Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

This Do In Remembrance
By Nephir
For A Secret Slasha Dropout

Wes sat on the floor, blood dripping from his nose unnoticed, and watched as Connor and Angel argued and remembered back, back to a time when he was naïve.


It had all started out innocently enough. Connor had been born and the Angel Investigations team were all doing their thing to help Angel with the baby, with Connor. Cordy filled in as the mom figure, though Gods forbid that you should say anything in her presence about being matronly. She'd remove your spleen so fast you'd almost not feel it.

Angel was obsessed with the baby, the miracle child, born of two vampires. And who could really be surprised about that?

Wes knew that there had to be a prophecy dealing with it. It was too outré not to have a prophecy about it.

Lorne wandered in and out of the hotel, playing uncle and soothing Angel's worries about raising the baby.

Gunn and Fred were wrapped up in mutual desire for one another, though neither one had said anything to the other...yet.

And Wes, well, he found the prophecy alright. He then spent the next several weeks translating and re-translating it. Every time he read it over, he blanched in horror. According to what he was reading Angel was doomed to kill his own son.


When the three signs appeared as was foretold, Wes fled and took Connor, to save the child and his friends. He took Connor to Holtz, the madman who had swore an oath to avenge his family's deaths at the hands of Angelus. But by then it was too late. Holtz had taken Connor and had disappeared into a trans-dimensional vortex.

When Connor disappeared with Holtz, Angel was heartbroken. He blamed Wesley for the loss of his son and tried to kill him. In fear for his life, Wes retreated from the AI team and hid out in his apartment, only keeping in infrequent contact with any of the team.


As the weeks passed, Wesley healed from the attack.

Hope had slowly begun to fade from the minds and hearts of the AI team for the return of Connor.

Then another miracle happened.

In one of his calls from Gunn he heard that Connor had been returned, grown, almost an adult, but returned all the same.

Hoping to mend the relationship between himself and Angel, he returned to Angel Investigations and renewed his ties to the people there. He was a bit wary of his reception by Connor.

He expected that the young man would be unhappy to meet the man who'd handed him over as a baby to Holtz, but he was pleasantly surprised by Connor. He seemed to hold no grudge towards Wes, instead he focused on the reasons why Wes had kidnapped him originally. The three of them, Wes, Angel and Connor spent many evenings talking about it. It seemed that the breech in the friendship between Angel and Wes was healing, mainly due to the actions of Angel's son.

Wes and Connor began to spend many hours together. Wes gathering information from Connor about Quorth, his Watcher trained mind naturally inquisitive and always seeking new information.

Angel watched the burgeoning friendship between his son and Wes with jealous eyes, wishing that Connor was willing to spend as much time with him as he was with Wes. Angelus whispered in his mind constantly...telling Angel that he should remove the threat to his son and finish killing the Watcher.


When they weren't talking, the two younger men would spar. Connor was a phenomenal fighter, and was willing to show off the techniques he had learned growing up in a Hell dimension - he had become an expert with the crossbow, and in hand-to-hand combat, his skills were possibly superior to those of Angel, who had centuries of experience.

Angel watched them frequently from the shadows, becoming more and more angry at the obvious bond growing between the two men.

Then one afternoon as they were sparing, Wes slipped and landed on his back, Connor straddling his hips. Wes' hips bucked up and his eyes widened with shock when he felt an answering hardness push down on to him.

Wes gasped as the sensitive head of his cock was brushed by Connor's denim clad crotch. Arching up he thrust against Connor, his hands grasping his hips tightly.

Connor moaned in response and ground again Wes, his hips rocking in response to heat he felt below him. Moving together they began to thrust against one another. Connor leaned down and took Wes' mouth in a gentle kiss that swiftly became carnal as they rocked their hips together harder.

Angel was walking by the training room when the overwhelming scent of arousal, sweat and cum wafted out. Growling in response, he threw open the door and rushed inside. He pulled Connor off of Wes and threw him to the side. Seeing Wes lying on the floor, his legs akimbo and a large wet stain on the crotch of his pants, he pounced on the ex-Watcher, startling him badly.

"Just what the fuck do you think you are doing?" he snarled in Wes' face. "You keep away from my boy, or I'll finish the job I started when you took him the first time."

Wes stared at the gamed faced demon straddling his body. His mind tried valiantly to catch up, but he was lust fogged and confused. He'd just been enjoying a lovely bit of frottage when the body he was rubbing against was pulled away and the very angry Angel jumped onto him.

Angel slapped him across the face, splitting his lip and bloodying his nose in the process. Connor scrambled up from the floor where he'd been thrown at the sound of flesh striking flesh.

Grabbing his father by the shoulder he pulled him off of Wes' prone body. "Who the hell do you think you are?" he yelled in rage at Angel. "I am an adult and it doesn't matter what you think, I'll fuck whoever I want."

"Connor, you don't understand. He stole you from me as a baby, gave you to Holtz..."

"We've talked about this 'father'." He sneered. "I've forgiven Wes for what he did, and 'supposedly' you did as well. I can see that soul or not, you only say what you think others want to hear."

The argument raged back and forth, son against father, while Wes sat on the floor, his mind going back over the past several months, reliving everything that had happened. Ignored and forgotten by the two arguing over him.