Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Jessie
For Abbie Strehlow

Spike was bored, very bored, and as always, this wasn't a good thing.

He had come to the house to find Buffy, or someone interesting to torment, he was too bored to care which option he lucked upon. He stuck his head in the back door and looked around, not seeing anyone he sauntered in and walked into the living room. It was dark; the only light the streetlight shining in through the window. He flicked a finger at a lampshade, but decided against turning it on.

He was in a perfect mood to hurt something, or someone, but chip notwithstanding; he was too bored to even go looking for trouble. His head jerked up when he heard a snuffling noise from the other side of the room. He squinted across the dim room.

There was someone lying on the couch. Interesting, he thought with a quiet chuckle and stepped toward the couch. Buffy? Dawn? Spike stopped suddenly and looked down at the person asleep on Buffy's couch. Xander? What the hell?

Spike stood and looked at the dark haired man. Xander was sleeping soundly, his chest moving up and down in a steady rhythm, he was making a slight snuffle snore with every few breathes. Spike wasn't concerned as to why he was asleep on Buffy's couch, he didn't care one way or the other and he reached his hand out to poke Xander awake. He wasn't going to be any fun to torment when he was asleep, but Spike stopped with his finger not quite touching Xander's shoulder.

He noticed a slight smile on the sleeping face. Wonder what he's dreaming about? Probably something dreadfully nice and oh, wholesome. He looked about for something sharp to poke him with. It might be worth the splitting pain he would get in his head. A smirk slanted across his features. This could be fun, or at least entertaining for a few minutes, he shrugged and looked around.

He walked to the opposite corner of the room and turned the lampshade toward the wall. When he turned the lamp on it cast a diffused light around the room. He picked up the footstool and putting it next to the couch, sat down. He watched Xander for a few minutes. He felt oddly powerful watching over the sleeping figure. He could kill the man in any number of painful and messy ways, before Xander would even be able to awaken, much less react. Of course, there was the bothersome chip to consider. Oh well, he mentally shrugged and peered back down at Xander.

He reached a finger and touched Xander's dark hair. He considered snatching a lock of it until it pulled loose from the scalp, but instead of pulling, he pushed his finger through the strands. It was surprisingly soft. He took a lock and softly rubbed it between his fingers. Hmmm. It was very dark, inky almost. Hmmm. He leaned over slightly and sniffed at the hair, it smelled like ginger and orange. Not a bad scent for a shampoo, hmmm. He blew softly and very quietly on the lock he held in his fingers. The hairs waved gently like silk strands. Hmmm.

As he bent to sniff at the hairs again he suddenly jerked as if stung and sat up straight. I was sniffing at Xander, smelling him. Well, yuck, he thought with a shudder and looked about for something with which to poke at the sleeping man, preferably something sharp. He peered about before looking back at Xander.

Spike looked at Xander's face but there wasn't any movement to indicate the sleeping man was close to waking, he lay peaceful and quiet. Xander's lashes fell against his cheeks dark and sooty and Spike reached out with a fingertip, tempted to try and touch them to see if they were as soft as his hair.

He noticed the pulse on the side of Xander's throat. The thought of the warm, rich blood slowly pushing through the vein made him lick his lips and swallow thickly. Yummy. He bent forward again; he could smell the blood coursing under the skin. Yummy.

He took his finger and cautiously and gently laid the very tip against the warm skin covering the vein. He felt the pulse beat steady against his finger. He wanted to lick the spot of warm skin that he was touching, to run his tongue up the side of Xander's neck, tasting salty skin that hinted at the hot thick blood underneath.

Instead he leaned forward and sniffed gently.

Xander's skin had the same ginger and orange smell, with the musky scent of man added to make a pleasant mix. Spike licked his lips again. He turned his head slightly and watched the rise and fall of Xander's chest. He felt the exultations of Xander's breath against the back of his head. It tickled a little and he shivered slightly.

Spike closed his eyes a moment, smelling the combination of Xander's shampoo, skin and blood and felt the hairs on the back of his head ever so gently move with Xander's breath. When he opened his eyes he was staring down toward Xander's feet, except that it wasn't his feet that Spike saw. Well, well, what have we here?

Whatever had been causing the slight smile playing across the sleeping man's face may not have been as wholesome as Spike thought. He smiled a nasty smile and quietly scooted the footstool further down toward the end of the couch. He sat staring at Xander's slightly bulging crotch; and looked around, once again for a poking device, a chuckle threatening to escape him.

Spike ever so slowly reached a finger forward and touched the denim covered bulge.

Not bad Xander, you silly wanker, not bad. He softly laid his hand flat against Xander's erection. He could feel the heat radiating through the jeans from the hard flesh under his palm. The thought of all of the blood that was gathering in that region made him lick his lips again.

Cautiously he reached and unbuttoned Xander's jeans. He very slowly slid the zipper down and spread the flaps, exposing the plain white cotton underneath. A smile played across his lips as he reached inside and released Xander's semi-erect cock.

Spike ran a finger across the head and paused a moment when he heard a low moan escape the sleeping man's throat. Dreams getting better? Hmmm.

He cupped his palm around the shaft and ran his thumb up onto the head. Xander's warm cock responded by lengthening and standing up. Nothing to be ashamed of, he thought clinically.

He ran his thumb over the slit at the top and gathered up a small drop of pre-cum. Bringing it to his nose he sniffed. It smelled earthy and sharp, like blood. He licked it off the end of his thumb and smiled. Reaching forward he ran his tongue across the head of the cock in a broad swipe. A moan once again escaped Xander's body and he shifted slightly on the couch. Spike stopped and watched, but the dark haired man gave no sign of waking.

The feeling of power felt like a rush in Spike's head. He leaned forward and took the cock in his mouth and sucked gently. Using his tongue he began to move on it until he felt hands entangle in his hair. Spike stopped dead still and turned his head toward Xander. His eyes were still closed tight in sleep, a smile evident on his lips. Spike turned his attention again to the task at hand.

After a minute or two he felt the fingers that were carding through his hair tighten and clench, a salty jolt of semen flooded across his tongue and throat. Spike swallowed lazily and looked toward Xander's face.

Xander's eyes were open and he was staring at the man leaning over his groin. Spike smiled at him and winked. Standing, he placed a hand against his own crotch, which now bore a prominent bulge.

"My turn, now?" he asked with a smirk, enjoying the look of horror on Xander's face.

"No, oh well." Spike said with a chuckle, "maybe some other time."

"Uh, uh, wha? Uh." Xander managed to stammer as he reached and stuffed his softening cock back into his jeans with panicked movements.

"Eloquent as usual." Spike said with a laugh, "I must run. Tell Buffy I stopped by, oh and tell her she needs more sharp pointy objects lying about." Laughing, he turned and walked toward the back door without looking back.

As Spike walked out into the night, he smiled and thought that at least he hadn't been bored, for a few minutes that is and he walked off laughing.