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Secret Slasha — The Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Slash Fanfiction Secret Santa Project

Werewolf's Bitch
By Skargasm
For Voleuse

Willow gave a dramatic sigh, flicking her hair over her shoulder and scowling at Buffy.

“Wills – I don't know why you're getting so upset. All he said was that he was hanging out with Oz this weekend rather than doing the chick flick thing with us.” Taking a final bite from her apple, Buffy threw the core into a nearby trash receptacle, silently high-fiving herself when she scored a direct hit.

“But he barely spends any time with us anymore – he's always working or or doing boy's stuff. When I broke up with Oz I thought I'd get to see more of Xander, not less.”

“That's hardly his fault.”

“What's not his fault? He's Mister hey, I wanna stay friends with your ex because there are so few dudes I get on with and I love how cool he is. Well I wonder how cool he'd think it was if he'd had to put up with everything I put up with. I don't care if I'm seeing someone else now, Xander's meant to be MY friend but he seems to be taking Oz's side!”

“Whoa!! No sides to take – I thought amicable split ups meant there were no sides. And besides, it's not like he went all grrr argh on you. And I thought you and Oz were cool with not being together any more.”

“Yeah, well. I wish Xander knew what it was like to be a Werewolf's bitch – maybe then he'd want to spend more time with me now that I'm more available!” Sniffing, she turned back to Buffy who was obviously trying to keep her face carefully blank. “You think I'm being unfair? Not a good friend?”

“I'm saying nothing. See – this, here? Is me saying nothing. Because I thought since you had someone new – and I still want to meet him because it's so not of the good to be so secretive – I mean, remember computer boyfriend??”

“Oh!! I mean, oh, no, there's – he's, actually......”

“No big. When you're ready. But please try to remember not to use the words 'I wish' around Giles – it makes him go all twitchy which means more patrols which means much less time for the dating of hunky T.A.s”

“And would that be T.A.s in the plural or one TA in particular?”

“Oh I have my eye on one in particular....”


Oz was a good few blocks away before he registered the fact that he was no longer at home. He was acutely aware of his heightened senses, of the wolf rising within him and something was calling him but he couldn't identify what it was. It was a strange feeling – like it used to be with Willow before they both accepted that she couldn't accept his wolf, and his wolf wouldn't accept her. It had been a painful time for both of them, but they were finally at the stage where they could be friends again.

Checking his surroundings, Oz realised where he was. There was a scent in the air – heavy, musky, enthralling – calling him onward and he couldn't resist following it. All the way to the basement window. With his eyes turned wolf, Oz could clearly see through the window and he realised what, or rather WHO, had drawn him here.

Leaning down, he tapped against the window, hoping he could control his instincts and not leap through and attack as soon as the pane was lifted.


He couldn't settle down. Initially, he had thought it was because of his row with Willow, but that didn't explain the crawling sensation from inside. It was as though something inside was trying to escape – his skin felt too small and it was driving him crazy. Throwing his comic and Twinkie down in disgust, he bounced back onto his bed, arms behind his head. He felt ... horny but it wasn't a normal kinda horny. Sliding his hand down his belly, he flicked open the button of his jeans and tugged the zip down. With a hiss, he took his hard-on in hand, giving a slow caress to the length of the heavy flesh and enjoying the desire uncurling in the pit of his stomach. And as quickly as that, he was rock-hard and needy, wanting......something. The last time he had felt like this had been years ago when he was possessed by the hyena – then it had all been about feeling every inch of his body, aware of his muscles, skin, bones as he moved. He had wanted Buffy – had wanted to mate with her – but the feeling wasn't there this time. Or rather, thoughts of Buffy did nothing for him – there was no internal 'yes' when he pictured her. He flipped through images in his mind, Willow, Buffy, Cordelia – none of them felt right, none called to him. Allowing himself to widen the range, he mentally went through other people. Angel, Spike, Giles, Wesley even. And then, shooting across his mind and causing a zing in his balls was The One. This time, he wanted -

Tap tap tap.

Jerking his hand free, he turned towards the window, blushing at the thought that someone might have seen him playing with himself. Rising from the bed, he moved over to the window, blush deepening as he saw who it was. Before he could change his mind, he pushed the window open, stepping back as Oz slipped through the gap and jumped down into the basement. He stepped back again as he registered that Oz's eyes were – wild.

“Xan.....” Oz had a mouthful of fangs and was half-changed into his wolf, a fact that had Xander scrabbling backwards until he thumped into the bed and fell down. His confusion was not helped by an inner response to those primal eyes and wolf fangs, a desire to lower his head and submit. “Don't know what's happening – you smell so goood......” And Oz would know, since his head was pushing Xander's head back into the pillow, nuzzlin his neck as his body covered Xander's on the bed and held him down.

