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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Forgotten Sons
By Cassy
For ElizaShaw

Looking back, he could see he had been a fool. New to LA, trying to be a rogue demon hunter, finding Cordelia and Angel of all people working as detectives - paranormal detectives - he had felt once again like he was no more than the disappointing child his father had always told him he was. Drinking was not the answer, but none the less, he had deemed it a suitable way to pass the time while he waited for the answer to work itself out.

He'd been at the bar less than an hour and had consumed more alcohol in that time than he had in the last five years put together. Had he been sober, he never would have allowed the young man to join him. Then again, had he been sober, he would have been at home, not in a seedy LA bar in the first place.


"May I join you?"

Wesley looked up at the soft request and was stunned by the handsome features of the young man in front of him. He had that same strange vertical hair that Angel seemed to prefer, but it was styled differently and blonde as well. He wore glasses, but they only accentuated the beauty of his eyes, and he sported a goatee. Wesley was instantly taken with him and nodded mutely as he motioned toward the empty seat on the other side of the table.

"Thank you. Have I seen you before?" The blonde man tilted his head and narrowed his eyes slightly. "You look familiar."

"I..." Wesley croaked out and hastily cleared his throat before trying again. "I don't think so. Perhaps you've mistaken me for someone else?" He really hoped the other man hadn't mistook him for someone else, he wanted to get to know him better.

Leaning forward across the table, the young man studied Wesley's face before smiling at him softly. "No. No I haven't confused you with another, it's just, you look like someone I used to know."

Wesley smiled as well. "I hope it's someone you liked."

"Yes, he was... innocent. It was his downfall in the end though. To much innocence can be a powerful lure to those who wish only to exploit it."


That right there should have had his alarm bells ringing. Had he not been so intoxicated, surely he would have noticed how the other man's eyes sparkled. How his teeth were just a shade too white when he smiled.

Years of training at the academy should have prepared him to recognise a vampire when one was sitting right across from him. He had been Head Boy for Christ sake! But no, he had just sat there, spell bound, as the demon with the beautiful eyes, the wide smiling mouth, continued to talk.


"Would you like another drink?"

Wesley, who had been mesmerized by the way the man spoke, watching his mouth, as his lips formed words, was brought out of his stupor by the softly spoken request. "Oh, I, no. No thank you, I think I've had quite enough. Too much even, I dare say. I'm not sure it was wise of me, I'm not much of a drinker."

"I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure I can see you home safely. If you'd like the escort, that is?" The man smiled his most charming smile and Wesley felt his pulse quicken as he swallowed the sudden pool of saliva in his mouth.

"That's very kind of you...?" Wes trailed off as he realised that he didn't even know the name of his guardian angel.


"Thank you very much, Penn. My name is Wesley. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce at your service." Wesley attempted a bow, but nearly fell on his face. It was only Penn's quick reflexes that saved him from embarrassment. "Oh, how embarrassing. I'm terribly sorry, I'm not usually so lacking in grace, only it's been a bit of a hard week."

"That's alright, I understand." Penn smiled as he pulled Wesleyís arm over his shoulders and wrapped his own arm around Wesley's waist as he helped him out the door.

The walk back to Wesley's didn't take long. He had chosen that particular bar for it's close proximity to his building. Once they had reached the door of his small apartment, Wesley had unlocked it and then turned to his companion with a blush as he smiled somewhat sheepishly. "It's a bit small, and I've hardly unpacked yet, but would you like to come in?"

Penn smiled almost maliciously and stepped over the threshold of the doorway. "Why thank you, Wesley. I'd love to come inside."


Shaking his head in utter disbelief at his actions, Wesley wondered why it was that he was still alive. A stupid mistake such as that should surely have cost him his life. By all means, he should have been dead and buried. Or dead and walking around feeding upon others.

But that wasn't what had happened. In fact, he would never have known that Penn was a vampire if he hadn't found out days later, when Angel made the connection between his dreams and the murders in the local paper. No, what had happened that night had been nothing short of perfect, and to his utter shame, he still couldn't bring himself to regret it.


Wesley watched as his new ... friend wandered around the small front room. He cleared his throat nervously and walked toward him. "Would you care for a drink? I haven't much I'm afraid, but I believe there may be a bottle of brandy in one of these boxes."

Penn smiled. "Thank you, but no. Are we finished with the formalities? Because I think I'd like to kiss you now, if you have no objection?"

Wesley blinked and licked his suddenly dry lips. "I... No, no objection."

The kiss was soft; gentle, as though Penn were trying not to frighten him. It was only when Wesley moaned softly and parted his lips that the vampire sought to deepen it, gently twining their tongues and then pulling away to allow Wes to catch his breath.

The room spun as he panted for breath and Wes had a moment to realise that he had never wanted anyone in his entire life, as much as he did Penn right that instance. Even his own lack of experience wasn't enough to stop him from pulling the other man to him and kissing him again.

Penn allowed the kiss to go on for some time before breaking it off with a gentle chuckle. "Have you ever done this before?" Wesley lowered his eyes and shook his head. Penn lifted Wesley's chin and made him look him in the eye. "That's okay, Wesley. I just wanted to know if I needed to be extra careful. I don't want to hurt you."

