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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Food Fight
By Zoe
For Alex

Xander looked down the table, trying hard not to frown. All the Scoobies were here tonight, attempting to put aside their differences for the holiday. 'And what a lot of differences we have,' Xander wryly thought. Tara and Willow were fighting, about what he wasn't sure; Buffy was still not totally there; Anya had avoided him after their mutual decision to take a break; even Giles was distracted. The only people who were acting vaguely sane were Dawn and Spike, attempting to distract everyone by sneakily (ahem) throwing food at one another and missing.

"Dawn, really!" Giles chided the girl, fastidiously plucking the pea from his shirt. "Was that really necessary?"

"I'm over here pet! On the other side of the bloody table!" Spike waved his left hand at Dawn, his right one being twined with Xander's under the table. This was partly the reason for the aforementioned break with Anya; they both had their eyes on someone else, she on a certain Englishmen, and he on Spike. He wasn't sure how her quest had gone, but his had turned out far better than he ever imagined.

"Ooops," Dawn giggled. Xander had to smile at her. After everything, Dawn still had an amazing ability to smile at unexpected moments. When she wasn't off sulking about being kept out of the action that is. 'Kid, there are some things you have to earn,' Xander told her in his head. 'Do you know how long it was before they realized that I was more than Zeppo the donut boy?' Spike squeezed his hand, and Xander reflexively looked over at him. The quirked eyebrow asked if he was ok, and the rueful grin he sent back seemed to reassure the vampire. "Come on Nibblet, if you're gonna play, at least play 'correctly'," in the scholarly tone that got Xander every time. Into bed that is.

"Oh Spikey, you're so gonna get it!" She let loose with a soggy cranberry, which flew in a beautiful arch over the table to hit Xander on the cheek with a plop.

"Oh, so you wanna get messy, huh?" he smirked, forking up some mashed potatoes. "You asked for it!" He pulled the fork loose and let it go, actually managing to hit Dawn. However, mashed potatoes being of a rather gooey consistency, they also got Buffy...or to be more specific, Buffy's cashmere sweater.

"Xander!" came her outraged shriek. Then an all to rare spark came into her eyes. "There's one use of Slayer skills that's useful...perfect aim! Take that!" She unerringly pelted Xander on the nose with a ball of stuffing.

"Oi," Spike yelped. "No fair. Superhuman powers bollocks ath the dinner table! Watch it Slayer or I'll..."

"What? Throw blood at me?" Her expression took a comical twist of horror. "Spike! Don't you da-" It was too late. Spike had already sloshed what little there was of the red liquid in his cup at her, purposely missing, Xander felt. However, he did manage to get just a little on Willow's plate.

"eeew Spike! That's wine? You threw wine at me?"

"Better than blood innit?" Buffy looked dubious, but it didn't matter, as Tara had decided to protect her girlfriend's honor with some boiled carrots thrown unerringly in Spike's ear.

The war was on.


"So, was that food fight partially or completely choreographed beforehand?" Xander lazily asked Spike as they sat on the couch back at Xander's apartment. After the Christmas dinner (or food fight) had finished, everyone had helped clean up and then exchanged gifts. With many wishes for a merry Christmas, everyone had gone their separate ways, with Spike following Xander back to his place. Neither had ever brought it up, but more and more of Spike's stuff was ending up in Xander's living room (old Sex Pistols tapes), his fridge (pig's blood, Spike's 'swill' of choice) and his bedroom (mainly clean underwear, for the rare occasions Spike chose to wear it). Xander liked the feeling; he didn't like being on his own, and having Spike's junk around made his apartment seem just better somehow.

"Whatever do you mean pet?" Spike grinned into Xander's hair. They were sitting together in the dark, with only the light of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on television to light the apartment. He was at the moment acting as Xander's cushion and wasn't complaining. Nope, Xander thought, no complaints at all, as his shifted and felt Spike tremble in response.

"Oh you know," he said, casually stretching back and completely accidentally pressing into Spike, " 'At least play correctly?' Maybe just a little obvious." He turned his head slightly and nuzzled into Spike's neck.

Spike throatily murmured, "I have no idea what you- Oh!" as Xander simultaneously rubbed his ass against his crotch and mouthed his neck. "Oh Xan, keep doing that."

"Doing what?" Xander asked innocently, looking up at Spike with guileless eyes, fighting his urge to grin. He knew what his eyes did to Spike when he was aroused, and this time was no exception. Spike's eyes darkened with lust, and he tilted his head to kiss him. Xander lay passive for a moment, and then shifted to attack, bringing their body's into full contact. Tongues initially battled it out, and then slowed down, sliding past one another.

Xander broke away and managed to ask, "So? Did you and Dawn put your pretty little heads together?" Spike once again claimed his mouth, then trailed his lips down his cheek to his neck, where he worked at making Xander completely lose his mind. Xander rose up a little, bracing himself above Spike to allow him more access.

"Well pet," the vampire murmured as he worked his way inside the human's shirt. "If I tell you, I'll have to stop licking you" swipe at a nipple, "kissing you," kissing the bud, " and biting you," and bit down, just hard enough for Xander to arch against him with a cry, begging for more. "So, what will it be?" He stopped and looked up at Xander, fingers running up and down his stomach, eyes heavy with lust. Xander looked down at him, seeing the (for once) touseled bleached hair, the sulking, bitten, swollen lips...

Xander gasped, and fell down onto his vampire's pouting mouth. His last coherent thought was, "It's the lips every time!"