Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

The Christmas Effort
By Wendy
For Criss

Xander's Apartment

Anya grinned happily at Spike across the threshold. She pushed the door open wider and stepped aside to allow him to enter. "Oh, he'll love it!"

Spike smiled, lugging the large tree into the room. It was a Douglas fur and -after making sure the ceiling was high enough- 8 feet tall.

That afternoon was spent preparing the house with Christmas decorations. Apparently, Xander had never had a good Christmas - having always slept in his parent's backyard. After finding out, Spike and Anya were determined to surprise him. He deserved a nice memory for a change.


Xander came home, weary after a hard day's work. Tomorrow was Christmas Day and he had the day off. He trudged to his doorstep and fumbled with his keys. They jingled in his grasp.

The key slid in with a resounding click and he turned it, unlocking the door.

Upon entering his home, Xander stopped abruptly and stood still.

The aroma of fresh-baked cookies filled his senses, along with -was that?- honey-baked ham. The lights were dimmed. The only light provided was by the moon and... the extravagantly lit and decorated Christmas tree.

Xander gasped.

Anya bounced up to him joyously, "Do you like it? This is kinda my first real Christmas too, actually."

Xander turned to her, surprised. "You...?"

Anya beamed. "Well, it was my idea, but Spike did most of the work."

As if on cue, Spike flicked on the switch, lighting the balcony with colorful lights and illuminating his presence. He looked up and practically skipped over to them, a happy smirk on his face.

Xander had a huge, goofy grin that just kept getting wider. "You guys did all this for me?"

They nodded.


Anya extended her arm, offering him a glass. "Eggnog?"

When she did so, something jingled. It sounded like bells. What was that?

That's when he noticed their outfits.

Anya was dressed up as Mrs. Claus, it seemed. She wore a red velvet dress with white fur and it hugged her curves in all the right places. Bells adorned her sleeves and a couple were laced into her hair.

Spike wore the Santa-pants with black boots. There were black suspenders attached to the pants and a white shirt underneath with the sleeves missing. His head was topped with a Santa-hat, too. He looked more like a fireman than Santa, but whoah - they were hot!

Xander chuckled huskily and his eyes dilated with arousal.

Anya smiled seductively and Spike absently licked his lips, pulling mistletoe out of his pocket and smirking.

Xander grinned devilishly and kissed Spike.

Anya glided up against his back and began nibbling and licking his neck.

Spike slid his tongue into Xander's mouth and sighed when the brunette pulled him closer.

They stumbled into the bedroom, grappling at each other's clothes. Anya and Spike switched sides - Spike pressing his erection into the crease of Xander's ass, while Anya massaged Xander's stiff member. Spike stripped lightning-fast and tugged on Xander's pants after Anya had gotten his shirt off. As Spike helped himself to uncovering Xander's lower half, Anya divested herself of the red velvet dress.

Each moaned when they fell in a tangle of limbs onto the bed. Spike grabbed blindly at the nightstand for the lube and once he found it, began preparing Xander with his slick fingers. He thrust two in, pleased when Xander jerked into Anya before bucking backwards onto Spike's fingers and hissing excitedly.

Anya latched one hand around Xander and onto Spike's shoulder as she lowered herself onto Xander's cock.

"Yes!" She gripped them both tighter.

Spike liberally applied the lube to his own cock before pushing into Xander's body. The tight pressure on his cock made him clutch the sheets fiercely.

The pace started slow, setting the rhythm, then picked up speed as Spike fucked Xander, mercilessly ramming him into Anya. They began to thrust harder into each other.

Anya cried out and her muscles contracted with pleasure.

Spike thrust once more, deeply into Xander, and came - right when Xander spilled his seed.

They took a moment to come down from their high and collapsed onto the bed.

"So, do you like it?"

Xander scrunched his brow, suddenly lethargic, "Huh?"

"This Christmas." Anya stated, pausing to remove Spike's Santa-hat and fiddle with the smooth velvet.

"Oh. Definitely the best yet."

Spike grinned at them, "And we didn't even open presents yet!"