Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

A Cold Night In Cleveland
By Charmin
For A Secret Slasha Dropout

The snow fell outside and Buffy shivered as she took off her overcoat. Midwestern winters just weren't her thing, but she went where she was needed. Sunnydale had been destroyed more than six months before and after a quick trip to England to sort out what was left of the Watcher's Council, the newly reformed organization decided to relocate to the United States. Buffy and Faith, being the 'Senior Slayers,' decided to head up the training of new Slayers. Although most of the old council and its members were dead, the bank accounts lived on. An old motel had since been bought on their behalf and provided housing for the trainees.

"Ya know, lots of things can change in stir, B," Faith said, sitting on the motel bed. The two Slayers shared the room motel just outside of Cleveland, where they could keep an eye on the new Hellmouth. They had become fast friends, now that they weren't the chosen two anymore.

"You mean like seeing the error of your ways?" Buffy gathered her things, preparing to take a shower.

"Oh," Faith replied, leaning back on the bed in a feline stretch. "I'm not seeking redemption like your two Champs back there. I'm talking 'bout twists and turns on Pleasure Island, B." She scooted up on the bed until she was sitting, with her back against the wall, one arm draped over a bent knee. "Had lots of spare energy to burn when I couldn't go slay. The only me around were the guards and there was no way I was letting any of them touch me. All I had left were the girls in my cell-block."

Buffy stopped, put her towel down and turned to face her roommate. "Is everybody turning gay?" Her voice was annoyed, but her laughing smile and smoldering eyes showed her true emotion. "First, Larry comes out in high school, then Willow in college. After Anya died in the battle, Xander and Andrew announced their little fling." With each breath, she stepped closer to Faith, "Now, here we are. Two lonely Slayers on a cold night, not a man in sight." Buffy crawled up on the bed, "Whatever shall we do?"

Both girls laughed. "Shut up and kiss me, B!" The women kissed and licked and nibbled each other's lips with a hunger and passion that neither had felt in months. "God, Buffy," Faith panted as Buffy nibbled her way down her neck. "I need to feel your skin against mine." Buttons flew in every direction when both Slayers pawed and ripped and tore at clothing, craving that next inch of exposed flesh.

Faith played the fingers of one hand up and down Buffy's spine, while the other hand slid up a creamy-white thigh. She rolled Buffy onto her back and began a slow, taunting journey down her body. A kiss on a shoulder, a nibble on a breast, a tongue-flick on a nipple, every move made Buffy's pulse race and breath become ragged. "So good, Faith. Yeah, just like that. More, please, more," she begged.

She finally dipped her tongue inside salty-sweet folds of Buffy's wet heat. Faith thrust two fingers deep in the tight, clenching hole, curving them up to tap Buffy's G-spot as she sucked hard on her clit. Buffy screamed as her orgasm tore through her body suddenly and unexpectedly. Before she even got her breath back, Faith was up, kissing her lips, letting Buffy taste her own juices lingering in Faith's mouth. "Wow! I've never cum so hard or so fast in my life," Buffy sighed, happily sated.

"Yeah, it's a nice trick for when you're in a rush."

Buffy became suddenly shy and unsure of herself, "You know that you're the only woman I've slept with, don't you? I don't... I mean... I want to make it good for you, but I don't know how."

Faith just smiled and lightly pressed her lips to Buffy's temple, "Let's go take a shower and I'll steer you around the curves."

"OK... and Faith? Merry Christmas."