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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Christmas Wishes
By Lisa Martin
For Annie

Wesley walked into the lobby of the Hyperion hotel, halting in surprise when he saw the Christmas tree standing in the middle of said lobby. It was...huge. Twinkling lights were scattered all over it, a multitude of brightly coloured ornaments and on top... A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. An angel.

"Wesley. Like the tree?" Cordelia appeared from out of nowhere and Wesley started.


"Djeez, get a grip," she huffed. "Well, like it?"

"Yes, although I am surprised Angel gave you permission. The last thing I heard was that he didn't want a tree this year."

"Just because last year the thing caught fire?" She shrugged as if she couldn't care less. "No candles this year, promise."

Wesley smiled as he recalled the events of last year. Cordy had insisted on having real candles in the tree, resulting in the thing catching fire on Christmas Eve. They had celebrated Christmas in a slightly charred lobby. "Well, that's something," he told her.

"Cordelia!!" "What is it with you guys! Can you just greet me in a normal way, Good afternoon Cordelia, how are you Cordelia?" She faced her employer, hands on her hips and a challenging look on her face.

"I told you, no tree!"

"No tree with real candles. It isn't."

Angel stared at the tree, taking in the bright colours and the twinkling lights. "Can you just turn those lights off?"

"For what?"

"I get a headache."

"Get one, not turning them off."

Wesley sighed. If he didn't do something they would be at it all day. "Is it possible to get them to stop twinkling?" They stared at him as if he had grown a second head. After a moment Angel smiled.

"Good idea. How about it Cordelia?"

She looked at them, fury shining from her eyes. "You two, always ganging up on me! The answer is no."

"Wow, big tree! But what's with the lights, they broke or something?"

"They twinkle! They're supposed to do that!" Cordelia whirled around to face the fourth member of their pack, Gunn.

"Oh is that what it's called, twinkling. Gives me a headache." Gunn grinned broadly as Cordelia stalked to the tree, winking at Angel and Wesley. Angel shot him a look of intense gratitude.


The Christmas lights crisis over, business went on as usual. It was fairly quiet, no major cases. Cordelia spent the day behind her computer, chasing everyone away who even came near her desk.

"Thinks she's up to something?" Angel asked Gunn, after he had been banned for the fifth time.

"Whatever gives you that idea?"

"Well, she.." He fell silent, glaring at Gunn. "I'm not stupid you know."

"You just act like that sometimes, I get it." Being hit with another, darker glare, Gunn shrugged. "Probably planning a Christmas party."

Angel buried his head in his hands and moaned. "Noooo."

Gunn patted him on the back. "Can't be worse than last year."

"Hey guys, guess what?" Cordelia had finally left the computer and was standing in front of them. "Everyone's going to be here on Christmas Eve."

"Everyone?" Angel asked, dreading the answer.

"Well us, of course and the whole gang from Sunnydale. It's going to be so much fun!"

"I take it back," Gunn sighed. "Worse than last year."

"You couldn't have asked me first?" Angel rose from his chair and faced her.

"You would've said no, so I didn't bother. Gotta run now, presents to buy."

She was out of the door before Angel could reply. The vampire was stunned into silence for long moments. "Did you hear that? She doesn't even bother to ask me! In my own place!"

"I heard," Gunn replied calmly. "Why does this still surprise you?"

"It shouldn't and yet she manages it every time." Angel shook his head. "We just have to face it, I suppose."

"Could be fun. I mean, only met the red head once, would like to see the others."

Angel winced, not wanting to remember the circumstances under which Gunn had met Willow. "Maybe." His eyes went wide. "She said everyone, did she??"


"Oh great! Just fucking great!! That's all I need!!"

Gunn stared at Angel, who was busy pacing the lobby, looking furious. "What's up man? Someone you don't like?"

Angle halted in his tracks. "When someone tortures you for hours on end, you tend not to like them."

"And that someone is coming too??"

"Unfortunately yes!!! Cordelia is going to pay for that!! Spending Christmas with family, I should've known she meant family!!"

"Call me stupid, but she told you about the Christmas party?"

"Not in so many words, but she mentioned that Christmas is a time you should spent with your family. About a hundred times." Angel looked desperate.

"If she meant that family bit literally..." Gunn's voice trailed off as if he was too horrified to even finish the sentence.

"No." Angel managed a smile. "But those two are not my only family. Drusilla has a Childe, an irritating, drive you up the wall, good for nothing idiot of a vampire."

Gunn grinned, understanding completely. "One you can't say no to when he looks at you?"

Angel hung his head. "Yeah."

"That kind of family." Gunn stood and walked up to his friend, laying his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry man, your adopted family will keep him in line. And we have a Slayer in the house by then."

"Look on the bright side?"

"As far as you can do that, yeah. But I have to go."

