Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Valancy
For Lunanne

"You look ridiculous."

"Oh, bloody hell. You spent all week talking about how fantastic I'd look and begging and pleading and -"

"I'm sorry! I mean - I just didn't think it was possible! I mean, you, undead vampire of sexy, and now, bad in a tux. Maybe if we took off the bowtie...undid a few things."

"Well.I'm never against that," Spike murmured, sliding over to Xander, leaning to nuzzle his neck.

"No...wait...that's...we'll never get to the charity ball at this rate!"

"Oh, honestly. We've paid out tickets. Buffy couldn't care less if we show up so long as her helpless little orphans get their - ow! Ow ow ow!!! I need that ear!"

"Well, it needs to be hurrying up and getting itself in the nice car to get itself to the nice ball. And no amount of puppy dog eyes will help that. I said no amount. Stop that." Xander paused, annoyed, for the three seconds it took for him to melt. Avoiding Spike's eyes, he bent to remove Spike's bowtie and unbutton his shirt, opening his collar slightly and fussing unnecessarily with its edges.

"There," Xander murmured. "I just want everyone to see how nice you look."

"Don't worry about me," Spike said, smiling. "I'm just going to show you off. You know, remind Red of what she can't have."

"You're terrible."


Xander finally let his hands fall, half-trailing down Spike's arms. There was a quiet look between them for a moment, and then they turned towards the door together.

"I don't have to be all precious and sweet just because it's charity, now, do I?"

Xander just smiled.

They arrived at the party slightly more punctually than Spike would have liked and slightly less than Xander had intended. Xander slid off momentarily to see the gang, squeezing Spike's arm as he did so. He disappeared into the crowd, surprisingly smooth now that he believed no one watched him. Spike smiled lazily, pulled out a bottle and strolled over to the punch bowl.

"You know, I'll never get over the two of you," Buffy said, grinning from the other side of the punch. "Of course, I never though I'd get over Giles losing his tweed, either, and I appear to have survived."

Spike puffed up, eyes all a glaring as he turned to Buffy. "What? Didn't think I could get him, or didn't think he was man enough to admit it?"

Buffy laughed, eyes sparkling as she poured herself some punch. "I just never thought I'd see you both so happy, is all. I don't care where people find their happiness. I'm just thankful to see any of it at all."

"Oh, fine. Be all approving so I can't cause a scene. Just like you."

"You know me and my wily ways," Buffy said, grinning. "Just remember: you're up against us."


"Angel and I. We're competing. I'm just letting you know."

"No way you're winning, slayer. You just need to accept that now."

"Oh, Spike. You may be hell's angel, but can you disco?"

"Oh, watch me."

Spike strode off, calling for Xander loudly. Some things were just worth fighting for.

"My God, you were brilliant. I thought you were all punk in those bygone days?"

"Well," hiccoughed Spike, hands already roaming on the inside of Xander's coat as they trailed up the stairway to Xander's apartment, "there was a while when I was curious.and they were very munchable, those disco girls. Sparkles and all."

"I did not hear that and I still can't believe you managed to do that pointy thing without looking stupid. And you whirled me! I was whirled!"

"I'm always happy to whirl you," Spike said, and Xander almost lost his grip on the trophy, the way Spike was looking at him. When Xander finally managed to get the door open, some minutes later, the two practically fell in, the door only half closing behind them. Xander's coat, while still loosely on, now covered little more than an open and now buttonless shirt and an increasingly tight pair of pants. His belt and bowtie were soon curled on the floor together with Spike's own shirt and shoes, lasciviously licking at one another on the carpet. Xander smiled at them from the floor and kicked off his shoes to join the orgy.

"You know," said Xander, "I've got to invest in more buttons. Really. Buttons around here. Very short lifetime." Spike slid down Xander, pulling at his pants as he went, finally pulling them off in a bunch at the bottom, smiling wickedly up at Xander from below. Spike crawled up Xander again then, panther like, his eyes tight on Xander's as he settled over Xander's waist.

"I don't think the buttons mind," Spike said. Xander smiled, and then gasped.

Xander decided Spike was quite right. The buttons didn't mind at all.