Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Christmas Eve - A Beginning
By Anne Bonnell
For windzweaver

It rained the day before Christmas Eve. The ground was left a spongy, squishy mat that seemed to no longer fit the earth as it normally did. The next day dawned bright and sunny, but by mid afternoon was dismal with dingy grey clouds covering the sky that threatened rain.

The weather matched Xander's view of Christmas perfectly. It always started out bright and cheerful, but generally ended crappy. Xander had wanted to stay indoors this Christmas Eve, his eighteenth, but the parents and other relatives actually managed to be louder than ever this year. The fighting had started to move closer and closer to the basement, which he now rented from his parents. He very much doubted that his rentee status would stop them from trying to involve him in whatever had set them off this time. So, cursing softly under his breath, Xander grabbed his sleeping bag and padded barefoot outside to his usual spot under the oak tree in the corner of the back yard.

"Please, let there be a dry spot," Xander muttered to himself.

He no longer had a ground cloth. His father had appropriated it to cover up the broken kitchen window, the latest victim of one of his drunken rages. Reaching the tree, Xander patted the soil a bit and satisfied that it was basically dry, flung the sleeping bag down and flopped on top of it. The night was warm, if a bit more humid than usual. Rolling over on his back, the teenager listened to the sounds in the neighborhood. A few dogs were barking, and he could hear guests from a party down the street leaving with cheery goodbyes. Car doors slammed shut, engines started, and autos drove down the street, the noise slowly fading away until only silence was left. An abrupt crash from inside the house shattered the stillness and startled the young man. He sighed at the renewed shouting, which then inexplicably turned into slurred singing of Christmas carols. Xander let his thoughts drift as he watched the sickly green flashing from the decades old outdoor lights around his house. There had been red and green lights up, but the red strings had stopped working almost as soon as they had been turned on. Neither of his parents had thought to buy new ones, more concerned with making sure there was plenty to drink at the Christmas party. Xander looked up at the patches of starry night sky between the limbs of the oak tree and smiled slightly. The big tree reminded him of all the tree house-making plans he, Willow, and Jesse had made for the maple tree in Jesse's backyard. Something they'd never gotten around to because Jesse's father had told them they would have to buy all the materials themselves. They had never seemed to be able to save that much. Ice cream and popsicles were a necessary part of every child's diet in Sunnydale. The three friends had had some fun times growing up together. Then the vampires had come, and now Jesse was dead, Willow was starting college, and he didn't have the slightest idea what he was going to do with the r est of his life.

Thinking of vampires brought the picture of one particular blond to mind. Spike. There'd been no sight or sound of him since they had defeated him in his gamble to kill the slayer

That is until last week. A fledgling had mentioned before it was dusted that a bleached blond creature of the night had been seen in the vicinity again. It hadn't known who it was, though. Unfortunately, it also had not been able to say whether there had been a dark-haired beauty along with the blond, so it was not certain if it was Spike or not. Seriously, though, how many Billy Idle look-a-like vampires could there be?

Spike. Xander groaned and rolled over onto his stomach. Ever since he had first seen the vampire he'd had wet dreams about him. At first he had been completely freaked out by them -- they'd been so erotic, staying with him the entire day -- but then he'd started having wet dreams about other men he'd found attractive. He'd been almost relieved. Most of his wet dreams were still about the vampire, but at least he wasn't obsessed or anything. He finally had come to the conclusion that he must be bi, since he still liked women. He'd never done anything with another male, though, and doubted he ever would.

Spike. Still if the bleached wonder was back, should he be sleeping outside tonight? The young man sighed again. The singing was still going on inside the house, louder than ever.

Even if they had stopped fighting for the night, he would never get any sleep. Oh, well, he'd never been bothered before on Christmas Eve. Just lucky he guessed. With thoughts of the blond vampire filling his head, the young man fell asleep.

