Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Don't Make Eye Contact
For Serena Kitt

Connor's upbringing hadn't prepared him for L.A. It hadn't prepared him for much of anything apart from hunting. So now he hunted. Almost every moment in Quortoth had been filled with the harsh practicalities of survival in a hostile dimension. Of finding food in the barren wastes, working out which demon's flesh was poisonous when raw and which when cooked. Finding shelter from the cloying, viscous, bloody rain that blinded and burnt. Fighting off the tribes of gibbering demons that swarmed across the cliff faces and could strip the meat from their prey like piranhas.

But there were quiet times when Holtz would tell him of the world they had been born to. He told Connor of God, but only of the vengeance of god. Of demons and how to kill them. Of vampires and his parents. Holtz taught him of every terrible and evil thing his mother and father had done.

Before his world had been split up into two kinds of people. Holtz and things that wanted to kill him. He was learning about new types of people all the time. Right now he wanted to find a type of person to have sex with.

Holtz hadn't taught him about sex. None of his experiences growing up in a Hell dimension had never taught Connor how to react to the feelings in his belly when the muscular man covered in tattoos looked at him like that. Connor was on his own for this one.


"It's amazing we never thought of it ourselves." Lilah said as she watched Connor from inside the surveillance van. "Take a baby, raise him in a hell dimension away from any other external influences and bring him back fully grown. In a few months you could have an army of highly trained killers." She made a mental note to talk to the science department about it.

The van was the latest in mystical technology. Utterly nondescript and unnoticeable even if you were standing next to it, you could sit in the back and watch the outside as if you were there. Enhancing the view, recording, zooming, anything that their mystics had thought of. Lilah enjoyed it in there. Lounging back in a chair watching people who had no idea they were being examined.

Her people had been watching Connor for days. Hopeful that he might lead them to his father. So far they hadn't had any luck but they had discovered that he had a penchant for muscular men. They lost sight of Connor as he slipped into the club, avoiding the bouncers hadn't even been a challenge to him.

Lilah was bored and in the mood for fucking with her target. "I'm going inside." She turned to the two surveillance agents with her. They were totally loyal to her, or to put it another way, that they knew exactly what she would do to their families if they betrayed or failed her. "When he comes out follow him." A plan was coming together in Lilah's head. The thought of being able to show Angel a video of his son having sex with another man. Lilah spent a few minutes justifying it to herself as something to use against Angel when he returned (as champions always do). She had no idea how he would react but it would certainly distract him and sometimes even a short distraction could be vital where Angel was concerned. At the back of her mind she knew that it would likely cause bonding and acceptance but she ignored that. She didn't want to admit to herself that she just wanted something to pass the time.

She walked into the club like she owned it. The bouncers didn't even thinking to question her right to do so. Once inside she moved into the throng, scanning the area for the boy.

But another sight caught her eye. She stood stock still for two minutes. Eventually surprise gave way to cruel delight and a vicious smile spread across her face. She could never have anticipated it but this was just perfect.


Lindsey normally avoided L.A. but the very reason he did now brought him to his old home. It was one of the places on earth where the Senior Partners cultivated their power. That meant it was immensely dangerous for an enemy of theirs no matter how many masking spells they had tattooed onto them. It was also the best place to get information on them.

The club had been on a whim. He'd seen a guy walking in who interested him who... well basically.... He may have had a slight resemblance..... He'd seen a man who looked like Angel walking into the club and something had led him to follow.

He'd been doing pretty well chatting up the heavy browed man when he felt a prickling at the back of his neck. He stiffened, someone was watching him. And as he turned around he saw that his watcher wasn't even being subtle about it. Lilah was sitting at the bar staring at him, a small arrogant smile around her lips. "Gettin' a drink" he remarked to the angel lookalike. He almost laughed at himself. He was being hunted by the senior partners, being captured by them would mean death and torture, probably in that order. Yet his first reaction on seeing Lilah was embarrassment because she'd seen him with that guy. He stood at the bar next to her looking straight ahead. "Lilah. You look good. You still moving up the corporate ladder?"

"A little higher everyday. You?"

"Been keeping busy. Mind if I offer you a bit of advice?"

"For old times sake?"

"If you like."


"Don't report you've found me till you've got me in a cage. That way you won't have to be punished for losing me."

"Maybe I wasn't thinking of turning you in at all." Lied Lilah.

"Why don't I believe you?"

"You were never my enemy, only Wolfram and Harts. I've got enough on my plate with Angel's son over there." She gestured to a youth stalking round the dancefloor with the feral confidence of a hunter.

Lindsey's surprise showed through despite himself. "His son? How is that possible?" He gazed at the youth with renewed interest. It was impossible and yet he could see his enemy in the boys face. The sneer in his lips, the way he moved. Besides, Lilah would never have told a lie that unbelievable.

Lilah shrugged, giving a feigned carefree smile as if it was a matter of only mild curiosity to her. "I'll give you a headstart. For old times sake. Tomorrow morning I'll report one of my contacts saw you in the city. I wouldn't be here if I were you."

Lindsey watched her out of the corner of his eye as she walked away. He didn't buy any of her supposed benevolence. He'd learned her tells early and he knew how she thought. She'd try to trap him but she didn't realise the advantages he had now.

Still he better get out before she tried something. Except...

