Secret Slasha — The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project
Secret Slasha — The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

By Lesley (Lu)
For Alixtii

Amy waited for the first streaks of sunlight to appear before she walked over to Willow's. Although the magic for this spell would be stronger at night, everyone at the house would still be asleep, so no questions to answer. And no worries about vampires and other nasties.

When she stood in front of the door, she felt her anger surge again. How dare Willow? After what she had been through? Amy clenched her jaw as she thought of the years that she'd never get back. Years spent in a filthy little cage. As if Willow's fleeting friendship could possibly make up for what she'd taken away.

Christ, her excuses had been lame. She "wasn't powerful enough" to change Amy back. She didn't even fucking try. "If it were me..." Amy thought, yet again. The well-worn phrase echoed in her mind. "If it were me, I'd have tried. If it were me, I'd have gotten help. If it were me, I would have done something!"

Well, Willow was powerful enough now, wasn't she? She certainly led the charmed life, with all her friends, her little Slayer, even her sweet cow-eyed girlfriend. On-again, off-again girlfriend. Whatever. It would be off-again forever after tonight, if Amy had anything to do with it.

She knelt just outside the front door and began slowly drawing the symbols she needed for her spell. Amy waved her hand across the symbols and watched as they shimmered, then faded. She whispered the incantation and placed the herbs in the center of the now-invisible circle. First she placed the Epimedium grandiflorum and then the damiana so that the herbs formed a Y.

She focused her energy on Willow, on her power, her strength, her witchyness. Amy continued to chant as she pictured Buffy being drawn to Willow, unable to resist the spell's potency. She lit the herbs afire, then waited for the fire to die, and gathered the very small bits of ash. She held them in her hand and blew them towards the door, as she said the final phrase of the spell, "laujiet to darit."

And now, she just had to wait until sundown. When Buffy crossed over the symbols on her threshold, the spell would take effect. Amy smirked a little as she pictured Tara's startled, weepy expression. She almost grinned when she imagined how horrified Buffy would be and how truly, truly fucked up it would make Willow's life. Perfect. Buffy screws her best friend and I screw everyone.

Amy arrived back at the house just before sundown. She slipped behind a tree, and crouched back against the house where it was darkest. Then she watched the front of the house intently. She wanted to be there to watch as the spell that ruined Willow's life took effect. She didn't have to wait long. As soon as it was really dark, the front door opened and Buffy, Tara, and Dawn walked out. Amy could just barely hear Buffy say something to Tara and Dawn about being careful and then the two walked just past her hiding place.

Buffy was heading the other direction. But she had taken only a few steps when she faltered, then stopped completely. She stood absolutely still, her head tilted slightly as though she were listening to faint music or trying to remember something from long ago. Her face relaxed just a little, but it was noticeable to Amy, who was looking for the effects of the spell. Amy almost thought Buffy looked flushed, but it in the dim light, it was impossible to know for certain.

Amy waited for Buffy to head back into the house, where she knew Willow was reading in her bedroom. Willow's light was on and Amy could see her silhouette in the window. She had hardly moved since Amy had arrived, almost 20 minutes ago, and it seemed that she would be sitting there for some time.

Buffy still stood in the walkway, looking slightly confused. Something was wrong. The spell had worked, Amy was sure of it. But Buffy wasn't being drawn to Willow as she should be. Instead she had this look like she was waiting for something, or someone, else.

Amy shifted a little in her hiding place. This wasn't supposed to happen. What could she have screwed up with the spell? She used the aphrodisiacs, said the incantations correctly. She sighed impatiently.

Buffy heard the sound and was at her throat in an instant. Amy stiffened in fear and felt that she couldn't breathe as Buffy pinned her against a tree, stake raised high in her hand.

"Jesus, Buffy, it's me, Amy!"

Buffy relaxed visibly and let go of Amy rather quickly. Amy stumbled as she slumped back, free of Buffy's death grip. Buffy tucked the stake away somewhere and leaned in to look at Amy closely.

"Amy, yeah...thought you might be a vampire. Kinda happens sometimes," Buffy shrugged.

Amy expected Buffy to walk away at this point, but she stayed, looking at Amy curiously.

"I was just...I uh,"

"Were you going to see Willow? I don't think Willow really wants to see you very much right now, you know."

Amy tried to think of an excuse, but nothing was coming to mind. Buffy seemed right up in her face, menacing.

"No, no I'm not here to see Willow," Amy stammered.

