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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Midnight Kiss
By Immicolia
For Lisa Martin


The blond turned slightly at the sound of his name and eyed Xander coolly for a brief moment before turning his attention back to the TV. Causing a sigh of irritation to escape his unwilling host. "Useless postule," he muttered under his breath before stepping out in front of the screen. Causing Spike to glower at him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I'm watching that."

"What's that? Right, the sound of me not caring. I thought you were going to do the dishes while I was gone."

"No. You just told me to. I never said I had any intention of doing it. I don't eat, I don't use those bloody things. Why should I clean them?"

"Because you're just taking up space otherwise. I didn't even want you here in the first place, so you'd better do something to make me want to keep you around. And secondly, you use the glasses. The least you could do is rinse them after you use them. When that... stuff dries it's impossible to get off."

"What stuff? You mean blood? Can't even say it, can you? Ya lousy poof...."

"Fine. Your blood is quite tricky to clean out of those glasses. And since you're the only vampire in residence, the least you could do is clean up after yourself."

Spike snorted, looking suspiciously like he was pouting. "You're lucky I can't...."

"You've been saying that for weeks, Spike. I don't care about your threats anymore. I didn't care the first time. I'd just like you to at least try to pull your own weight. You don't want to be here, I don't want you here, but we just have to put up with one another."

"As soon as I get this bloody piece out of my head you're going to be the first one I suck dry, Harris."

"As long as you promise to leave right after that you can do what you want."

They glared at one another, staring each other down in silence until Spike finally rolled his eyes and sighed. "All right. What do you want me to do to 'pull my own weight' then?"

"You can start with the dishes. Then..." Carefully considering. "The place could probably stand to be cleaned. Vacuuming, dusting...."

"Oh, bugger off!"

"You asked."

"All right. Now, if I may make one small demand of the great and powerful delivery boy Xander Harris, my supplies are running low. I'd like it to be restocked before I starve to death."

"You're supposed to be conserving it. Do you realize how tricky it is to get?"

"I am conserving it. Maybe if you could get a willing donor in here so I could take it fresh...."

"Right. And just how are we going to get someone in here for you to bite.... Wait a sec, I thought you couldn't."

"I can, I just can't hurt a person. If I did it non-violently I think I could do it."

"And how, pray tell, do you drain someone dry in a non-violent manner?"

Spike shot him a slow smile. Eyes heavy-lidded. "Come here and I'll show you."

"Forget it."

"What's the matter. You know I can't hurt you. I promise I won't drain you dry."

"Or change me?"

"Or change you," he agreed. "Cross my heart."

"I'd rather stake your heart," Xander muttered under his breath, but he still approached. Curiosity getting the better of him. "So just how does this work?"

"Sit down." He snickered slightly as Xander complied, sitting as far away from him as possible. "Quit being such a bloody wimp and get over here. How the hell am I supposed do it with you over there?"

"All right, all right...." Cautiously he scooted over and a small sigh escaped him as he made himself comfortable. "Now what?"

"Just relax. And if it makes you feel a little more comfortable, keep in mind that I'm only after your blood. Nothing more."

"What are you talking abou... mmph...." His eyes widened slightly as a pair of lips settled over his, cutting off any further attempt at conversation and immediately he struggled away. Gasping slightly as he wriggled free from the arms that had somehow wrapped around him without his knowing. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Getting something to eat. I'm starving to death."

"No. You were making a move on me."

"Don't flatter yourself, Harris. I told you, I'm only after your blood. To bite non-violently I seduce. It's quite simple and enjoyable. Even better if you seduce, then terrify and kill. I'd have done it more often but Dru got frightfully jealous. You know the way she is. Don't like being on her bad side. But since Dru isn't around and I can't do the ol' stalk and drain anymore this seems to be my only option. Wouldn't you say?" He grinned and leaned forward again, Xander leaning back to keep the distance between them.

"So you only have one thing in mind, and that's eventually feeding off me. Right?"


"You don't want to...."