It wasn't that the lad was all that attractive to him. He liked his guys more butch. But there was this thought at the back of his mind pushing forward into his consciousness. The next time he met Angel he could have screwed the vampire's son. He wouldn't even have to tell him. Just to know it would be enough. His own private victory over Angel.

He knew Lilah was trying to manipulate him. She knew his buttons as well as he knew hers but what was life without a few risks? What was life without screwing around with Angel?


Connor had tried chat up lines when he first started going to clubs. But since his most elegent line was "I want you." He had only been marginally successful. Now he stalked around like he was hunting. Finding the right prey and just taking him. At first he hadn't even really know what it was he wanted. Just knowing that this urge for contact needed to be fed.

His naivety hadn't lasted long and none of the men he approached seemed to care that he wasn't into small talk. He'd tried the same approach with women and he'd ended up having to run away from mocking laughs. Sooner or later that urge would have to be fed too but right now he was ignoring it. Men were enough.

Holtz hadn't given that side of his education a moments thought. Huddled together on frozen steppes waiting for a colossus to pass without seeing them Holtz had told him of his life with wife and child but he'd never explained what he'd done with his wife to produce the child. The only lesson had been one of vengeance. When Holtz was cold he'd warmed himself with Hatred.

Connor saw the Texan across the dancefloor. The intent eyed stare remained focused on Connor as he approached, muscular tattooed body bare in an open shirt.

"Hey." Lindsey said with his eyes scouring every inch of Connor.

"They look good." Connor touched a tattoo on Lindsey's chest. "What are they for?"

"Looking good." Lindsey replied, not considering for a second telling him what they were really for.

Connor's hand trailed over the tattoos feeling the muscles underneath them.


Lindsey was almost disappointed with the ease at which he seduced Angel's son. He had been expecting some resistance, maybe a little catholic guilt from his old man. But Connor seemed free of any sexual guilt. It felt good so he wanted to do it.

Abandoning the pretence of a measured seduction Lindsey put his arms around the lad and drew him closer. He slid one hand up the back of Connor's head. A fierce kiss later and he pulled the teenager's head backwards. Lindsey kissed and nipped at Connor's throat causing Angel's son to make low moans of pleasure. He took his time working his mouth up the taut skin to the ear and whispered, "Let's get out of here." Without waiting for a reply he started to walk away. Connor followed.


Lilah knew Connor favoured a particular hotel in the area. It was close and cheap and Lindsey woudn't care where he went with Connor as long as it wasn't back to his own motel room. Lilah hurried there while the seduction played out. Knowing both of them she doubted she had much time to set this up.

She eyed up the hotel manager as she decided whether threat or bribery would be more effective. She pulled out four hundred dollar bills and watched the man's eyes light up. "Which room is best to set this up secretly?" She held up a portable camcorder.


Connor barely noticed as they tumbled into the room. He'd have been happy getting off in the club but people seemed to take issue with that in this dimension. The hotel owner was familiar with him and handed him a key virtually before Lindsey had slapped down some money.

They stumbled through the door, each far more preoccupied with getting the other naked. Connor ripped off Lindsey's shirt and if he was surprised at the youth's strength he didn't show it.

Connor kissed fiercely at Lindsey's chest working his way down as Lindsey tried to get his boots off without letting Connor stop. He didn't succeed. A lace snapped in his hand and Connor swatted his arm away and pushed him back onto the bed.

He pulled Lindsey's jeans and boxers down to his ankles in one bunch. Lindsey didn't have time to feel undignified as Connor's mouth enveloped his cock. The Texan's head arched back as he felt the rasp of teeth along the underside, Connor had obviously developed some skills. Angel's son worked his mouth up and down, his hands still busy getting himself naked.

Lindsey relaxed back, feeling his body tremble every time Connor's tongue ran up his cock. The thought never left his mind. 'This is Angel's son. Angel's son is fucking me with his mouth. His technique is sloppy but he makes up for it with fucking enthusiasm. I'm about to come in...' He tensed and spasmed as he came. Connor jerked his cock, pumping the cum out. It dribbled out of Conner's mouth and down his chin as he stared up at Lindsey with fierce satisfaction. Lindsey reached down and stroked the teenager's hair before his hand tightened and he gripped him by the back of the head. The moment of tenderness passed and he pushed Connor down on the bed.

He wasn't nearly finished yet. It was going to be a long and fun night.


Connor woke when he heard Lindsey getting ready to leave. He briefly considered saying something but he could sense something dangerous about this one. Too much of the predator about him to be trusted. Connor was enjoying life for a change, that was enough.


Lindsey feigned sleep for half an hour before getting out of the bed. He snuck out without bothering to find the camera he knew Lilah would have planted. As he left the building he looked around til he saw the surveillance van. He gave it a little wave, knowing he couldn't be seen, before he walked off. The next time he met Angel he wouldn't say a word but his smile would be that much wider.


Lilah waited for thirty minutes after Connor had left the hotel. Finally she decided to chance it. They hadn't seen Lindsey leave but he couldn't still be inside. She was right, there was no trace of the Texan. She retrieved the camera from its hidden place inside a bit of the TV. Anticipation and excitement ran through her as she imagined seeing the tape.

At first it was hard to tell what was going on. She could only see Connor on the screen on his knees before an empty bed. Moaning and grunting and reacting but nobody else in the room. Her mouth stayed perfectly level and her eyes didn't move as cogs worked in her brain working out what had actually happened. Without a further word she got to her feet, threw the camera at the wall where it smashed apart and walked out of the room.