“”Errr – Oz?! Kinda freaking me out a bit here, what the hell – hands! Hands in naughty places!” Oz was sniffing at Xander's neck, hands stroking and sliding up and down the other boy's sides, shifting under his tee-shirt and tugging it upwards.

“You smell like – like home!! Xander, don't know what's going on but not sure I can stop...” Eyes tightly closed, Xander wasn't sure he could ask Oz to stop. His hands felt good – soft but strong, nimble fingers stripping Xander of his tee-shirt and moving to the still open front of his jeans. Part of him was trying to think, had realised that something was wrong but everything felt so good, so right it was nearly impossible to focus on anything other than Oz. Oz and his hands, stripping Xander bare, face pressed against his skin as he sniffed his way down Xander's neck to his chest, toying with his nipples with sharp teeth.

Xander reached out, intending to push Oz away but instead found his hands gripping the green and red strands spiked over Oz's head, tugging his head closer as he arched into him. He felt mindless, acting purely on animal instinct, the only thought in his head that he needed to get closer to Oz, wanted to be owned by him.

“Oz – I …..I – I don't think - “

“Don't think!” Arching upwards, Oz slid up Xander's body until they were face to face. Looking up directly into eyes turned black with arousal, Xander realised Oz was frowning.

“What - “

“Your eyes. They're glowing green!”


Shoving Oz off him, Xander crawled up the bed, running his fingers through his hair. Still shocked by the glowing green, Oz tried to shake off his confusion. The desperate urge to mate with Xander was still there – held at bay momentarily and Oz knew they needed to make the most of it because something was definitely wrong.

“We need to get to Giles, man.” Xander nodded, still looking shocked. “Err – you wanna put some clothes on? Kinda distracting me here.” Oz didn't even try not to look at Xander's nakedness, gaze drifting from head to foot and taking in the lean, lanky form. Xander was changing from a teenager into a man, his shoulders getting broader and his chest more defined, and what Oz saw made him feel very hungry indeed. The deep blush covering Xander's cheeks and down his upper chest was even more distracting, Oz fighting the urge to lick his way down the veins showing so clearly through the tanned flesh. Trying to tamp down on the instinct that said his wolf wanted to claim Xander NOW, Oz stood up and turned his back to let Xander get dressed. “I thought they exorcised the hyena?”

“Yeah – well, sorta. More like caged? Cuz still in there but not in control. I have no idea what's happening tonight, man, but she feels a lot closer to the surface than normal. I'm so sorry Oz, I don't – I mean, I've never – shit! This is so out of my realm of experience!” Turning to face Xander, Oz was relieved and disappointed to see that he had tugged on jeans and a tee-shirt.

“Look – no secret I swing both ways man. I don't have a problem with that. I just – I don't want to coerce anyone into doing something they're not really into, and my wolf – not felt like this before dude. Just found myself halfway to your place before I even realised it, and you smell so good, Xander – like food, home and love. I want to mark you with my scent, taste all the dark places on your body. And yeah, man, I really really wanna fuck you.” Oz realised that while he was talking, he'd walked over to Xander, crowding the other man back into the wall so that their bodies were pressed together, chest to groin. Looking up into Xander's eyes, he didn't need the scent of arousal to tell him that Xander was right there with him – his eyes were dilated, still strongly glowing green, and his lips were parted as he panted for breath. “Xan - “

“Yeah?” Leaning up, Oz brushed Xander's lips with his own, a low hum escaping him as he took in the other's taste.

“We really need to get to Giles, man before I completely lose control.” They kissed again, lips clinging slightly, then Oz sucked Xander's full lower lip into his mouth, laving it with his tongue. He was grinding his hips, pressing his hard cock against Xander's matching erection, tugging the other man closer.

“Yeah? I mean, yeah okay – yeah, that would be good.” Shaking himself, Xander pushed Oz away but his hands clung to Oz's shoulders.

“Gonna take two of us, dude. Not gonna be strong enough to do this on my own. Wolf wants you – badly.” Knowing he should be trying to help, Oz couldn't seem to stop himself from sliding his arms around Xander's waist, hands slipping down to cup the rounded cheeks of Xander's ass through his jeans.

The groan the other man made was very similar to a growl, and Oz realised that it truly was going to take the two of them to get to Giles' place. And he couldn't help the part of him that wished they never made it – that they stopped somewhere, anywhere and took this flaming attraction to it's natural conclusion.

