Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Kate
For a Secret Santa Dropout

Buffy looked around the apartment. The light was hazy and a little too bright, casting shadows in odd places and making it hard to see. Looking down she realised that she was still holding the knife. It really was a beautiful thing, but the intricate workmanship was masked with drying blood. Buffy walked to the table and set it down carefully.

((have to take care of that))

"You're back already?"

Buffy looked up to see Faith stepping through the half open window from the balcony.

"I thought that was broken..."

Faith smiled. "You'd be surprised what can be fixed, B."

"Why am I here? Don't I have work to do?"

"Don't ask me, girlfriend. This is your head we're in..."

((just a flash of it then, as she turned... Bruises... dried blood...))

"Faith, I.."

"Don't sweat it... I'll be fine."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry it had to come to this."

"To what? You trying to kill me?"

"No - I did what I had to do... I'm sorry that I hated you enough to want to."

Faith laughed. "Who are you kidding? If you hate me so much, how come you're here?" She walked over to Buffy and put a hand on her shoulder. "You never were much good at lying, were you?"

As Buffy turned to face her, flashes of half remembered conversations echoed in her head.

((we're slayers girlfriend, the Chosen Two))

((see, want, have))

Faith allowed her hand to travel slowly from Buffy's shoulder to the curve where it joined her neck and gently pulled her closer.


Buffy closed her eyes as lips slick with gloss pressed against hers. Unfamiliar scents and sensations enveloped her. The soft body pressed up against her, the musky perfume, the small hands that cupped her face, then slid down her body. A few short, clumsy steps and both girls tumbled onto the bed with a small laugh to acknowledge their gracelessness. Buffy looked at her dark-haired counterpart, a flutter of nervousness running through her.

"Don't worry, B. I'll steer you round the curves." Faith smiled, and pulled Buffy to her once more.

Buffy's nerves subsided as she lost herself in touch and taste and after a time, passion. Recognising the change, Faith broke the kiss and allowed her mouth to roam, first along the line of Buffy's jaw, then down her throat with tiny nips and licks. Buffy arched her neck and sighed.


Faith felt Buffy tentatively stroke her hair and run her hands over her back as she licked her way along Buffy's collar bone and softly cupped her breast. She raised her head and kissed Buffy deeply as she teased the extended nipple with her thumb.

Buffy had never been kissed that way before. Angel's kisses, even at their most passionate, were gentle, almost reverent. Faith's kisses were more animalistic and filled with hunger. She slid her tongue in and out of Buffy's mouth as if she was fucking it.

Skin-to-skin now, although Buffy had no memory of undressing. When Faith lowered her head and began to circle a nipple with her tongue, other thoughts left Buffy's mind. With a hiss of indrawn breath, Buffy felt her fist clenching and opening in Faith's hair. She was too far gone to be embarrassed by the shameless thrust of her hips, or the small, almost inaudible moan that fell from her mouth.

Faith lifted her head. She studied Buffy's face closely as one of her hands slid down between the blonde girl's legs. She smiled to herself as Buffy's eyes squeezed shut and she gasped. She put out her tongue and licked Buffy's pouting lower lip as she slid one finger slowly into the satin wetness...


The gauzy white drapes around the bed caught a breeze from the open window and swelled gently. In the room, the silence was broken by soft gasps and tiny cries of pleasure...


"So... You ready now?"


Buffy's eyes snapped open. The stark white of the hospital room and the smell of disinfectant assaulted her senses. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood.

"Yeah. I'm ready."


In a room along the corridor, a nurse dutifully took the hourly readings from her patient. She noted the brief increase in temperature and heart rate, both now back down to normal and noticed that they coincided exactly with a spike in the girl's EEG readings. The nurse smiled to herself. Such readings were not uncommon. Wherever this poor girl was right now, she was having pleasant dreams, at least.