Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Red Witch
For Nephir

Stripped to skin and scars, Xander Harris slips under the covers of his bed, which is little more than a dirty mattress on a dirty floor. He turns on his side, his back to his slumbering roommate. For a moment, he is comforted by the soft lull of Spike's even and unnecessary breath, but soon the waves of need thunder through his veins, calling his hand to his most sensitive area.

He catches the thickness of his cock in the circle of his grip. His strokes begin slow, smooth, deliberate. A gentle building of heat and tension, creating friction both inside and out. He bites his bottom lip to keep his moans to a minimum, but soon forgets to keep quiet, not out of respect for Spike, but so Spike won't hear, won't know what he's doing.


Spike feels himself pulled from the deep recesses of sleep by a guttural grunting, and his mind needs a moment to sort it out and recognise it as Xander, enveloped in his nightly ritual of jerking off. Spike props his head on his arm as his vision clears, disappointed as he is every night that his view is limited to Xander's backside.


Xander feels his control slipping away, feels himself dragged to a beautiful dark oblivion deep within himself. Nothing exists now except his hand, his dick, and the push and pull of his hand on his dick.


Spike listens, as he listens every night, to Xander's labored breath, his stifled grunts, his muted moans. The vampire closes his eyes, and his tongue parts his lips just slightly as one hand snakes down to capture his own throbbing manhood.

Not for the first time, Spike wishes it was Xander's cock he held.


Just as Xander feels himself teetering on a precarious edge, he senses weight on his bed, a body drawn very close to his. His eyes jerk open and his head turns abruptly, perfectly timed and placed to meet the vampire's lips.

Spike thrusts his tongue to Xander's throat, and wide eyed, Xander accepts it. He adjusts his body to take Spike's throbbing cock between his legs even as Spike's hand seeks out Xander's own aching dick.

Xander's eyes close and spasm behind the lids. Spike's hand is warm and skilled, more skilled than Xander ever imagined. Xander's breath catches in his throat as wave after wave of incredible heat surges through him.

Unable to breathe, he rejects Spike's kisses, only to turn his face to his pillow as he screams with his release. In the moments that follow, Using the beads of sweat from Xander's face to mat his unruly hair to his head, the vampire cradles the young man's trembling body until Xander is recovered enough to return the favor.

The boys turn as one, allowing Xander's flaccid member to rest along Spike's white hot thigh. Xander is not surprised to find his hands feel quite comfortable, natural, at tending to previously unwelcome roommate's need.

He nips playfully at Spike's neck, feels the rushing river of blood beneath, tastes the delicious salt of warm, hungry flesh. Spike moans and arches his back in response. Xander feels Spike slip away, into the oblivion of total surrender.