Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha – The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

You'd Remember
By cyberjibara
For Veelana

Nothing quite like the feel of a stake hitting home in a creature of the night's chest, Faith thinks, brushing vamp dust off herself. The vamp led her on a real chase, but she's finally kicked his undead ass here at... she looks around. The UC Sunnydale campus. She shrugs. Maybe the vamp did her a favor, after all. What better place to meet someone young and eager to buy her dinner and let her work off some of that post-slay itch? She heads off, following the nearest group of coeds that looks in a party frame of mind. Friday night, a couple of kills under her belt and horny college students as far as the eye can see. Life is good.

The campus hangout doesn't look like much, but there's beer and food and music, so really, everything else is gravy. Faith scarfs down the burger and fries some chumps bought her and scans the crowd as she drinks her beer. Boring, boring, has crap hair, boring, boring and has crap hair, lousy lay...

"I like a girl with an appetite," Chump Number One says, smiling at her in a smooth-as-Brillo way he probably practices in the mirror every morning.

"Me, too" said Chump Number Two, not to be outdone. "I think it's hot. You wanna dance?"

"Yeah, why the hell not?" Faith leads the way to the dance floor, knowing they'll follow without bothering to look back. Might as well let 'em get a little bump and grind for their troubles; she'll ditch them soon enough.

It's on the dance floor that she notices her. The Girl. Standing unobtrusively in a corner, shoulders hunched, hair hanging down to hide her pretty face. And it is a pretty face, Faith can tell that much even at a distance; large eyes, high cheekbones, lush and welcoming mouth. Perfect. Faith ditches the chumps as efficiently as possible and heads over.

She walks right up to the girl and gives her a slow once-over to introduce herself. "Hey."

The girl looks startled. "Um- I- I- I don't-" she pauses and seems to steel herself, eyes flicking up to meet Faith's. They are wide and very blue. She frowns a little, looking at Faith dead-on, like she's seeing what she's made of. "H- have we m-met? There've b-been so many mixers a-and new classmates and stuff. I'm sorry."

"Oh, hey don't sweat it. We haven't met." Faith allows her grin to slide into a smirk. "You'd remember me."

The girl smiles at that, the lopsided turn of her pillowy lips lighting some kinda spark in the room. Or maybe just in Faith. "I'm sure I would," she says, suddenly seeming a lot more comfortable, like slipping into warm bathwater. She lets her own eyes trail over Faith and her smile widens even as she flushes and ducks her head. Oh, she's a sweet one. Faith doesn't go for nice girls as a rule, but this peach is far too ripe not to sink her teeth in.

It only takes a few dances for the girl to loosen up, moving to the music like it's being woven all around her, guiding her movements, gently buffeting her up against Faith. There's an innocent sensuality to it that seems exotic and new to Faith, and she doesn't even try the old bump and grind for a while because this is too much fun. They bounce around to the faster songs and sway to the slow ones and the rest of the world is one big meaningless blurr 'cause the girl is all there needs to be in it, for now.

She leans closer, her lips almost brushing the delicate curve of the girl's ear. "What do you say we get outta here?"

The girl blinks. "Um, I don't-- I-I..." Her gaze darts around the room, assessing the status of whoever she came with. Whoever must seem just fine, 'cause she takes a deep breath, looks at Faith in that unnervingly too-deep way of hers, then nods.


The girl's dorm room is cluttered with books, CDs and clothing, the walls plastered with arty prints and movie posters. "Kinky," Faith says, nodding towards the twin beds. "Can't wait for you roomie to show. She a party kinda gal?"

"Oh, Stella w-won't be in 'till late, if at all. She, uh... she spends a lot of time at her boyfriend's."

"So it's just you and me, then?" Faith grins, backing the girl up against one of the beds. "Sounds like a plan."