"What? Where?"

"Christmas party, presents??"

"Oh yes." Angel looked at the door. "Still light outside, guess I have to wait."

"Go through the sewers to the mall parking garage. I'll pick you up there."

"Okay." If there was one thing Angel didn't want to do, it was facing Christmas shoppers. Yet, he'd better do it now then postpone it to the last minute. He watched Gunn leave then headed upstairs to get his coat.


Wesley had not waited for the whole argument over the Christmas party to erupt and had left the building before Cordelia could make her announcement. He had known about it for days now, had bought his presents and made several phone calls to Sunnydale to inquire about Christmas wishes there. He even went so far as to ask Cordelia if there was going to be a party. She had merely looked at him, trying to look innocent. After a few moments she had given in and told him about her plan. He smiled to himself, recalling her stunned expression when he asked her if he could bring someone. He was now on his way to that someone, to ask him for the party. Getting him to come over wasn't the problem, the nature of their relationship was. No one knew, no one even suspected. Hell, he was still trying to get used to it. One evening he had broken down in front of him, exhausted from the inner battle with his feelings for Angel. He had found comfort then, a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder he turned to more and more over the last few months. Sighing deeply, he tried to recall when comfort had turned into something more and failed. It just happened.

Unlocking the door of the bar, he paused for a moment and gathered all the courage he could come up with. If his lover said yes, there was no turning back. Everyone would know. On the one hand it would be a relief, on the other he feared the comments.

"Hey sweetcheeks, come in or stay there, but make a decision."

Wesley smiled and entered the bar. If there was one thing this man could accomplish it was lifting his spirits. "Hello."

The red-eyed demon frowned. "What? Just hello, nothing more?"

Another smile and then a kiss. "That better?" he asked.

"Oh yes. Remember that one, sugar. Always kiss when you come in here."

"Even if the bar is packed?"

"Even then." Lorne playfully tapped him on the nose. "But," he added with a sigh, "I know that won't happen."

"Not that, no," Wesley admitted. "But I came here to invite you for a Christmas party at Angel's." The words came out rushed.

"Do you now? Angel is throwing a party and invited me? I am touched."

"Cordelia is throwing a party and I am inviting you."

Lorne smiled broadly. "Even more touched. Coming out, aren't you?"

"No..well...yes, I suppose." He could feel the blush rising and hated himself for it.

"Hey now. I know this is difficult for you." He was pulled closer and laid his head on a robe-clad shoulder. "As I told you before, never be ashamed of what you are. We'll handle it. You're not alone in this."

The last words touched him deeply. His biggest fear was being alone and Lorne had discovered that quickly. It could be because he had sung once and allowed the man to look in his soul, but he wasn't at all sure about that. He wouldn't be surprised if he had already known. Looking up, he smiled. "I know."

"Good. Don't worry, sweetie, Christmas makes people accept things they would never do any other time of the year. Your timing is perfect."

Wesley had to admit there was something to be said for that fact. "Perhaps."

"Certain. Now, we have to get out of here. Presents to buy!" Lorne was beaming.

"I already have my presents."

"I haven't." He was pushed away gently. "Come on, you have to help me."

"I'd rather help you out of that robe."

"That help is appreciated too." The demon walked to the door of his apartment. He halted and looked over his shoulder. "Did anyone ever tell you you're a flirt?"

"No one. Just you." Wesley joined his lover, kissing him lightly, teasingly.

"Keep it that way."

Wesley grinned at the possessiveness. He liked it. Following Lorne into the tiny apartment he nodded, oh yes he definitely liked that!


Cordelia came storming into the hotel the next day, looked bewildered.

Angel looked up from the book he was reading, raising his eyebrows. "Cordelia?"

"You never believe what I saw in the mall yesterday!!"

Angel flinched. She couldn't have seen him, could she? "What?"


With the relief came the bemusement. "And why is that so strange? He was probably doing Christmas shopping, just like you."

"Pffff.." Cordelia made a dismissive gesture. "He bought those ages ago. You know Wes, be prepared."

"Did he know you were going to invite the others too?"

"Uh..yeah. Sort of. But that's not the point!!"

"Then what is the point?" Angel asked, wondering when Cordelia would ever get to that bloody point!

"He wasn't alone," she beamed.

"In a mall just before Christmas, that is a bit difficult to do," the vampire replied, deliberately misunderstanding. Two could play that game. Yet, in all honesty, it piqued his curiosity too.

She threw him a thunderous glare. "He was with Lorne."

Finally, the point. "With Lorne??"

"Uhuh. Seeing him in the mall was surprise enough, but with all the Christmas elves hopping around he doesn't really stand out, but it still surprised me."

It surprised Angel too. "You didn't invite him?"

"No. I know, I know, I should've!"