Penn smiled and Wesley let out the breath he'd been holding before asking. "Shall we take this into the bedroom then?"

Penn smiled up at him and nodded his head. "Lead the way."


His first time with a man, and it hadn't really been a man at all. Sure, it had looked like a man, walked like a man, talked like a man, had all the prerequisite appendages to be considered a man, but it wasn't a man. It was a demon. A demon wearing the body of a man that had died over two hundred years ago. A demon who had been so gentle and reassuring, who had taught him how and where to touch another man's body to make him feel good. A demon who had told him how special he was, how good and innocent he still was, even after the act.


"Wesley? Are you alright?" Penn was leaning on his forearms, looking down at the man beneath him as he held himself completely still. "Does it hurt you? I can move away..."

Wesley shook his head as his liquor-muddled mind scrambled for words to keep him from pulling away. "Please... I just..." He couldn't think of what it was he wanted, only that he didn't want Penn to leave his body, he held onto him with both arms and legs as his body grew accustomed to the intrusion of being penetrated.

"It's okay, Wesley. Just take a deep breath, try to relax. I won't move until you're ready."

Wesley blinked as he looked up into the soft green eyes of his lover. "Thank you."

"It is I who should be thanking you. You've given me such a gift this night." Penn leaned in and kissed Wesley just then. It started out soft but soon grew more impassioned as Wesley began to run his hands over him, kneading and rubbing the muscles of his back, trailing lower and squeezing the firm globes of his ass.

Finally, taking a chance that the pain had ended and it was only the pleasurable sensation of being filled that remained, Wesley broke the kiss and panted, "I'm ready."

As the vampire slowly withdrew from his body, Wesley cried out at the sense of loss, only to gasp and moan as he was filled once again. Over and over he experienced these sensations until he thought he'd go mad from the tension building inside of him. "Please. Penn, I need, I need ... something."

"I know."

The words tickled as they were whispered against the shell of his ear, and then he was screaming as Penn shifted and Wesley's penis was trapped between their bodies even as Penn touched something inside of him that made his toes curl and his eyes roll back in his head. "Merciful heavens, what was that?"

"That was what makes doing this worthwhile."

Wesley could only groan his agreement as Penn touched that spot inside of him again. It wasn't long after that that he was screaming his pleasure as Penn slid one of his hands between them and pumped his erection as well. He felt his lover tense above him, heard him gasp and then moan and he felt his own insides awash with surprisingly cool fluids.

He lay for sometime afterwards wondering what came next. Not being experienced with such matters, he didn't understand the protocols. Would Penn stay the night? Was cuddling the next logical step or would they continue to lay side by side not saying anything as their bodies recovered from their orgasms. His question was answered as strong arms pulled him close to a well muscled chest. Soothing fingers ran through his hair and he felt a soft kiss pressed to his forehead and heard the words "So special, so good. Such an innocent even now. Sleep Wesley, you've been a very good boy." whispered as he drifted into sleep.

He had woken up alone sometime in the late morning. Not really knowing if it had really happened or if he had only dreamt it, he stood and made his way to the bathroom to shower. Standing under the hot spray, feeling the stiffness, the soreness of his body, he knew that it hadn't been a dream. He smiled stupidly to himself as he thought about Penn, and wondered if he'd see him again that night.


He had been a fool. He had gone to Angel's office that morning with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. Even the grizzly murders and his suspicions of Angel's part in them hadn't been enough to dull his good mood. Having to stay and keep watch over Angel that night had meant he'd had postpone his plans of going back to the bar, of looking for Penn.

He wanted to throw up the next morning when Angel had told them who was responsible for the murders, when he had named Penn as being the one behind them. For a brief moment he allowed himself to deny the signs that now stood out all too clearly in his mind. The eyes, the teeth, the way he spoke, the way he smiled when Wesley had invited him inside.

He hadn't been paying attention to Angel and Cordelia and once again made a mockery of himself, thinking they were now discussing Gallagher instead of the vampire that he had given access to his home to. Not that it mattered, neither Angel nor Cordelia took him seriously. He would always be a joke to them, no matter what he might accomplish they would never see past the man they met in Sunnydale to get to know the real Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

Seeing Penn again the next day, feeling his hard muscled chest against his back even as his hand closed over his throat he couldn't stop his bodies reaction. To his horror, he grew hard in his trousers and had to bite his tongue to keep from moaning aloud. If Angel and Cordelia hadn't been there, he shuddered to think what he might have done, what he might have allowed to be done to him.

It mattered not any more, Penn was dust; killed by Kate Lockley. And only Wesley was privy to the words spoken softly in his ear before Penn had released him. Only Wes had heard him say, "Forgive me, precious. I didn't want to hurt you. You, I wanted for my own, for always."

Had any of it been real though? Had Penn felt anything for him at all? Not according to Angel, who even though he didn't know about Wesley and Penn, had still purported that demons couldn't feel love.

But when he closed his eyes, in the dark, in his bed, he could still feel Penn's breath in his ear as he whispered words of praise to him. Still heard the last heart-felt declaration of his intent to keep him for always. If that wasn't love, what was it?