Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Eros
For Samantha

"Ayo, Wes. If we're gonna do this lets hurry up and get this over with." Gunn tried to sound irritated and distraught about having to do this...deed for Wesley and as far as Wesley was concerned the consternation was genuine.

"All right, all right. I'm coming now." And the glee was clearly present in the man's voice. He hid nothing. And came into the room just the same. With nothing but his skin. Or rather his skin and a towel secured around his waist.

Gunn tried not to leer, to stare and covet and almost succeeded.

"What? What are you looking at?" Wes tried not to blush under the gaze, his skin betraying him and peach fading to red.

"Uh, nothing. C'mon, get on the bed."

"You know you don't have to do this. I would be okay if you chose something less...." But he hoped he wouldn't.

"Humiliating? No one else would know. Besides, Gunn is a man of his word. We made a bet. You won. And now I have to deliver." And he didn't feel all that bad about doing it. An excuse, a valid excuse, to touch. Wes.

"Well okay." Wes lay on the bed, towel well intact.

And Gunn tried not to sound too curious and then saddened when he asked. "You aren't gonna take off the towel?"

And he got in return, "I preferred to leave it on at the moment." And did he want Gunn to know what was going on beneath the cloth. He reminded himself to be more subtle. Gunn was not a stupid man.

"Fine. Where's that oil you wanted me to use?"

"The top drawer of the dresser."

Oil fetched and Gunn sat next to Wesley on the bed. He applied a bit to his hands and gently touched Wes' shoulders.

Wes couldn't help the tiny, but ever present groan that escaped when skin met skin.

"Is it a little cold?"

"No, not at all."

"Oh. Okay."

And the touching was relaxing and soft and Wes would have to ask Gunn where he learned such a talent. But right now, just enjoy the touching. Wesley wanted to kick himself for not thinking of it sooner. Had he only known that a bet was all that was needed....but no time for regrets. Must enjoy.

Gunn smiled at the ripple beneath Wes' skin and the soft sounds that accompanied them. The thick aroma of the oil (kiwi-pineapple) worked on both, relaxing one and tensing the other. And suddenly sitting in this position caused an ache in Gunn's side. Shifting a bit, he thought for a moment, than straddled Wesley's waist.

Wesley was careful not to make a sound. But Gunn could feel the increased blood flow and did his best to try to calm the man beneath him, making long and then longer strides up and down Wes' sides and it was too late to take it back when he realized how...intimate this had become.

He snatched his hands away and was about to tell Wes that he wanted to take that offer on switching tasks, when Wes looked up, flushed and so damned touchable. That's its -- touchable. Won't think about fucking. No.

"What's wrong?"


And he wondered what color he would be turning if he blushed then imagined himself in a shade of dark, dark maroon.


But the color looked so much more pleasing on Wes and he wasn't about miss this chance to explore, if it could be called that, this body.

He settled down and let his shaking hands touch the warm skin beneath. And decided that he was just entirely too old, too horny, too erect to play the role of innocent teenage with a crush. He bent down and let his lips lightly brush against the hot skin, between the neck and the ear and he loved the way to Wes shuddered and...


"Shh..." Cause some things are just complicated by words. And this needs to be done. Now.

Kissing and rubbing and Wes is taking small, tensed, uneven breaths and Gunn doesn't even realize that he's rutting against the man until Wesley starts to raise his hips and rub against his crotch. And fuck he shouldn't be so damned hard. Aching in the jeans that seemed so damn baggy and loose just a minute ago.

And he's startled as Wes takes hold of one of his hands and pushes it between his body and the bed and the towel and Gunn feels Wesley. And knows that he's not alone.

Grasps Wes and starts to slide his hand and rub harder. Catches Wes' mouth and kisses him. For the first time, kisses him. Letting his tongue be licked and explore and taste Wesley's dinner and Wesley.

And he hadn't got this close so fast in such a long time. And if he is going to feel Wesley like he truly wants then he's going to have to work fast. Pulling his hips away from the bucking man, he guides his lips along that perfect line in his back, licking, and letting his teeth graze the skin and...

"Oh God, Gunn..." Wesley nearly biting through his tongue and needing that touch that tongue, wanting Gunn with him, in him, one way or another.

Stripping away the towel, Gunn parts the mounds and gently presses his wet thumb against Wesley. And he tries to be gentle as he pushes in, but lacks in that area a bit and Wes shudders and groans.


Gunn works his thumb around a bit then quickly replaces it with his finger, sliding it in to the second knuckle and...

"Fuck Gunn..."

He doesn't ever think he heard Wesley curse but it didn't exactly matter. Another finger, and then tongue and finger alternating. Swirling and crooking, licking and probing, stabbing Wes' insides. Pushing back trying to get more and more inside...

"Please, God, Gunn..."

And that's all Gunn needed. Taking off his shirt and pushing his pants and boxers to his knees he laid his body onto Wes. Not the most romantic ways of having sex, but if he doesn't start now he probably wont get to.

Grasping Wes' shoulders with one hand and guiding the head of his dick with the other, he pushed inward.

Wesley felt the head against his loose opening and tried to open himself as much as possible when the pushing started. Burning sensation around the ring of his hole as Gunn spread him and pushed deeper. And Wesley shuddered and


and squirmed and


and pushed and

"Gunn, fuck, god"

"Wes..." So hot, so tight, and just so fucking Wesley. Friction and the burning "Oh, god Wes..."


Gunn grasps Wesley's dick again and Wesley lets at a cry that could have been "shit, yea, gunn" or any combination thereof.

Gunn kissed and licked Wes' ears and neck and rub his chin and face in the warmth and heated himself because he knew he was close and should slow down but couldn't stop. Kept pushing deeper and Wes' kept bucking upward over and over and







Panting and sweating and exhausted, they lay as they fell, Gunn on top of Wesley, Gunn's face nuzzled in the warm dampness of Wes' neck. And then a whisper.

"We have to make bets more often."

Sigh. "I agree."

Rolling over to their sides, Wes spooned into Gunn and Gunn kicked off his pants and brought his arm up and over Wes' stomach.