Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Monstermagnet Has Logged Out
By wyrd
For Ames

monstermagnet: Hello? You there?

lucidloupe: Hey.

monstermagnet: Sorrysorrysorrysorry! Something came up. Couldn't get away until now. So sorry!

lucidloupe: Happens. S'okay.

monstermagnet: Still sorry. Have you been waiting long?

lucidloupe: Well, our date was at 9. Since then.

lucidloupe: Hello?

monstermagnet: Still here. monstermagnet: Just havin a minor panic attack at *date*.

lucidloupe: My turn. Sorry.

monstermagnet: Don't be. My problem.

lucidloupe: No pressure, remember?

monstermagnet: Yeah, right. I remember... Getting to know each other away from the chatroom.

lucidloupe: Right.

monstermagnet: Can I be nervous? Is that okay? I mean... Way too new for me. *nervous smile*

lucidloupe: More than ok. :D

monstermagnet: Er, give me 5-10? Need to get drink, settle, cue cd player.

lucidloupe: Go ahead.

monstermagnet: ty. brb

lucidloupe: k. not a prob.

monstermagnet: back

lucidloupe: wb lucidloupe: what's playing?

monstermagnet: ty! and huh? oh music, gotcha. uhm, not sure somethin a friend gave me. hmm, very celtic... instrumental?. Nope, there's a voice. Kinda nice. Lorna somebody.

lucidloupe: lorena mckennitt maybe?

monstermagnet: Yeah! That sounds right.

lucidloupe: Which?

monstermagnet: i have no idea. friend burned the copy for me. She's trying to broaden my horizons... musically speaking

lucidloupe. lm is a good choice. Clear, strong voice. Great string work.

monstermagnet: ever the guitarist, huh?

lucidloupe: well heavy metal's fine, as long as they're not trying to sound like everyone else. and it beats the crap outta that country shit u listen to.

monstermagnet: ok... hey! Patsy rules, dammit!

lucidloupe: *rolls eyes* yeah. ok. patsy rules.

monstermagnet: just don't go there. mr. new wave alternative whatever the fuck their callin it...

lucidloupe: love me. love my tunes.

lucidloupe: hello?

monstermagnet: still here. sorry, havin another 'ack' moment.

lucidloupe: i was j/k, u know.

monstermagnet: yeah, i know. still kinda... uhm, we're not just two guys arguing over music.

lucidloupe: we're two guys, interested in each other romantically speaking, arguing over music.

monstermagnet: yeah. all of the new. still kinda sneaks up on me.

lucidloupe: if you want we can just do the two guys... no romance involved.

monstermagnet: no. that'd be lying to you and myself. cause, telling u here, i am interested in the romancing. really. interested. not feeling the like of a friend, here. oh i mean, the friendship thing is there, but... ack!!! I am so not saying this right!!!

lucidloupe: no, ur doin good.

monstermagnet: right... just a major case of the wiggins combined w/ terminal babble. wow. who knew my powers of babble would extent to cyber space. wils would be so proud.

monstermagnet: hello? oh crap, tell me i didn't scare you off already...

lucidloupe: no, still here. wils?

monstermagnet: wha?

lucidloupe: 'wils would be so proud.'

monstermagnet: oh, sorry. wils... short for willow. my best friend... she gave me the celtic cd.

monstermagnet: still there? hello?

lucidloupe: xander?

monstermagnet has logged out 11:12:03pm PST.


lucidloupe: Hello? ANSWER ME PLEASE!!!

monstermagnet: no need to shout.

lucidloupe: oh

monstermagnet: hey

lucidloupe: was thinking u weren't gonna answer me...

monstermagnet: just because i didn't answer ur other 50 pages and emails? how silly of u. oh, and thank you for flooding my mailbox.

lucidloupe: was gonna give up after 100.

monstermagnet: yeah, well.

lucidloupe: i needed to talk to u.

monstermagnet: and i needed some major freakout time. First thing I thought was.... Cyber demon.

