Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Zyre
For Jennifer-Oksana

Faith's hands are strong, hard against Lilah's stomach. Bricks press against her back, and she grunts softly as she's thrown against the wall. Cracked, cold lips press against hers, and she retaliates instantly with teeth and tongue.

This is a test, it has to be. There's nothing tender about this, nothing lovely about rough hands sliding harshly up the insides of Lilah's thighs.

Faith pulls back, rubs her middle finger roughly against Lilah's silk panties. Smirks a little as she finds all the spots that make Lilah squirm, and it's hard to keep from saying anything.

"Like that, bitch?" Faith's mouth is twisted into a parody of a smile. Lilah goes still under the intensity of that, forces her face back to the stony grimace she's practiced so much. She's sure she's going to fail this test, but she has every intention of doing so with as much dignity as possible.

"Alright." Faith's grin faltered a little. "Fine." And those lips are back, harsh and demanding, and Faith's yanking at Lilah's underwear now, tearing the expensive fabric easily.

Lilah closes her eyes tightly, bites down on Faith's tongue to keep from gasping. Fingers playing over soft, perfect skin, and Faith has obviously done this before. She knows all the spots; every small movement sends a small shiver up Lilah's back.

After a moment, Lilah reaches down, grabs Faith's wrist as tightly as she can, almost wishing it'd bruise. Damn that slayer healing, and then Faith is laughing and Lilah's finding it kinda hard to concentrate on anything but that sound.

And then she's spinning, Faith's got both her wrists clenched tightly in her hand, and her cheek is pressed hard against the hard bricks. That must have been the right thing to do, she thinks vaguely, as Faith bites down on Lilah's neck hard.

Lilah throws her head back, and Faith's fingers are back on her, moving against her clit hard and fast. She groans, cries out every time Faith hits a sensitive spot. Faith's mouth is moving over her heated skin, leaving a hot, wet trail that cools instantly as the air hits it.

It's just moments, a few, and she can feel the itch building up. She's twisting her body, trying to get more, harder, now, and then orgasm coils inside her belly and she comes with a low groan.

Faith grins against Lilah's neck, bites down once more before moving away. Lilah feels empty, bereft as the chill of the evening creeps down her back. She turns slowly, meets Faith's gaze as evenly as she can, cocks her chin up.

Faith grins, reaches back and slips her hands into the back pockets of her tight pants. "Alright, I'll help you out. Who do you need me to kill?"

And Lilah smiled slowly.