A cool hand was wrapped around his dick and jerking him off expertly. He could feel a naked, hard, hairless chest, smaller than his own, supporting him from behind. Strong wiry arms were around him; coolish lips nibbled at his neck sending sharp bolts of pleasure straight to his cock. He rolled his head back to give those wonderful lips more room and found his mouth devoured by another insistent one. He cut his tongue on a fang -- a sharp stinging pain and then the taste of blood...what!? Xander jerked awake, shoving away as best he could the smaller figure kissing him. The figure kept hold of him, though. Xander strained to keep himself at arms length from the being, shaking the sleepiness out of his head. Their struggle rolled them around the dampish yard -- bits of leaf and grass debris sticking to their clothing. The light from a patch of moonlight that had pierced through the heavy limbs of the oak tree glinting off of very blond -- almost white -- hair caught Xander's a ttention. Lifting his head, he looked into the face he saw weekly in his wet dreams and the nemesis of the slayer. Spike, aka, William the Bloody.

"What...what in the hell are you doing!?" Xander hissed, not wanting to wake any of the neighbors, although he didn't know how they could be asleep with the raucous noise that continued to come from the house.

Spike only laughed and somehow managed to leer at the same time, while in gameface. The vampire took in the sight of the sputtering human with disheveled hair, swollen lips, and a noticeable bulge in his jeans. He looked like a total nummy treat. Xander felt himself grow hot under the lustful gaze of the vampire. The young man self-conscientiously looked down and noticed that he was still clothed, pants still zipped up.

'Thank God!' he prayed silently.

He was also painfully hard. He'd dreamt it all...except...his tongue was sore from a jagged cut. The feel of the kiss came back to him, how sweet it had been; and the reason for all his longing stood there laughing at him. Suddenly, a black rage filled his body and wrenching one of his arms away from the vampire, he punched the still chuckling vamp in his face as hard as he could. Surprisingly, the blond's head was actually thrown back at the force of the blow.

"Oi! I'm not that bad of a kisser!" Spike complained, wiping blood from his cut lip. "Not a bad punch that, luv," he said pulling the human closer to him for another kiss.

"Get away from me!" Xander yelled, pushing back against the vampire.

"Now, pet, what was I to do? I could smell you from the end of street, and you were moaning my name so prettily."

Xander struggled to get his other arm out of the vampire's grip.

"Now, now none of that. I said none of that!" Spike backhanded the boy hard. Xander would have fallen to the ground, but for the vampire's hold on him.

"Ow," Xander said weakly, "Ow," he said again, as he found himself picked up and carried back over to the sleeping bag.

The blond sat down with the human in his lap and ran his hand up and down the still hard cock in the boy's jeans, giving him time to recover. When he felt the boy had regained some sense, he started to undo the young man's jeans, intent on freeing the delightful hardness that was leaving a damp spot even through Levis.

"No!" Xander shouted, no longer caring if the neighbors heard him, and started to struggle again when he felt hands beginning to open his jeans, real fear stabbing through him.

"Hush, luv, you know you what this."

To his shame Xander realized that he was still hard, but continued to try and get the vampire to stop.

"Please, don't do this!"

"Why ever not, pet," the vampire whispered into one ear, then squeezed Xander's erect cock.

Xander moaned helplessly and bucked into the hand, his body wanting more.

"That's better," Spike said and lightly kissed the bruised cheek where he had hit the young man. "I don't want to hurt you."

'What did I just say?' the vampire thought.

Spike paused in his effort to free the boy's weeping cock from its confines. He really didn't want to hurt the whelp. He had always been drawn to him. Something in the eyes. He looked into the large brown pupils that shone with fear and desire as he pushed the human's pants and underwear down to his knees and removed them, petting the boy to keep him quiet.

Normally, fear and desire was an intoxicating mixture, but now... he didn't want the boy to fear him. He wanted the boy to desire him, want him, crave him and only him. Spike looked down at the hard and leaking cock he had revealed.