"Are you here to see me then?" If possible, Buffy was even closer now, nearly touching her. Amy tried to back away, but Buffy held her arm, not quite as roughly as Amy would have expected.

"I think we should go and talk." Buffy was speaking right into Amy's ear, Amy could feel her warm breath and it made her shiver.

"No, Buffy, I think I should go. I didn't mean to stop here, it was just, um, a habit I guess."

"You're coming inside with me." Buffy seemed rather insistent, and Amy was getting a little nervous, but she decided maybe arguing with someone as strong as Buffy wasn't the best idea.

She trailed along as Buffy guided her by the arm, then jumped a little as Buffy's hand drifted down to the small of her back and gently steered Amy towards the house. Amy tried a last-ditch effort.

"Willow's in there, Buffy, and she's, well, she's pretty pissed at me. I think maybe..."

"It's fine." Buffy interrupted. "I can get rid of her. Or you can. You know a spell for stuff like that, right? Make her want to go out and check out the Bronze tonight or something."

"I could do that I guess."

"Then do it." Buffy sounded urgent, and she pushed Amy a little harder towards the front door. Amy caved in. Whatever it was Buffy wanted to talk to her about probably wouldn't take too long. She could lie her way out of pretty much anything. She'd deny forever that she had tried to cast a spell tonight on Buffy. Maybe spells didn't work the same on Slayers?

Buffy ushered Amy through the door and up the stairs. She walked directly into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

"Willow's the only one here. Make her leave. Now."

Amy cast a small spell that would make Willow feel the urge to leave. She fed the suggestion of the Bronze to Willow, and almost as an afterthought, decided to give her the idea to crash at Xander's apartment. Maybe then Amy could take a little time outside to investigate what had gone wrong with the spell and see if she could fix it.

As soon as the spell had been cast, Buffy moved right up next to Amy again.

"I know why you're really here Amy. I know what you want."

"You do?" Amy couldn't help but spit it out, wondering how Buffy could possibly know. She wasn't even awake this morning when Amy had cast the spell. Could Willow have detected it?

"You came here because you wanted to see me. I think we both know what's going on here."

Buffy leaned in and brushed her lips softly against Amy's. Amy's knees nearly buckled.

"Oh fuck, no." Amy's horrified mind very quickly caught up with the situation. Somehow, the spell had drawn Buffy to Amy, not Willow. She had to get out of there.

"Buffy, I don't think you understand. I'm not really here because of that, I just..."

Buffy kissed her again, harder this time, and backed Amy toward the bed.

"You don't have to pretend you don't want me. Willow isn't here, we can do whatever we want."

"I don't want you, really." Amy could still feel Buffy's mouth on hers. It was amazingly soft, nothing like kissing a boy. Smooth, soft skin everywhere, and a faint girly scent in Buffy's hair.

"I think you do. There's been this energy between us, this chemistry. You've felt it too, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now. You're excited right now; I can feel your heart beating. It's beating so fast."

Amy's knees hit the edge of the bed as Buffy cornered her, looming all around her. Buffy was almost on top of her now, kissing her throat, mouthing just under Amy's ear.

"God, you're so beautiful," Buffy breathed. "C'mon Amy, you want it, don't you?"

Buffy circled Amy's wrists with her hand, pulling them up over Amy's head and stretching Amy's body across the bed. She lay on top of Amy, rubbing against her and moaning softly.

Amy felt her body start to react despite herself. She'd been a rat for most of her teenaged life, not exactly a great situation for her sex life. She hadn't been touched like this since, well, almost never. There was that one guy that she'd made out with and who fumbled around under her bra for a few minutes. Her mom had found them together in the living room one day after school, and Amy hadn't seen him again after her mom had chased him out the door, cursing and screaming.

Buffy sucked a little on one of Amy's earlobes, and let go of Amy's wrists to pull at Amy's shirt. Amy's arms drifted to her sides, and she squirmed under Buffy's lithe, strong body. Buffy responded by grinding her hips into Amy's, and Amy felt the flickering of desire start to grow stronger.

It felt like Buffy's hands were everywhere, sliding up her sides and then down again, stroking her arms, then her thighs. Amy looked at Buffy's face, pupils dilated, cheeks flushed with desire. She arched herself up against Buffy and tilted her hips. Buffy rewarded her with a sound that was very nearly a growl.

Amy watched as Buffy slipped her tee shirt over her head in one fluid motion. Buffy's every move was like a dancer, always graceful, even under the influence of Amy's intense spell. Buffy reached behind her and unhooked the little black bra she had on, revealing small pale breasts with tiny pink nipples that looked like candy.