lucidloupe: figured. i emailed. told u it was me.

monstermagnet: yeah. then i needed time to freak cause it's not a demon. no, it's oz. my old friend oz. my best friend's ex. do u know we still call you willow's oz?

lucidloupe: no, i didn't. i'm not her oz. she's not my willow. not for a long time now.

monstermagnet: yeah, i know that. i... just needed some time, okay...

lucidloupe: u didn't even tell me. u just cut off communication.

monstermagnet: dammit! i just had a good snit going! *sigh* i just hate it when i got a good mad going, and someone uses rightness on me. *bigger sigh* okay, that was wrong. i shouldn't have left u hanging. sorry.

lucidloupe: how bout we agree that we both could have handled it better?

monstermagnet: yeah, alright. cool by me.

lucidloupe: cool.

monstermagnet: so...oz

lucidloupe: yeah, xander?

monstermagnet: huh? oh, uhm nothin. just trying to take in the weirdness that is my life.

lucidloupe: well, u had a week to freak and think... any conclusions? i've got a couple.

monstermagnet: u first.

lucidloupe: ok. fair enough... doesn't change anything for me. Just a sense of clarity.

monstermagnet: how so, oh zen-like one?

lucidloupe: liked u before i knew who u really were... thought there was a strong possibility for the romance deal. Now i'm sure.

monstermagnet: sure of? spell it out please for those slower members of the class...

lucidloupe: it would be very easy to love you. and i think we could be very good together.

monstermagnet: O.o

lucidloupe: wiggins?

monstermagnet: *nods*

lucidloupe: take a few deep breaths. and let me tell u a few things. i've had a week too... before i knew it was u, i was attracted to u. ur wit, humor and intelligence. i was falling for u... ur mind. now for the sure to induce wiggins part. i've always been attracted to u, physically. Told u in the chat room, i figured out i was bi pretty early. always admired ur sense of loyalty, ur determination, and heroism. if i hadn't met willow first, things may have turned out a lot different. but i did and i don't regret that, except for the hurt i caused her.

monstermagnet: wow, i sound like a catch.

lucidloupe. u are. and i even like ur finely developed sense of sarcasm.

monstermagnet: how could u tell?

lucidloupe: i know u.

monstermagnet: lol. yeah, i guess u do. and for the record... willow doesn't harbor anything but fondness towards u.

lucidloupe: even after i tried to eat her girlfriend? lucidloupe: ok, seeing what i just typed... looks bad.

monstermagnet: LOL.

lucidloupe: :D

monstermagnet: ok. ok. but i know what u meant.... and no. willow's sorry how things went, and she still loves u in the can we still be friends kinda way. er, i kinda told her what was happening...

lucidloupe: that's, i was gonna say my but she's not, willow.

monstermagnet: best wishes and everything. she just wants u to be happy.

lucidloupe: make me happy then.

monstermagnet: oh *blush* u need me to be happy?

lucidloupe: thinkin u may be part of the mix. the question is... what do u think?

lucidloupe: hello?

monstermagnet: here. thinking.

lucidloupe: k

monstermagnet: i think... i think, yeah.

lucidloupe: clarify please?

monstermagnet: i think if i'm not in love with you, that it's too close too make a difference. that i'm really glad u did meet willow first, or i would have wigged out and ran, and never gotten to know u. or call u friend. and i'm really glad we met in that chatroom... God, it seems like forever ago... when i was just ready to admit i admired the male form, and u helped me see it was ok. so, i'm thinkin yeah.

monstermagnet: and blushing all over my entire body right now. mouth so dry i can hardly swallow.

lucidloupe: breath xander.

monstermagnet: k

lucidloupe: i think we need to talk more...

monstermagnet: oh yeah.

lucidloupe: face to face. in person.

monstermagnet: that... that would be nice and also weird.

lucidloupe: what time do you want to see me tomorrow? lucidloupe: hello?

monstermagnet: here. monstermagnet: correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't u in alaska? u start practicing the mojo, when u dropped outta sight, or what?