"Very nice, luv," he said lightly stroking it, then leaning down he licked it from base to head. "Tastes good, too, boy." He continued to lick and suck on the sensitive flesh until both cock and balls were slick. Xander could only moan and writhe in pleasure as the cool tongue bathed his overheated dick and ballsac. Then the wonderful sensations stopped.

"H -- hey," Xander gasped in dazed protest and looked up to see Spike removing his own clothes until he was completely naked. His pale body gleamed where the moonlight hit it, the proud cock erect and up against the washboard stomach. Xander's eyes traveled over the vampire's well toned physique and he licked his lips. Desire flooded his body, sending shivers down his belly, and he realized how easily he could fall in love with the blond menace.

Spike lay down beside the young man and pulled him into a kiss, caressing his chest and playing with his nipples. Xander returned the kiss and caresses tentatively. Spike's hands explore every bit of the young man's body, even dipping onto the crevice of his arse to stroke the quivering hole there. Soon Spike had the human moaning and begging for more.

"Why are you doing this?" Xander managed to ask, panting in between kisses.

Again Spike paused and looked into the brown eyes. This time there was no fear in them. Unable to stop himself, he trailed his fingers down the human's face, slightly confused as to why he was being tender with what was essentially his prey. He watched as a glimmer of hope appeared in Xander's eyes and something long forgotten in him answered.

"Because I want to," he finally said. "I want you. Can't do you proper like, not 'ere anyway, but I don't want to wait," he said, sitting up. Pulling the young man into his lap, Spike quickly removed Xander's horrid Hawaiian shirt and grabbed the young man's hips pulling him even deeper into his lap until their groins touched. Xander gasped then moaned at the feel of the cool hardness against his own hot, slick cock. Strong hands held him tight.

"Come on, whelp, push against me," Spike urged, thrusting up a little.

"Oh, God!" Xander moaned and wrapping his arms and legs around the smaller male, thrust hard against the vampire's manhood.

Both males groaned at the feel of their cocks pressed together, and Xander quickly thrust again. With a few more experimental thrusts and Spike's hands steadying him, the young man found a fast rhythm, which slid his dick from the bottom of Spike's balls and all along the length of the vampire's cock. Spike whimpered and moaned each time their bodies connected, the motion becoming easier as more precum was milked from their dicks. Sex had never felt this good before for the blond vampire. White hot pleasure sparked from his groin throughout his entire body. He never wanted this feeling to end, and all he wanted was release.

Xander's moans of Spike's name turned into cries of ecstasy, which grew louder and louder. Afraid he was becoming too loud; he bit down on the blond's shoulder.

"Harder, pet, harder!" Spike growled.

Xander didn't know if Spike meant to bite harder or thrust harder, so he did both and was soon rewarded with a coolish liquid splashing on his cock and balls. With one last thrust he came also, bathing both of them with his hot cum. The two males collapsed on the sleeping bag panting, even Spike.

"Bloody 'ell, whelp that was good!"

Xander whacked the vampire across the chest.

"My name is Xander," he said annoyed, then kissed the vampire where he had just hit him and cuddled close.

"Xander, then," Spike said with a chuckle, stroking the human's soft hair.

After a while Xander sat up.

"So... so...I guess you want to be going?" the boy asked softly.

Spike narrowed his eyes at the human.

"No, I don't. Do you want me to leave?"

"No! I mean, no, I don't... I'd rather you stayed."

"All right, I will then" Spike said as if that settled everything.

Once again hope appeared in Xander's eyes, but quickly died when nothing else was forthcoming from the vampire. Spike noticed the defeated look on Xander's face.

"Oh, bloody 'ell! Do I have to say it!?"

Spike suddenly rolled over on top of Xander and held the young man's face with both hands.

"You're mine, you know. Not going to let anybody else have you." He declared.

"Oooookaaaay," Xander smiled happily.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad Christmas after all.