."

Dawn gave a confident grin. "Oh, I know."

Faith rolled her eyes, and draped a possessive arm around Dawn's slender waist. "Gotta say, I never thought I'd see you in America again, let alone in Angel's town. You looking for me?"

Dawn looked highly amused. "Please, give me some credit. Not everything in the world is about you, Faith. I needed some time out of Rome, and Angel once said if I needed anything, to come here. So, here I am. I'm doing finishing school here, so...'

Faith raised her eyebrows. "You've been staying with Tall, Dark and In a relationship with Wesley? Wonder why Wes never told me."

Dawn's lips twitched. "You've been staying with Wes, then? And did he recommend this club?"

Faith nodded. "Yeah..."

"And Angel told me to come here. And that he would stay with Wes tonight, so I'd be alone in the apartment tonight."

Faith smirked, then snickered. "Oh, man, I can't believe they set us up. God, our lives are whacked."

"Oh yeah. But I'm glad." Dawn admitted hesitantly.

Faith gave her a surprised look, then a pleased smile, pulling Dawn tighter against herself. "So am I."

Together, the pair sauntered through the crowd, easily weaving their way through to the exit. As they passed the girl Dawn had been dancing with, Faith grinned, and blew her a kiss. The girl looked shocked, then glared as Faith let her hand wander down to grab Dawn's ass.

Once outside, Dawn led them to a black motorcycle. Faith gave a low whistle, then shook her head. "Another time I'd agree, baby, but I've got my car here. This is LA."

Dawn snorted. "Like hell we're taking your car."

Faith pursed her lips and looked at Dawn for a long moment, trying to decide wether the younger woman was bullshitting or not. She eventually swung her leather-clad leg up and over the bike, settling in behind Dawn. Dawn pulled an elastic tie off the left handle, and used it to tie her hair into a loose side ponytail. She pulled out the spare helmet, and handed it to Faith. Faith set the black helmet onto her head, and clutched onto Dawn just as the younger woman gunned the bike and set off. Faith whooped as Dawn broke about 10 driving rules, arriving at Angel's apartment in record time. "Fucking hell, girl, who taught you to drive?"

Dawn tossed Faith an arched look. "Ever been in a car with Buffy while she's driving?"

Faith winced. "B taught you to drive?"

Dawn nodded. "At least I've never crashed."

"Right. I can't believe I let you drive."

That surprised a laugh out of Dawn, as she set her keys down and pulled her hair tie out. She shook her head, both as an exasperated gesture and as a means to let her hair fall freely around her shoulders. "Bitch."

"You know it." Faith looked around the apartment curiously. ‘So this is Angel's lair?"


Faith's eyes settled on a framed photo of Angel and Wesley, the two of them grinning madly at each other, seemingly unaware of the camera. "Unbelievable."


"That Wes and Big A were the only ones to get out of W and H alive."

"Yeah. Well, they're both stubborn sons of bitches."

"So true. They deserve each other."

"Yep." Dawn walked over to Faith. "Enough about them, I think." She leaned in close to the slayer, so that each breath brushed against her face. Faith pulled back abruptly, walking away. Dawn sighed. "Faith, what's wrong?"

Faith looked uncomfortable, then shrugged. "Nothing."

Dawn gave her another look. "Faith, remember I know you. I know how you think, and I know that something's wrong. If this about how you left me to do Giles' mission, don't worry about it."

Faith sighed. "I'm sorry bout that."

"I said don't worry about it. It was two years ago. I know you and Buffy are needed for stuff as the original slayers."

"Yeah, but..."

Dawn looked at Faith firmly, then pushed at her until she sat down. Dawn sat in Faith's lap. "Now, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Faith said adamantly.

"That's bullshit and we both know it."

Faith looked into Dawn's determined eyes, then sighed. "It was too hard to let go, last time."

"What?" Dawn frowned, and pushed off of Faith enough so that she could look into her eyes. "Faith, we've been fucking on and off for years now. Hell, since I came of age."

"I know that. know how I don't get into actual relationships?"

"Not since Robin, I know."

"I don't get attached. In our line of business it's too risky. And last time, it was hard to let you go. To return to the mission."

Dawn gave a tremulous smile. "Faith," she breathed, dipping forward. She pressed her shiny lips against Faith's, kissing her softly. Faith moaned, and pulled Dawn closer to her. Soon, hands were roaming under clothing as the make-out session got heavier, and the arousal that had been building up since they had started talking hit it's peak as the two women fell upon each other.


Dawn smiled lazily from where her head was resting on Faith's shoulder. "Well, that didn't suck." She purred.

"Hell, yeah. Well, a little sucked." Faith grinned lasciviously, her meaning obvious. She carded her fingers through Dawn's damp hair, untangling the worse of the knots they'd managed to put there during sex.

Dawn laughed, stroking her hand lazily up Faith's side. She sat up with a groan, her legs falling naturally so that she straddled Faith's thighs. She used her thumb to wipe away the smears of eyeliner adorning the tender skin around Faith's eyes. "God, we must look like complete tramps."

Faith grinned. "Nah, we look beautiful, as always."

"Of course." Dawn leaned down to kiss Faith, and shut her eyes at the feel of Faith's tongue. "God...what do you do to me?"

"The exact same thing you do to me. How the hell do you, the sister of the person who hates me most in the world, make my world tilt with one look?"

Dawn looked pleased. "I do that?"


Suddenly, the doorbell rang, then the door opened. Angel came in. "Hey," he said awkwardly, as he saw them lying barely dressed in his living room.

"Angel, man, been a while."

"Yeah." he looked uncomfortably at the smirking pair, and gestured vaguely in the direction behind him. "I'm just gonna..." Unable to find an excuse, Angel lamely ended with "Yeah...", then left the room quickly. Faith and Dawn burst into laughter, and stood up. "C'mon, we better go back to your room before he comes out again and dusts of embarrassment."

Dawn looked at Faith. "He finally got his shanshu."

"He what? He's human now? And Wes didn't tell me? I'm gonna fucking murder him."

Dawn laughed, and tussled Faith's hair affectionately. "You won't, cuz he's your best friend."

"Shut it, kid."

"If I'm a kid, then you're a paedophile."

"Shuttup. You know I'm not."

"Faith." Dawn gripped the slayer's chin in her hand gently. "I was just teasing."

"Yeah, I know."

They reached Dawn's bedroom, and the two lay down on her bed. They stayed there for the rest of the day, talking and fooling around. In the evening, as they were preparing to go out, Faith's phone rang, the noise resonating in the air between the two women, from where it sat between them. They both glanced at it and tensed, when the caller id told them it was Giles. The phone rang again, and Dawn tossed Faith a guarded look. "You gonna get that?"

"Nah. Let it ring."

Dawn smiled, and that made it worth it. Laughing, the grinning woman threw herself at Dawn. "You're staying, then?"


"Good. I wanted you to."

"Last time?" At Dawn's nod, Faith continued. "You should've asked."

"Would you have stayed?"

"I think so."

The two finished dressing, and went out, arms wrapped firmly around each other. It was less than love, more than lust, and it suited them both.