Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Five Golden Rings
By Thomas Madden
For Amy

Willow sat alone in her bed and sighed. "Oh Kennedy, I wonder how you are out there in LA?" As she spoke, her phone rang five times before she was able to pick it up.

"Willow? Everything is OK. We managed to deal with the vamp nest and I'll be home with you tomorrow on Christmas Eve after all. And I know that you'll like what I have got you."

Willow pouted. "I miss you baby, I want you here now."

"Let me tell you a story. Imagine that I'm here with you now. I start placing soft butterfly kisses upon your forehead, your beautiful green eyes, your cheeks, your lips, the tip of your nose.. I would move slightly lower, planting a necklace of warm soft kisses upon your neck My left hand would lie on your stomach, my fingertips grazing the bare skin between your shirt and your trousers. I would move it underneath your shirt, and I would slowly caress first your left nipple, then your right, with my index finger and thumb, very softly and gently so that I don't hurt or scratch you with my nails by mistake."

As Kennedy spoke those words, Willow felt her pussy begin to warm up at the thought of what her beloved girlfriend wanted to do to her. It was as if she could feel every kiss, every lick, and every tender touch for real. Kennedy was silent for a few seconds. "Kennedy? Then what would you do, my love? I need to know."

"I would take your clothes off and unhook your bra, and then I would gently stroke and kiss the soft skin covering your ribs. I would move my head further down to your flat stomach, placing soft kisses all around your navel, before dipping my tongue into it. I would take off your shirt and then start to kiss your collarbone, leaving a trail of warm wet kisses across your chest and stomach, and setting your skin on fire."

Willow whimpered when she heard this words and began playing with her clit, unable to keep still anymore. " must be because I know you well and love you so much, that what you are telling me is really turning me on, almost as much as if you were really here in bed with me. I need you baby, come back to me."

Kennedy continued. "Then I would lick all around your clitoris, before placing my lips around your clit and gently nibbling at it until you came. I 've got to go now, my spare change is running out. Bye baby, see you tomorrow, and Merry Christmas." Kennedy blew Willow a kiss and hung up and Willow grinned. With Kennedy by her side as her girlfriend, she felt certain that she would have a happy New Year.