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Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Something Sweet
By Maggie
For Velvet Crypt

"Teacup, saucer, out!" With the last word, Drusilla gracefully stabbed two rigid fingers in the air, stopping just before plunging them into the wide, fearful orbs. The boy flinched and attempted a step back, but the hands banded around his upper arms held fast.

Spike gave a push to the wheels of the chair, coming up in front of Angelus and his captive, "What's this then?" He glanced between his swaying beauty and his sire.

A toothy grin accompanied the response, "Tell me you haven't already forgotten what the get-along gang looks like," A long lick from the collar of the boy's shirt to his pulse point elicited a shudder and a swallowed off whimper of fear. Angelus' attentions then returned to Spike, the ridges fading from his features, "Know you've been... out of commission for a while, but even you've gotta remember this kid."

Rolling his eyes and holding a hand out to Dru, who had danced her way closer, dark eyes gleaming with delight, Spike gave a nod, "Yeah, one of the Slayer's lap dogs," He paused, smirking at the little growls and yips Drusilla added to the conversation, "Question is, what's he doin' here? Didn't know we were takin' in strays."

Angelus tightened his grip on Xander's arms fiercely, causing a little squeak of pain to escape, before he pushed him roughly down and forward to sprawl on the ground in front of Spike, "Took in you, didn't I?" Angelus sneered, sauntering forward a couple of steps, "Besides, it's not like you have anything better to do."

Drusilla bounced in place, pulling her hands from Spike's to clasp them in front of her, "Ooooh... give 'im a lolly, daddy. Somethin' sweet," She raised her hands over her head and spun away from the group, "Make 'im ask pretty please," She abruptly stopped and crouched low to the ground, tipping her head down and then tilting it at an angle to watch Xander's fear filled face with glee, "An' a cherry on top?" She put a finger to her lips, grinning, and then popped up and continued her swaying, looping dance around the lair.

Chuckling darkly, Angelus leaned down to fist a hand in Xander's hair and roughly jerk his head up, pulling him up on his hands to stare up at Spike.

The blonde's nostrils flared, filling with the scent of fear and anger. "Think that's just what da' had in mind, love," He offhandedly murmured to Dru, though she wasn't paying attention to them anymore.

Something about the look in Spike's eyes drove Xander to speech, trying again where he had failed with Angelus, "P-please..." His voice cracked and he swallowed with some effort, "Please don't do this."

One scarred brow quirked up and Spike shot a look to Angelus, "See you were tellin' the boy stories on the way over. Ruined the surprise, did you?"

With a small, broken sound of defeat, Xander lowered his eyes, missing Drusilla's return. She stopped next to him, reaching down to pat-pat his cheek in a motherly way before scratching her nails down it hard enough to raise four thin, red marks and draw another broken noise from the boy, "There, there," She held one hand over her breast, dreamily gazing through Xander, "'We come to know you from the depths of hell, the cold dark recesses of a fiery well, Wings unfolded an' up 'e went, A very dark Angel m'strength was spent.." She trailed off, licking the fingers of her other hand clean.

Xander had gone still and Spike and Angelus were now staring at her. Moments passed.

"Dru, babe, you haven't been shuffling through Willie's old poems again, have you?"

Spike growled, watching Drusilla giggle and waltz away, before shooting a glare at his sire, "We gonna do this then? Or did you have it in mind to chat with the boy for a bit first?"

Angelus reached with the other hand to capture Spike's chin between strong fingers and force his face forward, eyes flashing gold, "Patience, dear William," His fingers squeezed tightly to press what would surely be bruises later into pale skin, before he released his youngest childe, "Patience."

Rubbing the tender area of his jaw, Spike glanced back down at the shaking young man in front of him, "Didn't take you for a man of virtue, Angelus. Patience bein' one an' all."

The comment earned him a short chuckle of amusement, signaling Angelus' attention having moved back on to the boy. He dropped down to his knees behind Xander, looping his other arm around the boy's slim waist and pulling him up to his knees while tightening the fist in his hair again, forcing his eyes open, "C'mon, Xander," Angelus pressed his hand against a flat stomach, leaning over the boy and holding him close, fingers rucking up the hem of his shirt to tug at the button of his jeans, "You'll wanna pay attention to this."

