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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Fit To Be Tied
By windzweaver
For Anne Bonnell

Spike prowled silently into the room. "No." he thought to himself "My room. No more demon girl. No more bothersome slayer. Just my room and my nummy treat." He couldn't quite contain the wide grin that stretched over his face. Good thing no one was around or his rep as the Big Bad would be well and truly lost.

There was an enticing spread of smooth bare skin splayed out in front of him and what was covered was only hidden by the thinnest of silk sheets. The ruby red of the sheet provided the prefect frame for the long expanse of bare leg and gently swell of one buttock. Spike felt the instinct to breathe quicken just at the lovely sight before him. The only other part he could see of the beautiful boy was a thatch of chocolate brown hair peaking above the sheet. "Oh yes that sheet definitely had to go. It was interfering with quality Xander watching time."

Spike settled heavily onto the bed causing the boy to roll toward him flowing into the slight depression caused by Spike. The boy could never resist a good cuddle awake or asleep. Sure enough the boy wrapped himself around the parts of Spike's body that were available. And evil grin twisted the edges of Spike's lips as he noticed that the sheet had worked it's way out from under the far side of Xander's body.

Spike caught the sheet gently easing it from around the slumbering body. The grin grew a little as each inch of the lovely body was revealed. Like unwrapping a present it was. Spike smirked at the thought. As Spike's gaze traveled up the boy's body it rested speculatively on the headboard. "Hmmm. Now that was a thought. A delicious wicked little thought too." He scanned the room intently and found a black satin belt hanging with a robe he had bought for his pet. "Definite possibilities."

Spike eased off the bed taking the sheet with him. The boy grunted and settled back onto his stomach into the spot Spike had just vacated. Spike caught a brief glimpse of Xander's wonderfully thick penis before it disappeared under the boy's body.

Spike strode over to the bathroom door and liberated the belt. He ran the through his hands briefly testing both the strength and the softness of it. Yes, it would work. He tied a hitch at both ends of the belt and then glided back to the bed turning his attention the boy again. Xander had shifted slightly in his sleep. He had pulled his one leg up parting his leg so that Spike could just see the darkened pucker. Spike gasped slightly and felt himself begin to harden. "Nice pet. Very nice." Spike however refused to be moved from his plan.

He wanted to cover his boy from the front to see those chocolate eyes staring up and him blindly with lust. No matter how tempting his pet's backside was he wanted to have those eye's watching him as he entered him. He wanted to see the acknowledgment of his claim as he took what was his.

Spike cocked his head for a moment as he studied the problem. That could work. He stealthily worked the knot at one end of the belt over Xander out flung hand then eased the hand up toward the head board. The boy murmured in his sleep snuggling his face down deeper into the pillow. Spike froze briefly as the boy moved then relaxed as the boy settled deeper into sleep. The vampire quickly wrapped the belt around the headboard several times to tighten up the slack. He then surged onto the bed pushing Xander over onto his back. At the same time he dragged the boy's free hand up toward the headboard and the belt. Instinctively Xander tried to struggle with him but Spike got the boy's hand secured before he even really opened his eyes.

And when those beautiful eyes did open the struggles ceased as the boy stilled in confusion. "Spike?"

"Yes, pet."Spike smirked as he turned his attention to his next goal. He ducked his head slightly and attached his lips to the rapid pulse point he could see in Xander's carotid. His tongue played with it darting in and out in time with that wonderful beat. The body under his shivered in response. Part in a wonderful instinctive fear and the other in a devastating release of pheromones. Spike felt his jeans tighten. His hand slid down to fumble at the zipper. His cock sprang free and pressed down against Xander's body.

Spike glanced upward to find Xander's eyes a hazy combination of both lust and sleep. "Wha time iz it?" Xander's eye's drifted across the room to where the alarm clock rested face down. He blinked at it a couple of times and then narrowed his eyes at Spike. Spike gave the pulse point one last lick before smirking up at his glaring mate "Late pet. Very very late." Spike cocked his head in innocent contemplation. "Or very early depending on your point of view."

Xander groaned a long suffering groan. "I have to go to work. You know that place where I get money for food and blood."

Spike settled back on his haunches still pinning Xander's hips to the bed. "No." He said calmly.

"No?!" Xander echoed incredulously. "Spiiiike." He whined. "Just let me up. We'll do this later." Xander finally tried pulling his hands down and found them tied to the headboard. He tugged at the belt rather half heartedly.

"Oh yeah." Spike thought as he felt Xander's penis stir beneath his butt. "Someone's definitely interested."

