Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Better Not Shout
By Slayage Summers
For Tami

Xander's head landed with a definitive *fwap* against the cherry wood bureau. He instinctively placed a hand behind his skull and slid down into the seat. Wiggling around, he draped his legs on either side of the pink pastel lounge chair.

"You had to wait until we were in the negative digits, didn't you?" he grimaced, unzipping the black polyester pants in one quick stroke. Below him, the blonde vampire shrugged off both the comment and his formal jacket.

"Where's the fun in everything goin' as planned?" Spike asked, his dry words ringing rhetorically. He coughed and plucked a pocket watch from his trousers. "Anyway, seven minutes is plenty in my book, luv,"

Xander puckered his lips into a smirk and sighed. When an audacious remark finally returned to his lips, his eyes opened the half-naked creature tugging his semi-erect cock out of it's lazy upright, on-the-stomach position. He vented a tiny groan as the Billy Idol clone began to nibble the underside edge of his foreskin. Vacantly, he was aware that it had begun to hail against an adjacent window pane.

His mind whirred into a sensual blur as the fiend began to fondle his balls with the slightest bit of pinching pressure. Absent-mindedly, Xander hummed along with the string section, which was warming up outside the room with "Noel" and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing".

Spike, equally annoyed and amused with this murmur of holiday cheer, took the opportunity to envelope the dark haired boy's glistening tip in one definitive swoop. Xander twitched at this new vacuum of wetness and ran one hand through the vamp's slightly starched blonde waves. He had never felt it right after a thorough bleaching, and the straw-like texture surprised him initially. The demon suckled gently looking like a coffee shop singer slightly too close to his microphone.

Outside, patters of annoyance and distress cluttered the hallways as the trumpet section began to accompany on harmony. Xander's eyes became tiny slits flickering with excitement at the sight of his lover's lengthy hardness, which had slipped purposely into view from the scratchy penguin pants. With his left hand still on the construction boy's scrotum, Spike began to tug gently at his own erection.

With no nightly thrill, processed pig's blood packets and parenting petitions of patience and benevolence too Princess Priss Pussy, massaging an organ engorged with blood, even at half the size of his usual suspects, was enough to get Spike tingly.

As Xander's hand reached out to grasp at the clammy pale implication, Spike's mouth trailed up the brunette's slightly furry stomach to taste the other man's mouth. Locked in a luke-warm kiss, the baffled boy grappled to free the icy monster from Spike's tightened abs and stroke in quick, sloppy successions. It was thick to get one's fist around, and with freezing body temperatures, he was quite literally solid and stiff, but eventually the entire nine inches was thawing into attention.

Beads of sweat were beginning to form on their foreheads, and Spike let a tiny whimper slip. He hadn't meant to, it made him feel weak, but it worked to his advantage because he knew he'd get what he wanted in the end anyway. With Xander now in full-on thrust mode, Spike moved off of the mauve carpet and harder against the boy. In a tumultuous union they began to stroke one another's members together until the rebel finally let out a cry of pain.

"I-I-I need you now, please," he begged. Without hesitation Xander wrenched his head into the right corner of the chair. His head positioned on it's cushiony surface, he strained his neck out, jugular throbbing in anticipation and fear.

Spike heaved a grunt of relief to the air and the stupid floral guest room and the entire evening. He offered a sympathetic smile before morphing into his true appearance. As his teeth tickled the surface of Xander's flesh, the brown-eyed sacrifice gave a hearty, manly yank on the platinum's flattened hair. If he could just keep the back of his lover's blonde little scalp from registering any pain for a few seconds, this would work.

With an afforded growl, Spike drew blood, not a lot, just enough to circulate for a few minutes, maybe seconds. His dark-haired counterpart groaned in a dizzy fervor, and almost at once, the vampire's hands took Xander's place.

Effortlessly, he squeezed back and forth, back and forth, until he felt the burning reach his base and core. With suddenly wide eyes, he emitted a tiny yelp and fell into a terse kiss.

Between them, his hands tightened as the two freshly pink penis head's twitched, tensed, contracted, and then spread in an explosion of gooey exertion. Shoelaces of sperm hit Xander's chin and trailed across Spike's chest.

For a moment, the only noise was "Silent Night".

Then with equally exhausted sighs, and the vampire's Rudolph color draining from places beside his nose, Xander cupped his lover's chiseled cheeks and kissed from forehead to chin.

When the blonde finally regained his composure, he pulled out his pocket watch again.

"Six minutes, thirty three seconds," he scoffed stuffing his limp manhood back into the darkness. Xander half-wiped the cooling cum off and cracked a shit-eating grin at his littered tummy.

"Good thing they have that tradition intact, y'know?" he offered.

"Blaring lights, unwanted Hallmarks, and fat, jolly St. Pedophile?" Spike smiled back as he buttoned his shirt.

"Nah," Xander mumbled as the door handle turned. "The one about not seeing the groom before the ceremony..."