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Secret Slasha — The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Stockholm Syndrome
By Dariclone
For Jezebel

Winifred Burkle nearly gagged on the rag in her mouth as she came to. She didn’t know where she was but she knew that the rope binding her to the chair was causing her back to feel exquisite torture. The last thing she remembered in fact. was drinking that coffee she found on a table in the Hyperion. Damn, she had to learn to be more careful about using things that were just lying around.

“So, now you’re awake.” A familiar voice crooned and it took Fred’s eyes a minute to adjust to the light. When it did however she was not pleased with whom she saw.

“You’ll never get away with this, Lilah.” Her throat hurt and her voice rasped as she spoke, but she was glad to be free of the rags. “They’ll notice I’m missing. It won’t take long.”

A cold, sadistic laugh bubbled up from inside Lilah. “Careful, Fred. If you keep saying ridiculous things like that I just might have to sick this back in your mouth.” Lilah held out the rag almost mockingly. “Do you honestly think anyone’s going to worry about you? After all that you’ve been through, the breakup with your precious little boyfriend, you’re outright rejection of Wesley; no one’s going to begrudge you some time alone. Especially not after reading the note you wrote requesting it.”

Fred growled low in her throat.

“That’s pretty brave for a little mouse, but we both know you don’t have the fight in you to back it up.” Upon saying this, Lilah moved so that she was just mere inches away from Fred and raised her hand, palm out, as if to hit her. Fred whimpered. “Relax Fred, you’re not here so I can hurt you .I ’m not even going to keep you here very long. I simply want to see what it is that makes you tick, what it is that makes someone like Wesley want a little bookworm like you.”

Fred gasped. Of all the things she had expected Lilah to want her for, this wasn’t one of them. Gazing around the room, trying to keep up with Lilah’s frantic pace, she realized something else strange “We’re in… your apartment.”

“Well, where else? If I have to put up with you for who knows how long I at least want to be comfortable.” Lilah rolled her eyes with exaggerated irritation and dropped into a much more comfortable looking easy chair.

“Who knows how long?” Fred echoed, feeling her fear increase with every word Lilah said. “Why would you keep me here indefinitely?”

“Because I have plenty to learn and so do you, Sunshine.” Lilah snapped, clearly losing patience. “Now are you going to shut up or will I have to make you?”

Fred was quiet after that.

The reminder of that night passed in a cloud of confusion and pain for Fred. Lilah did untie her to go to the bathroom but even then, Lilah made sure that Fred was securely handcuffed to her. Fred was starting to see just how mentally ill Lilah really was. If she wasn’t being held captive by the crazy woman, she might actually feel sorry for her, Fred realized.

The next day, Fred was feeling more than a little insane herself. Lilah had just been sitting there in her own little world since this morning. [It was now late afternoon.] The only thing worse than watching Lilah staring off into space or eating, [Fred still hasn’t been given any food] was when Lilah left the living room to go to sleep the previous evening.

Fred couldn’t understand why, but the minute she was elevated of the other woman’s presence, she had chest pains and became unable to breathe. Fred definitely had enough medical knowledge to understand that she was suffering an anxiety attack; however she was unable to calm herself and found she couldn’t stop her ragged breathing.

Fred shuddered at the remembrance and something inside her broke. Without even taking time to think about what she was doing, Fred snapped. “Alright, what do you really want from me?”

“Excuse me?” Lilah raised an eyebrow, letting an expression of irritation cross her face briefly.

“You brought me here to study me, right? So study me! I somehow doubt that you’re whole idea of “studying” revolves around babysitting me while I sit around all tied to a chair.”

Lilah moved slowly from her chair. “Alright, I suppose I’ve let you squirm enough.” Lilah stopped and grabbed a knife from a nearby table. With a seeming burst of energy, Lilah was now inches away from Fred and waving the knife in her face.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to hurt me,” Fred stuttered out.

“I’m a bad guy, Sunshine. Bad guys lie, get over it!” Lilah roared in Fred’s face. But despite her sudden flared temper Lilah didn’t use the knife to hurt Fred. Instead, she cut the ropes around Fred’s waist and then moved behind her to cut the ropes binding her arms.

Fred didn’t know what to do, she felt as though she couldn’t move. She just sat their dumbfounded. “Well, what are you waiting for? I just untied you. Get off your sorry ass!”

Fred moved stiffly and slowly toward Lilah, basically willing her legs not to give out on her and thankfully they don’t, before long she was standing in front of Lilah, with the other woman’s cold green eyes staring down at her. “Strip.”

“W-what?” Fred stuttered, scared.

“You heard me, I said strip.” Lilah commanded. As she took in Fred’s quivering body however, she shook her head. “Oh, you can’t do it. Come here.” She then grabbed Fred without having to use much force and removed the other woman’s clothes.

Despite her fear, Fred found the scent and feel of Lilah’s naked body intoxicating. After all, you couldn’t help your body’s urge to things like this; it was perfectly natural, wasn’t it?

Still holding Fred in her arms, Lilah carried her off to her bedroom. When Fred looked at her quizzically after being dumped rather unceremoniously on the bed, Lilah just said, “We have to be comfortable. Well, I do.”

Fred whimpered a little, though she couldn’t tell if it was from fear or desire. “What’s this? Am I frightening you?’” Lilah ran a surprisingly gentle hand through Fred’s hair. “Oh, don’t worry, I know you love it.” Fred had to admit to herself that Lilah might’ve been right.

Lilah than surprised Fred with a sudden sharp slap to the face. Fred gasped from the shock and the pain and Lilah’s eyes glittered: her face transformed into a maniacal grin.