The girl grins back, her mouth quirking in that lopsided way Faith is beggining to find endearing, and leans in for a kiss. She has a mouth on her, all right. She tastes like lipgloss and candy and girl, and Faith can't get enough. They kiss and kiss and damn if they're not still kissing, falling on top of the stuffed animals on the little bed only to jump off it 'cause whoops, wrong bed, collapsing on the other one and eating each other's mouths and that's not even a metaphor 'cause oh hell, that's what kissing is all about. An event unto itself.

Faith pulls away a little, pole-axed. "Holy fuck," she manages, staring at the girl's glazed eyes and hungry expression. She's eyeing Faith's cleavage. Faith reaches for the girl's sweater, but she grabs Faith's hand and gently pulls it away.

"No," she says, her eyes loaded with promises Faith just knows she's gonna keep. "Let me." And she reaches down and undoes the buttons of Faith's shirt, one by one, parting the fabric as she goes. Her touch is whisper-soft and sends delicious little chills along Faith's skin. She can't help but feel the girl is looking at her, really looking at her, seeing all of her and not even minding the badstupiddirtyalwayssecondbest parts underneath. Like maybe she thinks Faith is really okay after all.

Honey-colored hair drapes Faith's skin as the girl leans down to mouth behind her ear, under her jaw, lingering in the hollow at the base of her throat. Faith shudders when the girl reaches her breasts. Cupping and caressing them with her hands, she begins licking the sensitive undersides, laying kisses in the valley, turning her head back and forth to lavish attention equally on each one. She nips and flicks and sucks until Faith thinks she's gonna come just from that, gasping and dizzy with lust, gripping the girl's head to wordlessly urge her on as her body arches.

That's when the girl slips her hand down Faith's pants.

Fingers shoved into Faith's mouth muffle her scream as the hand unerringly finds her clit. She suckles desperately as the girl softly part her curls to run up and down her labia, insistently brushing her clit on each upsweep. The mouth on her breasts never lets up, and it all feels so damn good Faith thinks she might cry. She almost rips the zipper trying to undo her fly and struggles up just enough to shove off her pants and underwear. The girl rides it out and takes full advantage of the increased access. She steps up the pace, her suckling giving way to gnawing and little bites as her fingers tirelessly working Faith's clit. When she plunges two soaking fingers into Faith's pussy while pressing her thumb against the little knob, Faith comes with a strangled shout. The girl keeps thrusting the fingers in and out, pressing her other hand over Faith's mound until the aftershocks are over.

"Fuck, you're good at that." Faith gasps.


"No, really," she insists. "Fucking amazing. Stars and fireworks and all, no shit. You got a real gift for letting your fingers do the talking, girl."

The girl ducks her head, honeyed strands obscuring her face. When she looks up, she is blushing, but wearing a saucy smirk. "Thank you," she repeats, and Faith gets it.

"Well, I'll be damned," she says, grinning. "You know it, too. You've done this before."

"W-well, I, um... well, Stella isn't always off with her boyfriend, you know..."

Faith narrows her eyes, then glances over to catch the girl struggling to keep a straight face. "Why you..." She strips off the unbuttoned shirt she is still wearing and pounces, her now naked body straddling the still fully clothed girl. Her body is soft and warm and feels delicious even through the layer of clothes. Faith can't wait to unwrap this present.


After the crazy sex-fest, the girl sleepily invites her to spend the night. Faith looks around the room, the throw pillows and stuffed animals now scattered all over the floor, the lived-in patina of books and music and oddly-colored scented candles, and can't imagine where a Slayer would fit in, least of all a girl like Faith. Besides, nobody ever means that stuff in the morning. Still, the girl is warm and smells sticky-sweet, and she wears a satisfied glow as she rests in Faith's arms, crowded up against her in the tiny bed. She is looking at Faith from under heavy-lidded eyes, waiting on the cusp of sleep for her decision like she really means it.

Dangerous. Exactly the kind of thing that could throw you off your game, get you stomped on. Get you killed. Get some, get gone, right?

"Maybe some other time," Faith lies, looking around for her clothes, already working on forgetting her.

Wonders how well that'll go.