Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Inner Harmony
By Madilyn
For Voleuse

It was a Saturday afternoon. A few Girlfriends and I decided it would be a good idea to have a Barbeque beside the pool in my apartment complex. I'm relatively new to the city, and this was a great way to settle into my new surroundings. My apartment is situated in the inner city,close to restuarants and nightclubs.

It was a warm day, and a few cold glasses of wine went down well. We cooked our steaks and perved on a few guys with hot bods who were hanging around the pool. As the evening slipped along, we all decided to head out to the local clubs for some dancing.

As i walked into the club with my friends i noticed a familiar looking person with their back to me. As they turned i saw Harmony and i went and greeted her. She joined my friends and i and we decided to hit the dance floor. As time wore on, our group became seperated and other dancers joined us. A female stranger moved closer in and started dirty dancing with me. She was shapely, and moved her hips suggestively towards me. When i didn't pull away she moved closer.

When the music slowed, we were dancing almost chest to chest, our legs rubbing the other's in time to the music. I knew i was getting some looks but i didn't care. I'm a flirt and this wasn't anything serious.

However i was a little shocked when i started getting excited. I felt Flushed, and could feel a damp patch emerging on my underwear! Dancing with a girl induced all of this? I put it down to too much alcohol and the physical stimulation of dancing so closely.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw Harmony moving toward us, and as the next song started, she moved in to dance with me. In all the years i had known Harmony i never would have expected this of her. The other girl moved away and to my amazement Harmony took over where she left off.

It was a little strange dancing with someone i actually knew in such such a suggestive way. I put the experience down to Harm trying to break out of the mould for one night, and decided to go with it. Harmony leaned in close and said in my ear, "Want to give them something to talk about?"

Never one to pass up an opportunity, i nodded. She then grasped me up tightly around the waist, still swaying to the music, and kissed me! It wasn't a sisterly kiss, and at first i was almost paralysed. I didn't fight, though, and found myself starting to enjoy the senstaion. Her lips were so soft. It felt strange yet exciting.

I came out of my trance when i heard the music stop. I was hot, flustered and had a tight feeling in my stomach. I told Harmony that i better go home because i thought i had had too much to drink. She said she would go with me to make sure that i was ok.

We walked outside and caught a cab back to my apartment. When we got into my apartment i started to ask her if she wanted a coffee when she walked up, put her arms around me, and kissed me deeply.

It took my breath away. I felt a strange tingling below my stomach and realised i was very turned on. Without syaing a word she took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. We started kissing more passionatly, and began tearing each other's clothes off. I don't know what overcame me, but i had to see her naked. We fell onto the bed in each other's arms.

Harmony started to kiss slowly down my breasts, which were begging for attention. She kissed softly around my breast and lightly chewed on the nipple. This drove me wild, but the best was yet to come. She moved lower and began nuzzling around my outer lips, and very gently her tongue ran over my clit. At this i shuddered, and urged her to turn around so i could return the favour.

We clung to each other, unable to get enough of the sweetness that was leaking into our mouths. I couldn't believe she tasted so good, and kept pressing my face into her, urging her on. It was a strange but pleasureable sensation. I alternated licking her clit and gently probing her with my tongue. We both started to get a rhythm going, and began to feel a climax building. I felt my stomach tightening, and waves of passion started to rack my body. I knew i couldn't hold out much longer and also began to feel her shudder.

I came harder than i ever had in the past. I hadn't realised how powerful an orgasm could be, leaving me feeling completely drained. Harmony slowly tuned around and cuddled into me. Kissing me lightly on the forehead, she said "I've been wanting to do that to you for years."

I couldn't believe what had happened but realised this was the best sex I had ever had. No man had been able to make me feel like this. I gazed at her face, and for the first tiome realised how lucky I was to have her as a friend.