Xander squirmed beneath him now, putting all his weight on one hand and reaching with the other to pry and push at the hand pulling his jeans open, "No, DON'T!" He struggled another few moments before his head was yanked roughly back, bowing his neck and making his whole body go still.

Angelus dipped his head low to nip at the taunt skin over Xander's pulse point and growled against his neck, "I could always turn you and we could pick this up tomorrow night," He offered, almost companionably, as fingers slowly dragged the zipper down on the jeans, "Just remember... every minute this takes is a minute longer you're alive." He concluded cheerfully, giving a last tug to the hair between his fingers before releasing his hold.

Spike felt a grin begin to form. Just like the old days this was, before his sire was a prick with a soul. The two of them debauching their way through the London streets. He shifted in his seat and leaned forward some, hand touching Xander's flushed cheek to earn his gaze, "Yeah, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger an' all that rot," He drew his hand back then and slapped the cheek he had been caressing, smirking at the renewed heat that bloomed there and the little cry the boy gave. Just like old times.

Fingers hooking into the loose waistband of Xander's jeans, Angelus slowly drew the heavy material down, dragging the boy's underwear with it. He smirked at another soft plea to stop, and the enjoyment plain on Spike's features along with the catch in Xander's breath hinted at tears. Angelus yanked the trousers the rest of the way down Xander's thighs, leaving them bunched just above the bend of his knees. He dropped low again, left hand sliding up under the baggy t-shirt that remained on while his right squeezed and scratched at the soft skin of Xander's ass, "Begging already?" He lapped at the curve of ear near his lips and reveled in the shudders passing through the young body beneath him, "Didn't take very long, did it Xander? Maybe if you ask real nice I'll go easy on you."

A throaty chuckle from above them drew Angelus' gaze back up to Spike and he smiled to see the blond rubbing himself through his jeans. "Prob'bly not, though," He spoke to the half-naked boy, though his eyes were on Angelus', "But it'd be nice to hear you try."

"Fuck you both." The reply was harsh and tear-choked, but it was clearly heard by both vampires.

Angelus laughed then, a full out laugh, and raised up off the boy to kneel behind him, "And I thought you were slow on the uptake, Xander." He gave the bare ass in front of him a hard slap, grinning at the muffled grunt, and rubbed the red spot that was forming roughly with the palm of his hand, "Only question is where to start..."

Head tilted to the side, Angelus watched his fingers trace a path over the curve of Xander's ass, leading with his thumb, and then trailed it down, pressing between the cheeks to find the cleft of his ass. He felt the body beneath him clench and tense, little shivers working through the muscle, and he could see Xander's hands had formed into fists that were pressed against the cold concrete floor to hold him up. Angelus sucked his bottom lip in for a moment and released it with a wet pop before leaning back over the boy, pressing his mouth to Xander's ear, the other arm looping his waist again to hold him still, "You know... this would go a lot easier if you were to loosen up a bit," Without warning he pushed the dry tip of his thumb in, worming the hole open and rudely pushing deeper.

Xander shouted at the burn of the intrusion, writhing, back bowing, trying to escape the painful touch. Spike's chuckle cut through the ache in his backside, not enough to ease it but enough to draw his attention. He looked up, eyes begging and finding no sympathy. But rather, that Spike had his own pants open and was stroking himself while watching this. Xander dropped his head again, biting his cheek hard to try and stave off the whimpers clawing their way up his throat.

Angelus crooked his thumb, drew it out and then pushed quickly back in, forcing another cry out of Xander, while he watched Spike as well, "Will," He smirked at the small growl that answered, "I think our friend could use a distraction," He bite Xander's earlobe again and tugged lightly, earning a strangled groan, "Ready for that lollypop, Xand?"

Dark head shooting up, eyes wide with fear, Xander shook his head vigorously, "No... God, please, just stop..." His breath hitched at the end and he felt more tears spill over and down his cheeks. Another hard slap to his ass and the thumb inside him curling cruelly caused him to sob out the next couple of breaths.

