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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Lessons In Obedience
By Dariclone
For Maren

The night stretches out before her like a long dark road. Buffy's eyes shine in the dark. Her mouth moves into an easy smirk. She can sense everything around her. The hunt should be good tonight.

Buffy can't believe this incredible feeling of freedom. Asking Spike to turn her was the best thing she'd ever done in her life. Even if he did just run off and leave her tonight. That's okay, she can handle things without him.

Her ears per as she hears someone approaching. Now's the time to go in for the kill. The first independant kill of her un-life. But wait, that's not a human coming, it's another vamp. Buffy spins around ready to defend her terriitory from...


"Well, well I heard Spike had killed and turned a Slayer but I certianly didn't believe it."

How dare she? Buffy's not a Slayer anymore, she's left her do gooder days behind her. Buffy wants to make Darla lay off, wants to run at her, tackle her, force her to the ground but even she knows not to piss off her great-great-grandsire. All she says is "I'm not a Slayer now."

Darla smiles as she sizes Buffy up. "You may say that but I can see you're still a pain in the ass."

Buffy can't help it. She lets out a low, gutteral, growl.

It takes Buffy a minute to realize Darla is laughing at her.

Buffy bares her teeth.

Darla laughs even more.

"You think you look tough?"

"I am more than tough! " Buffy retorts.

"Oh really? Do you think you're as strong as me? Do you really think you can survive as a vampire, you insolent childe?"

"I am not your childe!" screeches Buffy, letting her temper get the best of her.

"No, but you are part of my family line and you will learm some respect!"

Withou another word, Darla's closing in on Buffy's space and her lips are forcibly on Buffy's. Buffy can't believe this, she cam't believe she let Darla over power her, that she wanted her to. Buffy can't believe she's kissing Darla back.

After a few long minutes of lips and tongues Darla pulls away. "Hmm," she says, "not bad."

Buffy snorts indignantly.

"It seems the chlide needs to learn her place. Come with me."

Buffy starts to protest but finds herself being pulled along by Darla despite it.


They are in a dilapidated old warehouse with dirty walls and graffiti. Darla pushes Buffy down on a worn old mattress before getting on top of her.

"Now you'll see who's in charge." Darla growls, though not viciously. And with that Darla kisses Buffy again, then starts nipping at her neck and removing her clothes.

"Don't... rip. them..." Buffy says when Darla finishes kissing her. When she sees Darla's glare she adds "Please."

"That's better." Darla says as she undoes Buffy's shirt.

Then without another word she upon Buffy, licking and biting at her breast. Buufy tries to hold in a cry but the sensation makes her feel wonderful and she can't help it.

"Vocal are we?" Darla asks. When Buffy nods in reply she says "Good."

Darla works her way fown licking and biting. Buffy moans and writhes into Darla's touch. From the look on her face it's apparent that Darla vouldn't be more pleased.

After a few minutes of this Darla moves down to Buffy's pants and unzips them. Buffy moans as Darla moves a finger inside her.

Darla smirks at this. Buffy can tell Darla likes seeing her like this, nearly subservient to her. Right now, Buffy doesn't care.

Buffy whimpers as Daela adds another finger , pumping Buffy, using more pressure.

Buffy'd vaguely aware that Darla's still smirking. Damn her! "Like that do you?" Darla asks.

Buffy moans slightly by way of an answer. Darla grins and adds another finger.

After a few minutes of Darla's steady ministrations Buffy feels herself begin to climax.She lets out a loud moan as she comes.

Buffy lies there for a minute, panting softly. Her energy feels slightly drained and she will definately need to feed later tonight but it was worth it. "

Ther now," asks Darla, "Aren't you glad you listened to me?" And against her better judgement Buffy has to admit that she is.