Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

A Dream Come True
By Veelana
For Corrine

Dawn was in love. In love with this beautiful city that was so unlike Sunnydale, in love with this wonderful old hotel....and now that she was alone, floating in a tub full of hot water, she admitted something to herself. She was in love with Cordelia.

But... Cordy wasn't availiable. She was nice to her, sure, paid attention when Dawn talked, was interested in what she had to say, took her out in the evenings and her free days. But she clearly wasn't interested in Dawn "that way". Anyone could tell she and Angel were an item.

Dawn leaned back in the tub. Why did love always have to be so complicated? And it didnt even realy matter weather you loved a girl or a boy. That she had learned. And she learned that there was one thing, that nobody could take away from her -- her fantasies. She had goten realy good at fantasizing. First Xander, Spike and a couple of guys from school, later some girls, even her sister and Willow -- since she couldn't be with them, she invited them into her dreams. And now Cordelia.

Her hands wandered down her body. They lightly touched her nipples, stroked her flat tummy and rested in the wet heat of her pussy. She moaned loudly. No one would hear, she was all alone.


Cordelia really did have a nice time. She liked the new Willow. At school, Willow had been the nerdy geek, later a rival, a traitor -- but never someone Cordy would want to go shopping with. Today, they did. The girls didn't bring ANY clothes with them, and even though Cordelia's closet was huge, it didn't contain anough clothing for four girls. Well, actually it did, but not for long. So she took Willow to her favourite shops and showed her around. Dawn didnt want to come this time. Well, they had a nice enough time. They talked a lot, and when Cordelia went home, she took Willow with her.

'You can sleep on my couch tonight', she said.


Willow had several problems. First, she didnt like to stay in the hotel with Angel and the new Slayers. They were grieving over their losses, Angel was brooding and Buffy didnt have time for anything except the Slayer training. Plus the bathrooms where always occupied.

The second problem was Xander. He had trouble coping with the loss of two loved ones. It looked like Angel was going to comfort him, at least Willow suspected this, but until then he was realy not a nice person to be around. Kennedy was the third problem. Sure, Willow liked her and being with her was fun and everything, but now, that they where not in danger all the time anymore, she realized that Kennedy was NOT the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

So when Cordelia offered her to stay at her appartement that night, she gladly accepted.

They unlocked the door and went inside. Willow heard something...

'Shhhh!' she said, 'I think someone just moaned in the bathroom!'

Now that they where listening, they were able to hear more. Yes, someone was clearly moaning and sighing -- and it didn't sound like anything unpleasant was happening there. Cordelia grinned.

'Oh, that's Dawn' she whispered 'I let her use my bathtub because she couldn't relax in the hotel and I'm pretty sure I know what she's doing there. You wanna walk in on her?'

Willow smiled. 'Sure, why not. This could be fun!'


They sneaked to the bathroom and opened the door very silently. Cordelia was stunned by the sight. This was clearly the sexiest thing she ever saw. Dawn lay in the bathtub, her head tilted back, eyes closed. Her hair was floating around her head, her cheeks where flushed. Her hot and delicious mouth was open, moaning, sighing and screaming. Cordelias gaze went over the rest of Dawns body, from her perfect breasts to her spread legs and the toes that where curling around the rim of the tub. Her small hands, hidden between her legs moved around violently -- she was close to completion, oh yeah.

Cordelia forced her gaze away from that sight and looked, just for a moment, to Willow, who also seemed to be stunned. It looked like she was going to start pleasing herself any second. Cordy looked back at Dawn, who moaned even louder and now, that she was in the same room, Cordy heard what she was moaning.

'Mhhh, yessss, Cordelia, kiss me, Noooo, don't stop, Willow...'

Willow and Cordelia looked at each other. Willow nodded slightly. Cordelia got closer to the tub and kissed Dawn while Willow levitated her out of the tub. Dawn didn't open her eyes immediately, she leaned into Cordie's arms and kissed her back.


Dawn didn't notice anything until the two girls where in the room. She was engulfed in her fantasy -- but when she heard the girls open the door and noticed their changed breathing patterns, she decided to up the stakes. She moaned their names.

Suddenly she was being kissed. She tried to find out, with her eyes closed, who was kissing her so passionately and she was pretty sure it was Cordelia, because the other girl was muttering something that made Dawn levitate, but for confirmation she had to open her eyes. So she did. Cordelia broke the kiss.

'Please' said Dawn and closed her eyes again, 'don't stop'

She felt that she was put down on the soft rug in front of the tub. Cordelia resumed the kiss and Willow started drying her off with a soft towel.

Willow took Dawn's hand away from the delicious folds of her sex and replaced them with her own fingers. Dawn spread her legs even wider. Willow moved between Dawn's legs and started rubbing her clit -- but she was so close to completion and Willow didn't want this to end too soon, so she stopped the rubbing and moved a finger into the wet and oh so tight pussy. Since Dawn didn't protest, she put in a second finger and started moving them around and was rewarded by a moan into Cordelias mouth.

Cordy was pleased by the kiss, but she had more ideas what to do with this girl and she didnt want to muffle the moans anymore. Willow was doing something that she wanted to see, so she moved away from Dawn's mouth and started kissing her breasts.

Dawn didnt know what to think anymore. She opened her eyes again, just to find Cordelia stroking and kissing her boobs. She felt Willows fingers moving in her and Cordelias nails scratching her sides and suddenly someone started stroking her asshole and a tounge was down there and she heard moans and saw sparks and her toes curled around nothing and her hands where held down and...

Cordelia moved around a little so she could see what Willow was doing to Dawn. She saw her licking Dawns pussy and scratched her nails along Dawns sides as a reflex and Dawn moaned and Willow licked and Dawn moaned and Cordelia moaned and...

Willow licked and sucked and tasted Dawns flesh and rubbed her asshole and moved her fingers in and out of Dawn and desperately wanted to come and wanted Dawn to come and...

Dawn screamed. This was more than she could take. She passed out.

Willow lapped up the juices, sweet and salty and Dawn and wonderful and tried to get a grip on herself. She levitated Dawn off the ground and wrapped a towel around her.

Cordelia and Willow carried Dawn to the bedroom and covered her with a blanket. She started to snore softly. Quickly, the other girls undressed and climbed into bed, snuggled up to Dawn and slept for a while.

When they woke up they had wild and passionate sex where finally all three where satisfied. But that is a different tale and shall be told at a different time.