"Maybe Wes invited him." To Angel that was the most logical solution.

"Maybe....ooohhhh!!!" Cordelia eyes went wide. "No, it can't be!!"

Angel knew it was no use to ask what couldn't be. It would take him at least 15 minutes to get that out of her if he managed it at all. So, he just went back to his book and left Cordelia to deal with her surprise.


December the 24th arrived and the Hyperion hotel was in full Christmas mode. At least, Cordelia was. She ran to and fro, making last minute preparations, yelling at everyone not to get in her way then yelling when they would get off their lazy butts and help her. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Wesley was nervous, trudging around the lobby, sitting down, trying to read, failing, wandering around again. To his surprise no one commented, just let him be. He breathed a sigh of relief when the first visitors arrived late that afternoon.

Giles, Buffy, Willow and another young woman entered the hotel, arms loaded with brightly wrapped packages. Cordelia rushed to them and ordered Gunn and Angel to take the packages and put them under the tree. The two men obliged without commenting, causing Buffy to chuckle, "Got them wrapped around your finger, Cor?"

"Tightly," the former May Queen grinned. She hugged Willow and Buffy, gave Giles one too, despite his protest, and then looked at Tara. "You must be Willow's girlfriend."

"Y-yes," Tara replied.

"Welcome. Where are the others?"

"They're on their way." Willow giggled. "Had a tiny bit of trouble getting one of the packages in the trunk of the car."

"Must be a big package...say lifesize?" Cordelia played along.

"Yeah. And struggling."

Angel rolled his eyes and let out a strangled sound. It had the women exchanging glances and grinning.

"Hey I offered to knock him out, he refused," Buffy stated.

"The look on his face when you suggested that!" Willow was clearly revelling in the memory.

"Your family?" Gunn asked Angel, who nodded wearily. "Hey, I'm Gunn," he turned to the visitors. They exchanged greetings, also with Wesley who had kept in the background until now.

Soon, they were all sitting around, drinks in hand, catching up on the latest gossip. Their peace was disturbed by a furious Xander, stomping into the lobby.

"Never, ever, you hear!! Giles, next time, your trunk!" The Watcher smiled indulgently, but didn't agree.

"Xander!" Cordelia jumped up, dashed to her former boyfriend and hugged him. He seemed taken aback by that for a moment, but recovered quickly. "Hey Cordy," he smiled, hugging her back.

"No presents?" she inquired.

"Same old Cordy, as material as ever. Good to know some things never change. I have presents, in the car."

"Oh, let's get them out and under the tree!" Cordelia was all enthusiasm. "Be my guest, but leave the biggest one in the trunk!"

"Xander!" Willow admonished him. "You can't do that!"

"After two and half hours of listening to him whine, you bet I can!" Xander flopped down on the nearest chair, stretching his legs out in front of him, a huge grin on his face.

"I will take care of that one." Angel stood, determined. "Gunn?"


"This I gotta see!" Buffy followed them out of the door, dancing.

Xander smiled. "Like I said, nothing changes." He looked at the faces of his friends, who were staring at him. "What?"


All presents brought in, including a rumpled and very angry looking Spike, who sat down as far away from Xander as he could, the Christmas spirit really began to emerge. Music filled the air, the egg nog flowed and the atmosphere was friendly and warm.

"Hey Cor." Buffy nudged the brunette. "There's something green in the doorway."

"I didn't hang mistletoe there..oh!" Cordelia's gaze went to the doorway, discovering the tall green demon standing there.

"This is not a bad thing, I hope." Buffy was already on her feet.

"No, no, sit down. Friendly demon, friend period." Cordelia made her way to the entrance. "Lorne!"

"Hello princess," he greeted her. "Could you take some of these from me?' He held out his arms that were full of presents.

"I'll do it." Wesley appeared beside them, a shy smile on his face. "Ah no. You'll introduce him to the gang, I'm present girl." She took the parcels out of his hands and , balancing them neatly, brought the whole load over to the tree.

Wesley, glad he had something to do that was not too embarrassing, gave Lorne a guided tour around the Sunnydale gang. The demon was his own, very exuberant, self, which made the witches blush and Giles polishing his glasses fervently. Buffy seized him up, and nodded. "You seem like an okay guy."

"Coming from a Slayer, that is a great compliment." He bowed at her, making her giggle.

"Well," Xander shrugged. "If they're okay with you, I'm okay with you. I'm Xander."

"Xander..ah yes!" Lorne didn't elaborate, but looked in Spike's direction. "A family member!"

"Not yours mate. Don't know what the hell you are, but do all your family members look like fucking Christmas ornaments?" A silence fell, Spike receiving more than one glare, all of which he answered with a smirk.

"Unfortunately, no. They are all kind of dull. No imagination." Lorne smiled brightly. "Unlike you."