“Enough!” The slap he landed on Xander's ass sounded so loud in the small basement, and Oz groaned at the wave of pheromones that almost knocked him over. Knowing that Xander had liked that, had enjoyed that little hint of pain made his cock even harder, surging against the zipper of his jeans as though fighting to be free. Pressing his palm to his crotch, Oz turned back towards the window and lithely jumped up and slid halfway out. “Meet you round the front?” Xander nodded, blush deepening as he was caught watching Oz's ass as he climbed up the wall.


The walk to Giles' house was probably the most dangerous one they had ever taken whilst living at the Hellmouth. The scent of each other, the need clawing at them both meant there were frequent stops along the way to grope, kiss and touch each other. At least three times, they decided they didn't need to go to Giles and should just go with the flow but ultimately neither wanted to take the other through magical means – if this was going to happen, it needed to be with clear heads.

Almost falling down the stairs that led to Giles' apartment, Xander banged on the door loudly.

“Alright, alright!! Xander – Oz – we're most pleased that you got our message. When we spoke to your parents, Xander, they seemed, well distracted.”

“Message – what message?! Look, Giles – we need your help!” Knowing that Giles would not invite them in – a lesson they had all learned early on – Xander and Oz stepped into the apartment, unconsciously moving close to each other as they registered Buffy and Willow's presence.

“What's the what?” Willow was practically dancing in her seat with excitement.

“Oh wow, you missed something so exciting!! There was a vengeance demon – thwarted friendships or something like that – and she was hanging around me and Buffy, waiting on us making a wish and she almost got her way, but then we realised where we'd seen her necklace before and we managed to get it off her and stop her from doing her dastardly plan!”


“Did you follow that? I almost followed that.”

“Breathe Willow!!” Buffy was laughing.

“Sorry – just, yeah us on the beating a demon before she could do her thing!”

“So – what was the wish?”

“Er – yeah, about that....”

Cleaning his glasses, Giles moved to sit at the arm of the sofa.

“Yes, that was partly why we were calling you. Willow made a wish that could have had quite a dramatic effect on both of you – it's fortunate that we managed to beat the Vengeance demon before she could put her plan into effect, but we wanted to be sure you were alright.”

“What sort of wish was it?”

“I'm sorry!! I was just feeling really sorry for myself, and you both have been so – anyway, I kinda wished that Xander would find out what it's like to be with a werewolf but I totally understand what a bad thing it was to do, and we stopped her before she could do anything so no harm, no foul – right?”

“Oh Willow!”

“I'm sorry, Xander – I was just feeling a bit left out.” Sighing, Xander looked over at Oz who was looking down at the floor, obviously doing some deep thinking. “Oh! I can make cookies – so you know how sorry I am!”

“So neither of you felt anything strange this evening?” Looking at both boys, Giles wondered if he was imagining a certain atmosphere between them. Surely they had managed to stop the wish before it caused any damage?

“All fine here. You?”

“Nope – all good here. Just normal Xan-man shenanigans with twinkies and comics, and spending time with friends in a purely friendly kinda way and, yes, cookies would be acceptable apology currency!” Giving a fake goofy grin, Xander tried not to let disappointment bow his shoulders. It had been a spell all along – he and Oz hadn't felt what he thought they had felt. “So, now that's all sorted out I guess I should be getting back to my evening plans – which were not big with the plan but very big with the relaxing and not doing anything in particular.” Heading towards the door, Xander was almost desperate to escape.

“Giles -”

“Yes Oz?”

“Er, what time did all of this happen? Just curious, you know.” Looking between Xander and Oz, Giles nodded and gave a small smile.

“Approximately an hour ago actually. Which is why we were a tad confused about how long it took you two to arrive. But as you say, everything is fine. Yes?” Oz and Xander's eyes met. An hour ago. The spell had been broken an hour ago. But less than ten minutes ago they had been all over each other on the street, desperate to get as close as possible. Which meant.....

“Yep, everything is just fine. Hey Oz? Wanna hang out?” A hopeful smile spread across Xander's face as he tried not to show how important the answer to his question was to him.

“Yeah, Xan, that would be good.” A small smile spread across Oz's face and he walked quickly to the door. “Night all.”

“Yeah, night Oz – night Xander.”

“Sorry to interrupt your evening – I hope you get a chance to relax together.” Oz and Xander looked at Giles sharply, but said nothing. With a final wave, they left the apartment, shoulders brushing as they closed the door behind them.

In silence, the two walked up the stairs and began walking back in the direction of Xander's basement. Xander looked over at Oz, blushing as he realised the other man was staring at him.


“Uh huh.”

“Not a spell then.”

“Might have started that way, but no, not a spell.” Their pace sped up a little, then a little more.


“Yeah Oz?”

“Wanna finish what we started?”

“Hell yes!” With a whoop, Xander started running, a huge grin spreading across his face as he heard a growl and a yip behind him and the sounds of his wolf chasing him.