Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Just Five More Minutes
By Ella
For Nancy

You can tell how your days going to go by the first five minutes- yup those first five minutes out of bed are crucial for setting the tone for the rest of your day. If it's a Monday its even worse, because everyone knows that the first day of the week sets the tone for the whole week, and that first day? It starts with those first five minutes, those five, CRUCIAL minutes, nothings real 'til you've experienced those first five minutes out of bed. All of which might explain why I'm still lying here, the days not real 'til I get up.

The trouble all started last night. I was walking down Main, trying desperately to figure out how to open Anya's tiny new cell phone when I felt a distinct squishing , I let out a rater un-masculine yelp, jerked my foot up and proceeded to sort of hop around trying to wipe the dog shit off my shoe. In the process of this rather undignified hopping I managed to bump in to a light post, and to add insult to injury I then lost my grip on the expensive piece of plastic that started this whole damn thing. I watched in horror as it went flying, Anya was going to KILL me. I let out a low moan and squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to see the inevitable.

"You moan like that again and I might just give this lil bit back to you mate." I jumped at the cool breath in my ear,

"SssSpike," damn stutter, cool it Xander, what the hell is wrong with you anyway? calmer now, "Thanks, I think I'll just take the phone back, with out the kinky sex noises," I stuck my hand towards him with a great deal more confidence then I felt. He kind of leered at me, weighing the phone in his hand, with a slight lunge he grabbed my hand; hauling it up to his mouth he let out a little hiss as he lowered his mouth to my palm. I jerked my hand back as though his cold breath had burned it

"Look Spike, I don't know what you think you're up to, but how bout you just give me the phone back, I thank you ever so muchly, and we both forget about your weirdness?" He leaned in a little closer, I tried to recoil, but there was that damn light post again, I felt a small nip on my ear, and that husky voice buzzed in my ear again,

"bout ten inches pet," I shivered a little, this was definitely getting weird

"WwhWhat?" he gave me a sly half grin, "you asked what I was up to?" I blushed, Well for Gods Sake ,

"That is NOT what I meant, what now you're all gay and such?" Spike shifted behind me and his cool fingers trailed my jaw line

"Problem mate?" Not trusting myself to answer I stalked off in the direction of home; completely forgetting of course THE PHONE.


Anya flipped.


So that's how I ended up at Spikes crypt at midnight, knocking like a moron. "Comeon Spike, just open the damn door" I sighed, what the hell was the de-fanged moron doing now? Watching other vamps bite his prey? Finally the door flung open; and there he stood, nothing but one of those teensy Holiday Inn towels wrapped, and I use the term loosely, around his waist. I felt my mouth grow dry and I opened it several times, trying to make a sound

"Did you want something mate?" he growled impatiently. "Or did you just perfect your fish imitation and you wanted to share?"

"PhphPhone" I managed to get out, I licked my lips and tried again, "I need Anya's phone. An evil grin slid over Spike's face, with supernatural speed he reached out, grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his chest. I squeaked in shock as his hands tangled in my hair. He roughly pulled my face up to meet his capturing my mouth in a surprisingly tender kiss.

"You're here for the phone huh?" he sneered, "you mean the one I put in your pocket earlier?" he reached into my jeans, as his hand brushed my cloth covered thigh I felt myself stir to life. He pulled the phone out and giving me a look tossed it onto a table. Then we were against the wall; his hands were everywhere, cooling my burning flesh. I reached up and carefully undid the buttons on his shirt, my hands followed leaving a trail of warmth as I worked my way towards his nipples; he got to mine first. I felt a low moan escape my lips as his fingers rolled over my nipples, then I felt his hand slip lower.

I slapped him, "Spike! God! What the hell are you doing!?!" He gave me a look; "I should think that was obvious luv." My mind noted the endearment and my heart leapt down heart I thought firmly, and that was the last thing I thought for quite a while as Spike tired of my confusion grabbed me and pushed me across the granite table that was beside me.

And five positions later we ended up asleep, in Spikes bed, which brings us to now. Morning, broad daylight, Well, outside it is anyway; and me, wondering what to do; because those first five minutes are crucial. Is this real? Does this mean something? Oh God! What am I going to tell Anya?

Distantly I heard a phone ringing, if I answer it, it all becomes real. I looked at the vampire to my left and I knew. Snuggling down beside him I carefully put the pillow over my head and tried to go back to sleep. Five minutes can wait.