"Think of it this way, Xander," Angelus felt his vampiric features morph his face unto a demonic mask, "I could always just go get Willow for round two..." He scraped his fangs lightly over Xander's neck, raising small scratches that didn't quite bleed and then lapped at them as his features melted back into their human countenance.

The response was so soft, so shaky, that Angelus barely heard the quietly uttered "No..." Spike's expression was enough, though, to indicate the answer. A sharp, cold grin, wheeling a few more inches closer and stroking himself roughly.

"Well, let's get to it then, shall we?" He reached forward, pale fingers slithering into the dark, silky locks on Xander's head and fisting tightly, pulling him forward and almost making him lose his balance, causing his hands to dart up, gripping Spike's legs to keep from tumbling into him. The sudden forward motion pulled Angelus' thumb free of him, pushing another cry out of Xander, tears flowing steadily. The sound only seemed to widen the grin Spike wore and he motioned casually to his erect penis, "Give us a kiss then."

Spike guided Xander's head closer, twisting his fingers to the dark locks between his fingers when he saw the tear filled eyes close, "Eyes open, boy," He growled.

Xander swallowed heavily, eyes blinking open and fresh tears welling up. He took a deep breath and leaned in, pausing before he could make contact, heart rate tripping out a rapid beat. His breath caught again when he felt Angelus lean back over him and nip at the back of his neck, tracing a wet line with his tongue back to Xander's ear, "Not gonna suck itself..." There was a pause, Angelus looking with amusement up to Spike when the blonde spoke.

"Bet the little red head'd be more'an happy to compl-"

"Stop..." Xander squeezed his eyes shut hard for a moment, hating the image of Willow, sobbing and kneeling- "I'm..." He swallowed again, and reopened his eyes, staring almost defiantly now at the hard length right in front of him. Without finishing the sentence he leaned in, opened his mouth, and fought against the new wave of tears as he wrapped his lips around the head.

Spike groaned, head tipping back and rolling against the back of the chair, "Cor... So fuckin' warm..." He bit off another moan as the hot mouth around him began to lightly suck.

Angelus smirked, sliding his hands up Xander's sides under the shirt and dragging his fingers back down, scratching lightly, enough to raise goosebumps along the smooth, warm flesh, "Forget how good the live ones can be," He agreed.

Giving a little tug to the hair in his fingers again, Spike chuckled, "Sure you 'aven't done this before, boy?" He jerked his hips up a bit, the little distressed noise that came from Xander sent little bolts of pleasure shooting up his cock and the throaty laughter shifted to a groan.

A cool, wet tongue lapped a wide stripe up Xander's cheek, over the bulge there, and murmured against the skin, "And here I thought Spikey had redefined 'blow job lips'. Congratulations, Harris. You've got the damn finest cock sucking mouth I've ever seen."

Xander made another noise around Spike, somewhat indefinable, half way between a sob and a whimper, causing Spike to buck up again, harder this time. The action forced Xander's gag reflex to kick in and he quickly drew his head back, choking a bit, coughing and spitting to the side.

Spike grunted, head rising again to peer down through half hooded eyes while his finger twisted in Xander's hair, trying to pull him back. He gasped though, when he felt Angelus' own cool hand encircle him, tugging a few hard strokes that made him stiffen and curse as he came.

"Christ on a tricycle, sire" Spike's head whipped up and he glared down, watching Angelus finishing wringing him, hand coated in his slick cum.

Angelus gave him a sharp look, "Yes?" He used his left knee to push between Xander's legs from behind spreading them further, drawing the panting boy's attention back to him with a pained gasp and wheezed "Noo..."

"Uh, nothin'..." Spike watched with renewed interest as his sire slipped his now cum-lubed digits back down between Xander's spread cheeks, pressing two large fingers in without warning.

Xander released another sob, hands tightening to squeeze Spike's jean clad legs and his forehead dropped forward to rest against the blonde vampire's knee.