"Now you." Buffy said, and pulled Amy's shirt until the buttons popped off. Amy sat up obligingly as Buffy lifted her camisole over her head. Amy gasped as Buffy immediately leaned in and licked one of her nipples. She moved then to the other side, alternating between Amy's breasts until her nipples ached. Amy tossed her head against the pillow, sighing softly. She hardly noticed as Buffy stripped down to her panties, and straddled her. As Buffy began to suck on her nipple, she reached up and pinched the other until Amy was panting.

"Is it good, Amy? Is this what you wanted?"

Amy couldn't remember what she wanted. Buffy was sliding over her like a snake, her blond hair framing her beautiful face, and her hips working faster than before.

"Yeah," Amy managed to say, as Buffy slid one hand up her skirt, stroking the inside of Amy's thigh. Amy spread her legs a little and Buffy's hand moved higher. Amy had never been so wet before, her panties were soaked and she knew Buffy could feel it. Buffy sucked in a breath as she placed her hand over Amy's soft mound.

"I want to touch you. I'm taking this off now." Buffy pulled Amy's underwear down her legs, throwing them to the foot of the bed and then lifted Amy's hips easily off the bed with one hand and used the other to undo her skirt's zipper. She peeled the skirt off too and nudged Amy's legs wider apart.

Amy opened up, waiting for Buffy to touch her, to do anything, if she would just hurry. She gasped again as Buffy slid her hand into Amy's wetness, drawing her fingers up to find her hard little clit. She flicked across it, and Amy said, "Oh God, do that again," but Buffy had already moved on. Her hands were never still.

Sometimes she was tweaking one of Amy's nipples, other times just gently stroking the inside of Amy's leg, once she started to slide a finger inside Amy, then seems to change her mind halfway there. Amy begged, "please, Buffy,"

Buffy began stroking Amy's wet folds with two fingers, moving closer and closer to her clit, but still not quite touching it. Amy was moving restlessly on the bed now, waiting for Buffy's touch. She realized that she could touch too, with all of Buffy's soft skin on display. She reached up and cupped one of Buffy's breasts. It was such a small soft weight in her hand, and Buffy made a sound of appreciation, so she ventured to Buffy's little pink nipple. Buffy responded, by moving her fingers up to stroke Amy in earnest and Amy cried out.

Buffy shoved Amy's legs further apart and crouched down over Amy's body. She began kissing a trail from Amy's nipple down to her navel, and then lower, her breath just ghosting over her curls of hair. Amy bit down hard on her lip as Buffy suddenly swiped her tongue across her clit.

Buffy's fingers had found their way inside Amy, and she felt her muscles clenching down around them. Buffy was pushing her hand in and out in time with her mouth, which was teasing her with the gentle kisses and sometimes just a bit of tongue.

"Oh, fuck, Buffy, do it, please."

Buffy lifted her head for just a moment and hissed, "Do what, Amy?"

"Lick me, please."

Buffy lowered her head again and started to lick Amy with the flat of her tongue. Amy was so wet she could feel Buffy's hands sliding in her slickness. She was getting closer, her muscles were starting to tighten all over and she felt little shocks to her clit that seemed to get more intense every second. It was collecting into a ball of sensation coiled deep within her belly, and then Buffy told her, "Come."

Buffy thrust her hand hard into Amy's pussy and sucked at her clit. Amy gasped and felt white-hot radiating outward from Buffy's mouth.

"Oh God, yes!"

Amy almost blacked out with the intensity. Buffy sat up and was grinning wickedly at Amy from between her legs.

"I knew you wanted it."

As Amy came down from the high, she realized that the spell would be wearing off very soon. Buffy was going to kill her when she figured out what had happened. Buffy was starting to curl around her in a very suggestive way. Amy slid away, trying to figure out what to say.

"Buffy, uh, give me a second."

Buffy looked at her warily, but let Amy get up and watched as she started to gather her clothes.

"Where are you going?"

Amy thought fast. She needed a decent excuse.

"I'm going to run out front and ward the house so no one can disturb us the rest of tonight."

"Oh. Well, if I have you for the rest of the night, I guess I can wait a minute. Just hurry back."

Amy was tempted to when she saw the look on Buffy's face. But instead she gathered up her clothes, spelling the shirt closed again, and headed towards the door. As she walked away, she turned around and said to Buffy, "it would be nice if you remembered this."

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked.

"I can't let you, you know, " Amy said, and sighing, she cast the memory spell on Buffy that would erase this night almost completely.