Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Harder Faster More
By Kate Bolin
For alizarin_nyc

And just like that...

He pushes him onto the ground and just thrusts against him -- no warning, no reason, just a raw angry thrust that takes that last ounce of air out of him.

Lindsey twists around, trying to get up off the ground and away from Angel, and he bucks up, thrusting his hips up into the air, trying to throw Angel off. He feels something hard against his thigh and recoils angrily when he realises that Angel's thrusting isn't just to knock him down onto the road.

Another buck upwards, pressing his palms against the road to give him more of an uplift, and, with one strong push, he jumps onto his feet, knocking Angel onto the road.

Lindsey stands above him, grinning, lifting up one of his feet to kick Angel right in the stomach. He lifts back his leg --

And Angel grabs his ankle. He pulls hard, tugging Lindsey's leg far enough to yank him back down onto the ground. Lindsey falls onto one knee, legs spread across Angel's chest. He kicks his leg free of Angel's hand and digs his knees into Angel's sides, holding him down with all his weight.

Angel attempts to headbutt him between the legs, and Lindsey laughs as he moves back, sliding down to sit on his hipbones. Lindsey feels that same hardness and he laughs just a bit meaner. "Always knew you wanted more than to just fight me," he says. Lindsey starts rocking his hips back and forth, pressing against the hard-on pushed against his ass.

He laughs, again, and Angel snarls, pushing up with his hands, throwing Lindsey back onto the ground, covering him with his body, pressing his forearm against Lindsey's throat. "What about you, huh?" Angel whispers, reaching down with one hand to grab his crotch.

Lindsey struggles against Angel, and Angel presses down further on his windpipe, pushing further and further until, finally, Lindsey goes limp, glaring up at Angel with hate.

Angel laughs, still fondling Lindsey through his jeans. "Feels like you're having more than just a casual interest there..." He leans down, smirking at Lindsey, and then, quickly, kisses him rapidly, mashing his lips against Lindsey's. Lindsey's mouth opens in surprise, and Angel pushes his tongue in, teeth clacking against teeth as the kiss deepens.

When Angel breaks the kiss, Lindsey is slowly thrusting against him, pushing against Angel's thigh. Angel's grin sharpens, and he spreads his legs, pressing his thigh harder against Lindsey, while pushing himself against Lindsey's thigh.

Lindsey struggles against Angel, pushing and pressing and it's only partially out of anger now. His hips rise and fall, rubbing harder and harder against Angel's thigh. Angel laughs and grinds into him, pushing himself against Lindsey while pressing his forearm against Lindsey's windpipe.

"You like this, don't you?" Angel growls into Lindsey's ear. "All you've been really wanting is me fucking you -- sticking it inside you, harder and deeper than any cock you've had before. Is that what you want, Lindsey? Is that what you want from me?"

Lindsey shudders and closes his eyes, swearing under his breath as he thrusts, and gasps, and strains against Angel, faster and faster until he groans, shaking under Angel's body, bucking hard and fast as he comes in his jeans.

Angel growls, rubbing faster against Lindsey before one final angry thrust. He pauses momentarily, then, just as quickly as he tackled him, Angel lifts off of Lindsey, shaking his head as he stands.

"Just as I thought..." Angel says scornfully, just before walking away.