Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Charles
For Adrian

Andrew held his breath as Xander finished the last of his drink. Andrew had slipped in some sleeping pills earlier, and he hoped enough time had passed for them to dissolve completely. Xander hadn't commented on any weird taste, so Andrew presumed that was a good thing.

He rubbed his hands nervously as Xander yawned and stretched soon after. "Think I'll turn in," Xander muttered as he glanced at his watch. Andrew forced himself to sit and wait for awhile after that, pretending to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which was hard for him, because it was a really good episode where Picard kicked all kinds of ass.

But once the credits were over, Andrew leapt up from his seat and crept as stealthily as he could into Xander's room. Xander was snoring loudly, one arm thrown out to the side. Andrew slipped off his Star Wars slippers and walked up to the side of the bed. He took a deep breath and clapped his hands loudly above Xander's head. Nothing.

Andrew smiled and pulled his t-shirt off over his head and set it aside carefully. That Battlestar Galactica iron-on decal hadn't come cheap on eBay. He licked his lips, unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. Andrew considered his Underoos and then nodded. "Real men don't wear Underoos to bed," he whispered to himself. He shucked those and pulled the covers on Xander's bed back.

Andrew climbed in next to Xander and contorted himself so that he was curled next to Xander's sleeping form. Andrew pulled close and licked Xander's ear. "Ew, earwax," he muttered.

He decided it was time to get down to business and pulled back the covers. Andrew unbuttoned the top of Xander's pajamas and spread it back. He ran a hand up and down Xander's torso, marveling at the feel of his chest rising and falling with each breath. Andrew's hand ends up in the dark tangle of hair that starts at Xander's navel and leads teasingly to his crotch. But he's not gonna go there. Yet.

Instead, he lowered his head and kissed and licked and suckled at one of Xander's nipples. A moan came from Xander and Andrew looked up, his eyes wide with alarm. He paused where he was, one hand on his own crotch, the other resting on Xander's stomach. Andrew exhaled slowly and counted to ten in Klingon before he went back to work.

Andrew thought that sucking on Xander's nipples was nice, but it got old kind of quickly, so he decided it was time to go lower. He couldn' t keep his hand from trembling as he placed it on Xander's crotch. Andrew looked up at Xander's sleeping face and gingerly slid his fingers into the opening of his pajama bottoms. "Wow," Andrew breathed as he touched Xander's cock. "He doesn't have the skin sheath like I do."

Andrew gently pulled Xander's dick out and looked at it for a moment. Then he swallowed hard and slid down the bed until his head was close to Xander's crotch. "Here we go," Andrew muttered as he took hold of Xander's cock and put it in his mouth.

Andrew was surprised that Xander's cock didn't immediately get hard like it had in his fantasies, but that was okay, he would get it hard. He removed his mouth from it, took hold of it and played with it experimentally. Andrew wasn't sure how a dick like Xander's worked, but he figured it was pretty close to his own. He stroked, tugged, licked and nearly gave a cheer when Xander's cock began to get hard.

Andrew lowered his head once more and gingerly gave Xander a blowjob. He sucked and licked and traced the veins of Xander's dick with his tongue. Andrew was surprised when Xander reached orgasm and the spurts of semen shot into his mouth.

He wiped his mouth off, swallowed, and tucked Xander's cock back into his pajamas and then buttoned up his top again. Andrew got out of the bed as quietly as he could, still stroking himself. He grabbed his clothes and crept out of the room. Andrew nearly jumped when he heard Xander moan, "No, Andrew."

But Xander was asleep and dreaming. Wasn't he?