Laughing without humor, Angelus, stretching and scissoring his fingers, cooed mockingly into Xander's ear, "It'll be over soon," He pushed in deeply, reaching and curling his fingers, making Xander jerk, shudder, and start crying in earnest and bringing a wide grin to his own face, "Well, not too soon."

Angelus forced a third finger in, barely getting a groan in return. He quickly withdrew his hand and unbuttoned and his own pants, pushing them down his thighs and pumping himself a couple of times. He looked up to find Drusilla had returned and was kneeled to the side of Spike's chair, licking the blonde clean while her slender fingers twined in and tugged at Xander's hair.

Both hands grabbing hold of Xander's hips, settling in behind him. Spike reached out, hand sliding under Xander's jaw to push it up, nail's scratching down his chin while he smiled unkindly, "Eyes open, boy." Angelus surged forward then, pushing past the first tight right of muscle, driving an escalating wail from the body beneath him, rocking his way further, and then forcing the last couple inches home until he had pressed flush against Xander.

By the time Angelus was fully seated inside him, Xander was shaking, struggling to keep his eyes open at the painful urgings from the two vampires in front of him despite the burning ache caused by the one behind him.

After a little shiver of his own, Angelus tightened his grip on Xander's hips, fingers digging into the soft flesh, and started a series of quick, shallow thrusts. Xander gave a strangled cry and his own fingers bit into the legs he was still gripping. Spike didn't seem to mind, though. Too intent on Xander's tears and Drusilla as she carefully tucked him back away and re-buttoned his pants.

Xander writhed and squirmed as best he could while being held in place. The shallow, purposeful strokes from Angelus were sending hot shocks of electricity through his body, too intense to feel good but, God, his body didn't seem to be listening. He had almost managed to ignore his hardening cock, become lost in the rhythm of thrust, gasp, sob, repeat, when he felt a cool hand circle him.

He sobbed in another breath, gaze snapping back into focus. Surely Angelus would never... The hand itself was delicate, yet strong, and he turned his head to the side a bit to find a leering Drusilla just right there. She licked the tip of his nose, almost playfully, hand on him starting to dance up and down the flesh, "Give us som'thing sweet then?"

Spike chuckled above him, hand on his chin forcing him to look back up, cutting off his whining plea for her to stop, just let this be what it was. Feeling the pad of Spike's thumb press and slide over his bottom lip, Xander shivered, momentarily terrified. He couldn't do that again. Not with... this, with everything else that was happening just at that moment. The blonde laughed again, blue eyes amused, and pinched his lower lip before withdrawing the hand.

A sigh of relief quickly turned into a whimper as the hand on his cock started moving faster, the grip tighter. He didn't want this, hadn't asked for it, but it appeared, with the slow tightening of his stomach muscles and the building of heat in his gut, that it was inevitable.

His orgasm took him by surprise, making him cry out again, back arching a little, and sending jolts of pain and pleasure lancing through him.

Angelus growled as the body around him tightened and slammed into the spasming flesh, grinding deeper until he his own orgasm hit. His body went rigid, fingers pressing into and bruising flesh as he filled the boy, and then he slumped over him, both panting.

Xander's brain was filled with white static and he let himself drift for a few minutes, blissfully unaware of his surroundings for the short period of time, until laughter from both above and behind him drew him from the peace of his mind.

He groggily raised his head again to look up and find Drusilla had crouched next to the chair again and was licking her fingers clean and sharing the treat with her mate. He barely registered Angelus answering whatever question he had been asked of his childer, "Well, I don't see why not, Spike."

With a pleased grin, the Brit answered, "An' I just meant for t'night," The blue eyes fixed back on the boy and Xander felt his heart sink, "Be a shame t'send 'im home so early is all," He mimed a concerned expression, gaze still sharp and unforgiving, "Might feel unwanted."

Angelus nodded, rolling his hips to jostle Xander a bit and smiling at the new, quiet whimpers, "Whatta ya' say, Harris?" He slide out then, leaning back and looking in satisfaction at the red marks he had caused on relatively unused flesh, "Have you home before morning."

Spike shot Xander a toothy grin, "Promise."