“You like being hit, don’t you?” Lilah purred, clearly egging Fred on.

I d-do.” Fred responded, without needing further prompting. She was fearful as to what that prompting would entail.

“And you want more, don’t you?” Lilah continued, baiting her.

“I do,” Fred answered, trembling.

Lilah reached for Fred than pulling her into her lap, so that Fred lay on her stomach, her behind rising in the air.

Fred found herself strangely compelled then. She had the strongest desire to bury her nose between Lilah’s legs. The smell of Lilah’s arousal was so strong, it seemed to be overpowering all of her other senses.

“Aww, it looks like someone is enjoying herself.” Lilah cooed, mockingly. When Fred raised her head to acknowledge Lilah, the other woman growled in irritation. “Well, don’t. It’s not your turn yet. First you have to learn your lesson.”

Fred was confused. Wasn’t this all about her enjoyment? Fred was fairly certain that everything she’d ever read about sadomasochistic relationships spoke to the bottom’s pleasure being the most important-

Fred mentally shook herself. This wasn’t a typical example of S&M play. Lilah was sick and bent on torturing her, she reminded herself. This was not the time for enjoyment. In fact, she reprimanded herself, she should be keeping her guard up, not giving in to whatever sick little fantasies Lilah’s brain could come up with.

She had a hard time holding to tat line of thought however, when she felt Lilah land a sharp blow to her posterior. A cry of pain tore from Fred’s lips before she had a chance to silence herself.

“I didn’t say you could speak.” Lilah stated coldly before adding playfully. It’s a good thing gasps don’t count.” Another slap. Then, “That’s right, little Fred scream for me.”

Lilah was preening now, sounding as turned on as Fred herself was. Before she had a chance to remember why she wasn’t supposed to be turned Fred felt another smack and had to close her eyes against the pain as she felt the hot come explode from inside her.

Lilah flipped Fred over then, and Fred could feel the sticky remains of her sex in Lilah’s lap. “I don’t thin someone has quite learned her lesson yet.” Lilah said, in between Fred’s shallow breaths and shudders. “I think she needs to come some more.”

Fred’s eyes bulged out of her head, incredulous, until she realized that her raw, throbbing bottom would not be hit again. Instead, Lilah, none too gently pushed her finger up inside Fred.

Fred squirmed then, feeling both arousal and pain shoot up inside her. “Lie still.” Lilah commanded and Fred did her best to heed her, which wasn’t easy as Lilah had added yet another slender finger to her assault.

Lilah smirked up at the smaller woman, who was trying so hard to be obedient and yet having such a difficult time. A momentary feeling of pity, a feeling Lilah had long forgot flashed through her then and Lilah decided to put an end to Fred’s exquisite agony. Adding one last finger she thrust info Fred hard and sent her tumbling over the edge to orgasm.

Spent, Fred clung weakly to Lilah. In the back of her mind, the voice telling her not to trust Lilah was getting weaker and weaker, it was barely a whisper. That voice was quelled when Lilah, oddly gently, picked her up and placed her under the covers, before getting into bed herself. Then, Lilah removed Fred’s much battered glasses.


Over the next few days, life got considerably easier for Fred. The first night had served to break her of her useless free will and she was now able to devote herself to what mattered most, serving Lilah. Things were almost heavenly. It was as if she and Lilah were in their own separate world, away from the rest of society. Fred occasionally thought of Pylea, but oddly enough, Lilah always seemed to know when she was starting to and she was there with some task for Fred to do, or a game they could play to distract her.

Fred loved to serve Mistress Lilah and there were always new ways she could bring her pleasure. Whether it be wearing her favourite dress, or fucking her hard and fast with a new toy, Fred could always find someway to make her Mistress happy.

And when Mistress Lilah was happy, she’d make Fred happy too. Sometimes they’d pretend Fred had been bad and Mistress would spank her until she was sore like the fist night, but sometimes Mistress Lilah would make sweet and gentle love to her, until they curled up in each other’s arms and fell asleep. Fred was never sure which she liked best.


One night, during a particularly rough play session, someone started banging loudly on the door to Lilah’s apartment. “Shit.” Lilah swore under her breath and wondered why she looked afraid. “You stay here.” Lilah commanded, gruffly.

“Yes, Mistress Lilah.” Fred answered without hesitation, but Lilah was already out the bedroom door.

Fred sat still for a long while, straining to hear what was going on outside without moving. Finally, she heard something but it didn’t make her any less frightened. It sounded like men shouting and the men sounded familiar.

“If you think you can just barge in her and take Fred—“she heard Mistress Lilah yelling, but her voice was cut off by something that sounded like breaking glass and a body falling to the floor.

“Mistress Lilah!” Fred cried out, but she made no attempt to move, not wanting to upset the other women in case she was still conscious.

“Was that? “

“It is! Fred!” Fred could hear the voices much clearer now and she knew without a doubt who they belonged to.

The bedroom was forced open. “Oh my God, Fred.” Fred could see the Gunn’s face pale as he took the many bites, slashes and bruises that proclaimed Lilah’s love for her. Inwardly, she shook her head. He would never understand.

“Fred, baby it’s alright. We’ve come to get you. She never hurt you again.” Gunn continued softly, but Fred knew that beneath his tone lurked condescension.

“Charles? Why isn’t she moving?” Fred could hear Wesley coming up behind Gunn.

“I dunno, must be some kinda shock. Hang on, I’ll get her.”

And Fred realized as she felt Gunn’s arms encircle her that she really must be in shock. She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t fight back for her mistress. The only thing she could do was keep her eyes close think to herself: oh God what do I do now?