monstermagnet: hello?

lucidloupe: er... uhm. *sigh* when the clueage pointed toward u never answering my emails or ims, i kinda fired up the van and started driving south.

monstermagnet: u kinda what!?! where r u?

lucidloupe: in LA... just name the time and i can be there. lucidloupe: and breath xander.

monstermagnet: just started driving south

lucidloupe: yep

monstermagnet: just started driving south.

lucidloupe: yeah, i wasn't gonna let this go w/o talkin to u. so yeah, i started driving south.

monstermagnet: wow

lucidloupe: *confused look*

monstermagnet: NOBODY has ever done anything like that for me... i'm a little, ok kidding who here, a lot overwhelmed. it's a little scary. *small voice* and it makes me feel special.

lucidloupe: u r.

monstermagnet: 7pm

lucidloupe: i'll be there.

monstermagnet: u do realize, ur in for multiple moments of watching me freak, right?

lucidloupe: lol. yeah, but xander same rules apply... no pressure.

monstermagnet: no pressure? u drove from alaska just to talk to me...

lucidloupe: uhm, yeah. but no, i mean it. friendship first, and the romancing thing... only if it feels right to both of us. not gonna push u xander.

monstermagnet: ok

lucidloupe: it's late. get some sleep. i'll see u tomorrow.

monstermagnet: k.

lucidloupe: and as a friend, don't use this time to second guess urself. just wait until we can talk, k?

monstermagnet: Lol. u do know me. i'll try.

lucidloupe: yeah. goodnight xander.

monstermagnet: goodnight oz.

lucidloupe logged out 11:37:15 pm PST. monstermagnet: logged out 11:37:58 pm PST.


Xander stared at the screen of his computer a small smile on his face. "Goodnight Oz. See you tomorrow."

"Your off? Well?! Well?!" Willow voice broke through his thoughts, and he turned to look at his best friend almost bouncing on the bed. He raised an eyebrow at her, and she frowned. "Well? Did it work or not?"

"It worked... Like a charm." Xander couldn't help the large goofy grin that spread across his face.

"Woohoo! Yay you! Yay us!" Willow squealed and flung herself at him in a majorly manic hug.

"He'll be here tomorrow. He drove all the way from Alaska, Wils."

"And of course he did. Oz knows a good thing when he finds it. And you are a good thing, Xander. Er, man. I mean your a man. Your a man not a thing. A good one. Oh, you know what I mean!"

"Ah, I will never be babble master while you live... There can be only one." Xander launched into a tickle attack and Willow screeched, laughing until tears flowed. He finally stopped when she threatened to turn him into a frog.

The two friends managed to sit up and lean against the bed. Xander looked at Willow. "You really are okay with this?"

"Oh pathooyey! Yes, I'm okay with it. If I wasn't, do you really think I would have come up with 'the plan'. More than anything, I want my two favorite guys to be happy, and if that's with each other? Well, even better." She smiled at him happily. "Besides two for converts for the team, and i'm eligible for the toaster."

"You are a wicked person."

"Nuh huh! It really rather karmic. Oz needs to come home. I think we, us scoubies, were always meant to be together. We just got the pairs mixed up. And now it's gonna be right."

"Okay, oh wise woman, when do I tell him I knew it was him from the begining? That I had you do a computer trace as soon as I saw his screen nick?"

"Oh somewhere around your fiftieth anniversary..." Willow rolled her eyes at his expression. "I dunno... Technically, you never lied to him. You did think that maybe loupe was a demon. It's up to you, Xander."

She smiled and got up, grabbing her book. "Look you got a busy day tomorrow. Better get your beauty sleep."

Xander swiped at her ankles, growling. Laughing, she danced out the door, calling over her shoulder. "Just remember, I really want that toaster!"

"Witch!" The pillow he threw bounced off the door as it closed, and he could hear Willow giggling down the hallway. He smiled and flopped down on his bed. "How the hell am I suppose to sleep now?"