Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

The Shower
By Michelle
For Anatari

His eyes catch his image in the mirror over the sink, and he stands, transfixed, unable to turn away for a long moment. In fact, it is a cough from the outer room that finally breaks his reverie.

It isn't that he stands admiring himself, because he really doesn't like what he sees. He thinks he looked old and tired, worn down and more than a little ragged. The truth of the matter is he had avoided mirrors for a very long time because he did not like to look at himself, did not like to see the weariness in his eyes, the dark mop of hair on his head. He took much more satisfaction in looking at someone else.

Spike had a smoother appearance, nicer hair, nicer smile, deeper eyes. Everything about Spike lay just right, always, and Xander both loved and hated him for it. Xander's feelings for Spike were like a tornado, swirling around inside of him, touching down sometimes with total devastation, glossing over other times with little more than a faint breeze.

This particular night had been one of the times the tornado gathered speed and power, and Xander knew only one way to ease the pressure in him. He hung a towel over the mirror so he wouldn't be caught by his own likeness.

He pulled the curtain across the tub then turned the shower on. He took a step back, and tugged his shirt over his head so that his cross thumped against his exposed chest. The sudden awareness of his necklace made him think of Spike, because Spike had bought it for him, because Spike envied him the ability to wear it without singeing his flesh, because Spike loved how the gold lay against his bronze skin. His eyes drifted toward the looking glass as he stepped out of his jeans and boxers, and he was glad he had thought to cover it.

He climbed into the tub, embracing the streaming flow of water. He turned his into it, allowing the hot beads to rain down on his face. He opened his mouth, catching some of the drops on his tongue. It did little to quench the thirst rearing up in him like an ugly monster...One hand, his right hand, found the wall in front of him, his palm flat against the cool surface. His other hand, the left hand, dove down, catching his aching dick in its grip.

He bowed his head, rested it on his outstretched right arm, pressed his eyes to the arm even as his body spasmed and the cross dangling from his neck rocked across his skin.

He heard the door open, and his body tightened. His lower jaw spasmed with his suppressed moan. His entire body pulsated with the need, the heat, the pressure built up. His hand gripped his throbbing cock, and it took all of his will power to keep from stroking himself into oblivion.

"Seen my toothbrush?" Spike asked. Xander didn't dare respond. The tornado was spinning out of control, destroying everything in its wake, especially Xander's composure. He knew his voice would crack and give him away. "Xander?"

Xander could see Spike's outline through the shower curtain, could see Spike step forward, could see Spike reach for the end of the flimsy curtain. "Xan? You o..." The 'Okay' died in his throat, and his eyes bulged a little at the sight.

Xander felt the heat flush his cheeks, felt the tornado gather more speed, more power, more depth, and still said nothing, could say nothing. He was frozen, locked in the moment of the vampire catching him with his hand around his stiff and full dick.

"Do you..."Spike started, took a deep breath, swallowed hard so his Adam's Apple bobbed in his throat. "You need any help?"

Before Xander could react, Spike was in the shower, fully clothed, and pressed himself against Xanderıs hard body. He pried Xander's hand away and took over, gripping Xander's cock, feeling the thickness of it with eager hands.

Xander's head fell back to Spike's shoulder, giving S[ike an angle to nibble on his earlobe. While his right hand caressed Xander's manhood, driving him ever closer to something like he'd never experienced before, his left hand creeped up, seeking out the hollow spot where neck and shoulder met. Xander feels himself slipping, sliding under a thick blanket of surrender and total submission.

Spike's hands created a fire in him a thousand times more powerful than the pit of hell, and all too soon his body reached its limit. He cried out with the release of his seed and his knees weakened considerably. Spike stroked him and supported his weight until it was done, then turned him so they were face to face. Wet and laughing, Spike took Xander in his arms and held him tight.

Xander was afraid to move for a moment, until he felt some of his strength return. With the water beating rhythmically on his back, he dropped to his knees. He was glad to see Spike did not have shoes, nor socks, on his feet. Xanderıs hands reached for the button and the zipper of Spike's jeans.

With Spike's help, Xander tugged the jeans off, exposing the vampire's thick, stiff cock. He let Spike deal with his shirt, because he was already focused on his goal.

He gripped the base of Spike shaft, holding it firmly in both hands. He closed his eyes and moved forward, guiding the vampire's dick to caress his cheek. He felt Spike's hands in his hair, fisting it, pulling it, twisting it. He didn't even notice if there was pain.

He looks up to Spike face and smiles. He figured they had crossed the line drawn in the sand, finally, and he may as well live out his fantasy. He kissed the head of Spike's manhood, cupped his lips around it.

One hand moved to Spike's back, giving them both support as he slid his mouth along the proof of Spike's need. He sensed the moment just before Spike exploded and pulled his head back.

Spike tumbled to the shower floor beside Xander in the wake of his release. The fledgling lovers held each other there long after the water ran cold, staying there wrapped up in each others arms until Xander moved to cut off the flow.

They rose as one, stepped out of the tub, and draped towels over each others shoulders. They stood face to face, in front of the crooked, towel-hid mirror for a long moment before Xander leaned forward to kiss Spike on the mouth. Spike's lips surrendered to the touch, and his tongue darted out to collide with Xander's.

"Shall we go to bed?" Spike asks softly when the kiss was broken for need of breath. Xander said nothing, but took Spike's hand in his and lead him to the bedroom.