"Oh, god, no! For one thing you're hardly my type."

"Okay.... So you make out with your... donor, until they're complacent. And then...?"

"A little nip on the neck. Nothing more. How about it, Harris? I'm wasting away here."

"And you have nothing left in the fridge?"

"A little. But you told me to conserve it. I don't want to put you folks out after all."

"You're obnoxious," Xander grumbled.

"That's not an answer. Although I understand your reluctance. I've never tried to feed this way off of a bloke either. Maybe I should suggest this to the lovely Willow, eh?" He winked and Xander immediately leaped into action, grabbing the blond by the front of his shirt and giving him a shake.

"Don't you dare bring this up with her. She's in enough pain right now without you toying with her." A sigh escaped his lips and his shoulders slumped slightly. "I'll... let you take a bit from me to tide you over. Until we can get some more. And next time tell me that you're running out a bit sooner."

"You're easy, Harris." He grinned and leaned forward once more, letting their lips brush lightly. "Now try and stay relaxed this time. The last thing I need is that bloody V-chip in my head going off because you panic and throw a hissy fit."

"Okay, okay..." Xander whispered hoarsely, unable to speak any louder. "Just do it."

No more words were spoken as Spike let their lips touch again, nibbling gently for a moment before sliding his tongue between the other boy's lips. Xander let out a small noise of protest before falling silent again. Giving himself over to sensation and allowing himself to forget that it was a hungry male vampire who had his tongue halfway down his throat.

"You're a pretty good kisser, Xander," Spike murmured as he broke the contact, a small smile touching his lips. "But then I suppose someone as all around useless as you has to be good at something. Didn't figure it to be that though."

"Do you want me to cooperate or not?" Xander simply panted in reply, trying his best to glare at the overbearing blond. "All I have to do is put up a fight and you're screwed."

"Right, right...." His voice trailed off as he nuzzled against Xander's neck. Inhaling deeply, his mouth nearly watering at the scent of blood pulsing rapidly just below the skin. "You're excited. Aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your pulse is so fast.... You're either excited or afraid. Which one do you want to admit to?" His tongue brushed lazily against the spot where he knew the blood flowed the quickest and Xander shuddered slightly at the contact.

"M... maybe a little," he mumbled, not wanting to admit to either but unable to deny the physical reaction.

"A little, but of which. Fear or excitement."


"Well that should make things interesting." He nipped playfully at the spot that his tongue had just brushed and Xander whimpered slightly. Another shudder wracking his spine. His hands moving instinctively to hold Spike's head in place as he felt the other man's lips brush against his neck. Searching for the perfect spot. Lips cautiously replaced by teeth, which grew slightly into fangs and he had to remind himself to stay relaxed as the blond bit down. Causing him to arch slightly into the sensation. It hurt a bit, but the pain was nothing when compared to the oddly sensual sensation of a tongue lapping gently at the fresh wound on his neck.

It was dizzying. A tiny growl escaped Spike's throat as he clung tenaciously to control. The pure rush of finally being able to taste fresh blood again was simply intoxicating and it took every ounce of his will to not tear Xander's throat out right now and drink his fill. One thing was holding him in check though, two if he'd let himself admit the other. The first was the fresh memory of the pain that would strike if he allowed himself to kill. And the other, although he hated to think about it, was the fact that he was starting to like the bloke. He certainly didn't want to kill him, especially since doing so would also be as good as signing his own death warrant.

Finally he lifted his head, a shuddering sigh escaping him as he licked his lips. "Wonderful," he murmured licking away the last traces of blood from Xander's neck and causing the other young man to shiver once again. "Absolutely wonderful, Harris. It'd been far too long...."

"R... right...." Xander shivered again as Spike's tongue continued to trace its way along the side of his neck. Lapping up the occasional stray drop of blood that still oozed from the wound. "Uh... you... you can let me go now, Spike."

"I suppose. If I have to." Wicked grin. "Not bad though. We should do this again sometime, Harris."