"Sorry, pet. My bed. My nummy treat. You'll just have to grin and bear it." Spike turned his attention to Xander's right nipple. He lowered his head he was just above it admiring the flat pink disc. He breathed out very lightly. The cool air caused the nipple to tighten. Spike reveled in Xander's gasp as he allowed his true face to come to the forefront.

He gently traced the outer circle of the nipple and then flicked his tongue to lick at the tip. An evil little smile twisted his lips as he felt his mate begin to tremble.

"W...w...we really shouldn't do this."

"Cue the babble." Spike thought.

Xander arched his back a little providing Spike with better access. "I need to ...uh"

Ooooo panting now pet. Spike smirked as he started to tongue bathe the other nipple. If his hands were free he'd be holding my mouth to his nipple, but they're not so I can do this.

Xander gave a gasping scream as Spike moved with uncanny speed to nip Xander right below his belly button.

Oh yes it's nice to see that was still one of Xander's biggest hot spots. "What was that pet? I didn't quite catch that last bit."

Spike glanced up into Xander's eye to find them so dilated that they were almost black.

"Spike please."

"Please what pet." Spike asked as his mouth hovered inches from the tip of Xander's cock.

"Suck me Spike."

Spike's head started to descend and then he stopped. "Sorry pet. You're still a bit too coherent for my taste."

"Arg." Xander grunted as he twisted the belt trying to get free. Finally he subsided pouting at the grinning vampire.

"All done now." Spike asked.

Xander pouted again.

"Guess not." Spike began again, this time licking and sucking at the inside of Xander's thigh. A kiss. A lick. then a tiny little nip, and Spike found himself at the juncture between Xander's thigh and hip. He mouthed over to the base of Xander's erection. Then he dove back further to nuzzle briefly at Xander's balls. His reward the frustrated moans Xander gave.

His cock throbbed when Xander began to whimper, and toss his head. Spike fingered the entrance of Xander's body as he began to suck first one then the other ball into his mouth. He shoved one finger in dry.

Xander gave a little screech as his body tried to accommodate the sudden intrusion. Spike smirked, that would have triggered some pain if the boy hadn't been so far gone.

Best not chance it again. Chip would be a real mood killer.

He eased the finger out as he grabbed the lube with the other hand. He squirted some out on his fingers and then pushed it back in pumping slowly in and out. brushing that spot ever so lightly. He watched his pet. Watched him grow more impatient. Watched him try to gain the leverage to force himself down on that maddening finger. Watched and enjoyed the sight of all that hunger just for him.

"Spike. Take of your jeans and fuck me now."

Spike pulled the finger out and move forward blanketing the boys body with his own.


"Spike!?" Xander wailed.

"The jeans stay on pet." Spike whispered in his ear.

Xander looked bewildered.

"Do you know why pet?"

Xander shook his head searching Spike's eyes, finding a red hot glinting hunger in them.

"Because I want you to feel pet. I want you to feel how open and vulnerable you are to me. You're bound and naked pet, and I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck in my jeans and my boots and when you feel the denim rub against your body then you'll know that I could have done anything I wanted to you this morning and all I chose to do is love you."

Suddenly what had been playful became ever so much more. Xander gasped as his eyes began to brim with tears.

And that was the moment that Spike slid inside him.

Xander felt every inch of Spike's erection opening him in a way he never had before. He felt the cushioning satin at his wrists and the denim rubbing against his thighs. And felt that place inside him sparked again and again as Spike's movement began to lose cohesion then that hand gripped his erection once and he flew apart.

Xander came to again to find a sated Spike sprawled out ontop of him, lightly rubbing his wrists to restore blood flow. Xander just watched him too tired to move.

"By the way pet...." Spike paused leadingly.

"What?" Xander asked as he tried to marshal his thoughts.

"You have about twenty minutes to make it to work. Gonna have to skip the shower today."

Xander sat bolt upright. "Twenty minutes?!"

"Yep. You're going to smell like vampire spunk all day long. Wonder what the gits at the construction gig will think of that?"

"Twenty minutes?!"

"About nineteen now."

Xander shot out of the bed and fumbled around for clothing. "I am so going to get you back for this, Spike."

Spike lounged back on the bed and stretched his arms over his head. "Revenge is good pet." He crossed his arms at the wrists above his head. "I wonder how I'll look all tied up like." There were those pheromones again.

Xander stood there staring at him.

"Eighteen minutes now pet."

Xander turned and fled out the door.

"Sometimes I just love being an evil vampire."