Gunn started to grin, Cordelia hesitantly joining in, yet Angel kept glaring. "Oh come on," Gunn called out to him. "You got to admit, he's right!" He burst out in laughter, soon followed by the others, including Lorne himself.

"He's got an idea there," the red-eyed demon said, after he could catch his breath again. "I have to remember that for next year."

"You're not serious!" Angel said, still looking a bit peeved.

"Oh very, my friend, very serious indeed."

Spike sat through the whole thing, grinning madly. He enjoyed a game of 'needling the family'.

"I think," Cordelia said. "Presents??"

"Now you're talking!" Xander jumped up and ran to the tree. "Who first?"

"Oldest one starts." Gunn threw Angel a challenging look.

"Fine," the vampire shrugged and picked up a present.


Some hours later, all presents were unwrapped and admired. Cordelia was toying with a pair of antique earrings she'd gotten, looking at them from all sides.

"They are lovely," Willow said.

"They are. And the fun part is Angel trying to pretend it's not his gift."

"Funny, isn't it?' Willow giggled.

"That what I said. Maybe I should...nah."

"Go to him and tell him? Do."

Cordelia sighed, took another look at the earrings and stood. "I'll do it." She stalked in Angel's direction, who backed off as if he saw the next apocalypse nearing. Willow giggled again, being sure those two were going to make it. And for the curse, well, worry about that later. It wasn't like Angel was going to jump her here in the lobby. The thought send a blush to her face and she quickly looked the other way, encountering another sight

that made her face go even redder, but brought a smile at the same time. Xander was sitting in the corner of the couch, reading his new comic book, while Spike was stretched out on the same couch, his head almost in Xander's lap. She hid her smile behind her hand as she watched Xander absently playing with Spike's hair. Two more people in love. Kinda creepy, she had to admit, but cute none the less. And then there was Wesley. There was little left of the stuffy Watcher that had come to Sunnydale, he seemed confident and centred. And very interested in that green demon, Lorne. Her eyes grew wide as an idea entered her head.

"Willow?" Tara inquired, a worried look on her face.

"Yeah sweetie?"

"You're not thinking about anything magical, aren't you?"

"No. Honestly! Just a little Christmas game. No magic, not even a little bit." She stood and looked around the lobby. "Hey guys, Wanna play a game?" "Depends," Buffy shrugged, looking up from her conversation with Gunn. "Everyone tells their favourite Christmas wish. And not 'I want to have a long and happy life', too corny."

Buffy regarded her friend. "She has resolve face on, we'd better listen."

"Willow's resolve face, everyone hide!" Xander yelled. "Okay," he shrugged, getting numerous dark looks. "Shutting up now."

"Come on, it could be fun!" Willow was beaming.

Buffy sighed deeply. "I'll start, although I can't get past the long and happy life. For me that's a lot."

"You get exception," Willow declared. "Wesley?" she asked, deciding to cut right to the chase.

"Me?" Wesley looked bewildered. "I wouldn't know."

"Just be honest."

The former Watcher's eyes closed briefly. When they opened again, a steely resolve lay in them. "Happiness," he started. "Which I found, at last. It may not be to everyone's liking, but for once I don't care. It's my life." His eyes went to the demon who was lingering near the tree. "I'm in love. With Lorne."

His lover threw him a dazzling smile in return, closing the distance between them in a few swift steps. He laid his arm around Wesley's shoulders and threw a challenging look at the others.

"Like that's news!" Cordelia huffed. "Caught you two in the mall."

"Guess we're busted, sweetie," Lorne told Wesley.

"I'd say we are."

"Busted or not, I think it's sweet." Cordelia walked up to them and gave them both a resounding kiss on the cheek. "And anyone who says it's not, I'll personally strangle."

"Now we don't want that to happen, do we?" Angel smiled. "And before I lose my nerve, my wish is Cordy."

"Hey! I'm not to be wished. Oh, you mean..." She blushed to her hair roots.


"Your wish is you?" Angel inquired softly.

"No you, you idiot!"


It was near midnight when the party broke up. Lorne decided not to go back to the bar, and persuaded Wesley to stay in the hotel as well. They climbed the stairs together to the room Wesley kept on the second floor.

"An evening of revelations," Lorne remarked when they entered the room. "Pleasant ones, although I have to get used to the idea of Cordelia and Angel."

Lorne pulled him into an embrace. "Still not over him?"

"I am," Wesley replied with certainty. He was. Angel's announcement had shocked him, but in a pleasant way. He was happy for his friends.


Wesley looked at the man who had changed his life in a tremendous way, giving him a sense of belonging he had never experienced before. "Really. I love you." His statement was rewarded with a kiss, a deep, intense kiss. He belonged, he was loved and he was happy. What more could he wish for?